June 11, 2018

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Too Much Monkey Business

No, they cancelled ALL the Roseanne shows, including every single old episode re-run.

Because the audience, at least for the last 50 years, has conflated the performer with the character.

Hence, the political career of Ed Asner, who believed that he was “Mr. Grant”, the hard-hitting metropolitan daily editor.

Remember soap opera stars who played evil bitches on TV being physically attacked in public (usually by women)?

(Who) strangles in the strings of purse, before she mends must sicken worse.

Jeffrey Diamond
Lynbrook, New York

‘’I believe that Darwin was right, which means I believe there is no possible way that we all evolved equally. Why is it so hard to concede that we are all gorillas, although some may be more gorilla than others? We will never move forward as a society until we acknowledge the billions of apes staring at us in the rearview mirror.’’

Excellent article, but, that last paragraph? Hmmm…for those (of us) who don’t believe in much of what Darwin said (the gorilla lineage stuff, etc.), how about an alternate ending to wrap it up? What do you think?


Joe Jach
Lawrence, Kansas

Goin’ Ape Over Racism!

There’s no need for ABC to cancel Roseanne’s second season. I have the perfect solution — Hollywood is full of loud-mouthed shrews so the lead role can be easily replaced, probably in less than a week. The fans might not even notice. How about Samantha Bee? She’s the obvious choice.

Susan Woldt
Austin, Texas

It took me well over 20 years and 2 weeks(specifically the last 2) to become a Roseanne fan. What a difference a fortnight makes! I remember Roseanne referring to her Mormon experience living in Salt Lake City. Punchline was calling the Mormons, the “Nazi Amish”. A little cultural dig which did not enflame my cultural identity sensitivities, funny, rude and good delivery to boot.

Off the cuff now gives us a Queen of hearts, “off with their heads” moment courtesy of ABC’s PC Torquemada. Roseanne has made a successful career by being a tacky broad. I remember her stirring rendition of the national anthem and exploration of body parts a generation ago which did not result in career devastation. She who lived by endless cuts of her sword is now banished by a solitary swipe.

RIP Roseanne,

Brent Mikesell
Sacramento, California

Intervention Tension

Leave the Middle East to the Middle East. The US needs to worry about North America. While we are at it, relegate the federal government to the enumerated powers only. We can do without a nuanced interpretation of what the constitution means. Idiots.

John MacDonald
Keller, Texas

The Trump vs. Hillary election was to a large degree a nationalist vs. globalist alternative given to the voters. Usually the Jewish money, media influence, as well as votes, go to the globalist side. In order to keep at least some of that on the sideline, Trump enlisted the nationalist side of the Jewish/Israeli lobby, as represented by Netanyahu. Now comes the time to pay the piper and throw not only the Palestinians (witness moving the embassy to Jerusalem), but also the Iranians under the bus, who, due to their largely more intelligent and harder working (as opposed to the Arabs) population, are a threat to Israel’s dominant role in the ME and are depicted as such a threat by their US based media.

If no American lives are wasted in another ME war, Trump’s base seems willing to throw the Iranians, Palestinians, Houthis, Arab Christians and other ME dwellers under the Israeli steamroller. That this helps also the Saudi kleptocracy, the swamp’s other sugar daddy, to redirect the ire of their population to the Shiite heretics, as opposed to the Israelis, is seen as a nice side effect by the elites.

But if that is sufficient for Trump to keep Israel’s fifth column in the US at bay to push through a truly nationalist agenda, needs to be seen.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

Two Opposed Ideas

Steve Sailer is wonderful, and I always learn a lot from whatever he writes, but why does he have to end this fine piece by quoting and apparently agreeing with Fitzgerald’s dumb remark? Why do so many people quote it and apparently think it is true?

Grace Billings Bress
Port Ewen, New York

God Apparently Flies First Class

There is a fabulous video on YouTube of comedian Richard Pryor having a ‘successful’ televangelist show. 

A must see, complements this article perfectly!

Linda Wakiyama
Tokyo, Japan

I am a little confused about the various scriptures on judging. I think the one in the sermon on the mount (Judge not . . .) likely refers to assuming we know the motive someone has and wrongly make an erroneous judgment. Other passages cite “Judge righteous judgments.” So we may not know what someone’s motives are, but it is not that difficult to see that the money spent on their private aircraft could clearly go to benefit the poor and the suffering. It seems they often say “God told me to do it.” Well that is either true or it isn’t. We can’t always know. But God knows. And holiness, righteousness and justice must address and punish sin – in order to remain holy. I wonder how many God haters and God deniers find their justification here.

God have mercy on us all.

Don Cain
Orlando, Florida

Duty to Others in the Age of Individuals

Excellent article, and referring to Tony Esolen as my friend, makes me feel comfortable, and gives it the stamp of authenticity.

The so called spirt of Vatican II, has corrupted the Catholic church beyond recognition, leaving us all floundering in a sea of doubt. Where once marriage was a lifelong commitment, cemented by the blessing of the church, it is now referred to the diocese annulment factories.

College is now encouraged for people who read on a third grade level, and graduation is assured, especially if you are considered disadvantaged. Americans are being pulled apart by self seeking politicians and their Hollywood elitist friends. The columnists here at Taki’s are a big help, in identifying the trends that are destroying us, and the election of The Donald instead of Ugh Hillary is a help. But they are just fingers in the dike. America needs a total reset.

Thomas Sweeney
New Jersey

Bourgeois and Boring

This article is correct to some extent; we are no longer shocked and appalled by someone being gay or all their antics to try and shock us. What has NOT changed is the majority of Americans that totally dismiss all this foolishness and continue to consider it deviant behavior and, also, as a joke. The gays might imagine that they’ve made headway in being thought of as “normal” but they’re not even close. The majority of Americans still don’t want their kids to hang around with gays or, especially, be gay.

It will never be “normal” and, accordingly, will never be considered “normal”.

Don Schofield
​Destin, Florida

Is Mayor de Blasio and Anti-Asian Bigot?

Bill de Blasio isn’t anti-Asian per se, he’s just had his brain marinated in a stupid ideology and has to squawk such guff to pander to certain, non-Asian minorities to keep his job as mayor. Chancellor Carranza of NYC’s public school system states:

“I just don’t buy into the narrative that any one ethnic group owns admissions to these schools.”

This is a moronic and offensive statement: Asian kids don’t “own” anything (and I doubt that the Chancellor even believes his own rhetoric). It is plain for all to see that Asian kids get into academically selective public high schools because they are smart and, more importantly, study very hard to gain entry to them. There could be no fairer system than marks-based entry and if that results in 62% of the student body at an elite public school being Asian then so be it. The data on California’s university system, with its 1996 banning of racial discrimination, is telling.

I remember that pre-1996 lawsuit brought by a “white” guy who failed to be admitted to the medical school of the University of California-Davis. When the applications/admissions data was finely sifted through it was discovered that Asians were even more heavily discriminated against than “whites” were. All due to skewing admissions to create “diversity”, ie contriving artificial opportunities for some and artificial barriers for others.

A Chinese girl, whose impoverished non-English speaking parents migrated to the US from China, wrote a novel of her harrowing experiences of growing up in and going to school in Oakland, California The name of the author and of her book escapes me, but what was crystal clear was that she was determined to do well at school to make something of her life, whereas her “black” neighbors and classmates (who persecuted her daily and made her life miserable) generally were not. Plainly, it is as much to do with culture as with race.

My older son studies Computer Science at an Australian university, he is white. Almost all of his fellow students that I find sleeping on my couch in the mornings are Asian of one variety or another. There’s been one Russian-born kid and, after three years, I recently found a red-haired, blue-eyed white kid sleeping on my couch – the first Anglo. They crash out at my place because it’s close to the university and they habitually study until 2am. The university library closes at midnight.

One of my son’s uni friends is an Australian born Vietnamese lad. His parents were “boat people” who fled Vietnam’s communist regime in open boats and, surviving the pirates, heat, hunger and thirst, arrived here penniless and unable to speak English. They raised five sons in a rented apartment over the top of the small shop (think “bodega”) that they ran in a very ordinary, to put it politely, part of inner Sydney. All five boys went to a rough, local, non-selective public high school that produces far more prison inmates than it does university graduates. All five scored 99 point something out of 100 in the state-wide university admissions test, which mercifully is race/ethnicity “blind”, and all five went to university doing STEM subjects. This is not an unusual story.

It seems to be very difficult for some people to accept that people are not equal in their intellectual endowment, motivation and application. And all the misguided “affirmative action” and “quota” programs just make the American education system anti-meritocratic.

Simon Brockwell
Sydney, Australia

J.F.K.‘s Pimp

Taki! You got dangerously (?) close to taking on the death of Bradlee’s first wife’s sister,  who, from Wiki, “Mary Pinchot Meyer, was married to Cord Meyer, a key figure in Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program to influence the media”. She of course turned up dead sometime after her affair with JFK. Speaking of Bobby, did he partake of THESE women, or were there men who pimped their wives to him? These levels of sexual depravity simply give me the vapors. We had three newspapers a DAY (WashPost, Daily News, Evening Star) hitting the stoop from 1957 onward in Fairfax, Virginia outside DC when I was growing up. AMAZING how little of any of this hit the press.

Still, who had interest in killing Mary Pinchot? Cord in rage? JFK to cover up? CIA to shut her up from some other misadventure? Did Cord Meyer pimp his wife to Jack, or was that independent whoring, so to speak? I could see JFK arranging a trip for Cord overseas and ‘looking after’ the wife Mary in Cord’s absence maybe? As always, you inspire more questions, Taki, than you could ever answer.

Thanks. A pleasure to read your work, Sir!

Jim Christian (Half Pandappas’ from Samos, the good half)
Boston, Massachusetts

Regarding Mister Taki’s report & commentary on Robert F. Kennedy and Ben Bradlee.

1. Though I am no fan of the Kennedy fantasy I must say that one of the most eloquent and sincere extemporaneous speeches I’ve ever heard in my life was delivered by Bobby Kennedy immediately after he’d been informed of Martin Luther King’s assassination. I did not witness the speech in real time. I saw a replay of it, once, on CSPAN in the early 90’s. And now by the wonder of youtube, here it is again, no less eloquent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCrx_u3825g

2. Anytime Nixon, Watergate, The Washington Post or Ben Bradlee are mentioned in any kind of conjunction, I insist that the excellent report by the excellent James Rosen be linked. “Bob Woodward’s Sins of Omission” makes it pretty damn clear that Pentagon operative and naval intelligence agent Bob Woodward was working hand-over-fist against Richard Nixon at the behest of the Pentagon brass. Here’s the link along with many kudos to the management of Commentary Magazine for maintaining open access to the article since January 2016. Mr. Rosen’s report on Bob Woodward’s vague smoothiness is devastating: https://www.commentarymagazine.com/articles/bob-woodwards-sins-omission/

Thanks a million to Taki’s Magazine for maintaining an upscale upward look.

Sincerely yours from the deep woods of West Alabama, U.S.A.

John L Jordan

Obit Snit

That was a great article!
Nearly fell off my chair laughing .
Truly made my day.

Igor Sobolev
Edmonton, Canada

The Week That Perished


Not exactly. Had the government stooges making the decision in Colorado been nicer to the baker about it, this might have been, and in the future more likely will be 6 to 3 against the baker.


…a sign that said “CLOSED.” No, more likely it said “geschlossen”, or something of the sort.


“Surf Culture Desperately Needs More Diversity.”
“Would it be wrong to hope this guy gets bitten by a shark?”

No, but it might be immoral…

John Henry


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