July 02, 2018

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The Week That Perished

I read with interest the findings that Kim Jong Un is more popular than Nancy Pelosi among Republicans. But I would remind readers that there is an important difference between these two people: One is a delusional megalomaniac hellbent on the destruction of America and the other is the President of North Korea.

James Huggett
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Much Ado About Caring

The cure for all of these faux histrionics about caring for illegal migrant children is to compel (they do so love compulsion) by force, virtue-signaling Leftists to adopt a minimum of four of these unfortunates into their own luxury houses and pay out-of-pocket for their food, clothing, education, transportation and medical care until they reach the age of 26.  Their response will be the blessed sound of crickets.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

When your government is populated with social progressive idiots like Maxine Waters immigration problems are par for the course. Until the powers that be understand the concepts of country, culture, freedom of association and god forbid race realism they will continue to progressively tax the productive so they can continue to operate outside their enumerated powers. For our own good of course.

John M. Donald

I John 4:20 ( If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.) is similar in principle to telescopic philanthropy. The real test is what you do up close. Many prefer to “love” that which they cannot see, while actually not loving at all including, sadly, in the American Christian experience.

Fr. Lawrence Jones
Missouri City, Texas

Country Overboard! Women and Children Last!

Huzzas to Ann Coulter for making a damned nuisance of herself by pointing out the manifold wonders of an enforced, continent-sized diversity omelette and the various rotten eggs that go into its making. She’d make one hell of a plain-speaking secretary of state.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

One California is Enough

Can we vote to make them part of Mexico?

Jeffrey Diamond
Lynbrook, New York

The Worship of Jackals by Jackasses

Leftists are eager to sacrifice you, your family, and your country on the bloody altar of their holy fantasies.

Eric Charles
Bozeman, Montana

To the Future, and the Past

To the poor little Greek boy, from the poor little Polish boy – greetings.

Reading your work for all these years, I was always in an agreement with you on the world as we see it – politics, race, our wiser brothers, Commies, immigration, and so on, until today, when you started with this wonderful Austria, the hypocritical, lying, and cruel monster.

Meeting one of them today and singing praises seems a little too abrupt a conclusion what every statistician would tell you when your research sample of any society is involved.

Myself I had a misfortune to taste little darlings from the perspective of Zwangsarbeit Lager towards the end of the II WW. I was Kriegsgefange. Marching in the October drizzle, under SS guard through streets of imperial Vienna, smelly, in torn clothes, after two months of combat in Warsaw Uprising, we were attacked by dear Austrians screaming: Polnische Banditen!

I got hit in the head with something hard that caused bleeding (I was thirteen at this time) and this was six months before the end of the war! Later on our guards were mostly well armed invalids.

Did you ever tried to collect potatoes during harvest – running? How about cleaning soot boxes of locomotives without the mask?

For two years after the war I was spitting black. And this was not Mauthausen, or Gusen – it was Bahnmeisterai Sigmunsherberg, nieder Donau.

When I left the camp in May 1945 I weighed 30 kilo – yes the “Sound of Music” it wasn’t, Kreuzyfix nocheinmal!

Old Bismarck was right observing that “an Austrian is something between a Bavarian and a man.” Of course the hypocrites, that they are they maintain that they were the first victim of Hitler – in my opinion they were his last bride.

That said I wish your daughter long life, and I hope happiness (but with an Austrian- I don’t know), and for you many little blond grandsons – I hope none of them will be named Adolf – I’m allergic to this name.

I hope you will abstain from checking the closets of this wonderful Schloss – you might find some skeletons there!

Adam Borenstadt
Walnut Creek, California


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