April 30, 2018

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Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?

Whoa Mr Cole, which Jews are you talking about?

Just about everyone at the synagogues I attend, think President Trump is the greatest thing that happened to America since the 1st person put cream cheese and lox on a toasted onion bagel.

The dying breed of self hating leftist J street Jews who you write about, are disappearing faster than shmaltz herring at a kiddush. Between intermarriage, and lower than zero population growth, they’re on their way out.

The Jews who are proliferating are marrying within their religion and are almost all, right leaning politically and have more in common with middle American values than the MSM Antifa, moral relativist, secular humanists.

As for President Trump, we are delighted that we have a man of his word who does what he said he was going to do.

May God continue to grace our President with the wisdom and fortitude He has given him so far and allow him to keep on MAGA

Akiva Wagschal
Baltimore, MD

This article is so freaking brilliant I can’t stand it! I’m absolutely slavering for an opportunity to use it on my Trump hating brother and other self-hating Jews who were certain the only reason people could ever not like Obama was because of his race.

I’m anxious to say “The only reason you don’t like trump is because he’s so Jewish,” and see the reaction that brings. I’ll then cite all the reasons cited in the article, which of course will be met with all the expected denials. To which I’ll respond with the piece de resistance, the precise one constantly used by libs to prove they know your motivations better than you can ever hope to; “Of course you’ll say that but I know the truth.”

The satisfaction in this moment might be somewhat tempered by the knowledge that the liberal mind is in fact drifting towards antisemitism. Still, at the very least there will be a flicker of cognitive dissonance before they can cancel the idea that what they believe differs from what they profess to believe.

L Kahn
Evanston, IL

Dealing With Cox

Mr. Theodoracopulos:
I was very pleased to see you mentioned North Carolina as a happy place in your Dealing with Cox article. We most certainly are happy in Kernersville where I live.  Our citizens are hard working, mind their own business and are polite. Most are armed in some fashion or other but say little about it. Our mayor is so effective she ran unopposed last election and our Board of Alderman is conscientious with city funds and has presented us with a balanced budget each year. The town keeps making improvements one step at a time (parks, a new fire station) and the police and fire departments are very professional.

We did have to earn all of this, of course, and almost all are willing to work in some fashion to keep it so. Churches and the Chamber of Commerce keep us involved and it certainly helps that most are God-fearing whether they attend church or not. There’s the usual fracas every now and then since 24,000 people living together can’t get along all the time, but we deal with it.

I, too, have traveled to some of these places you’ve mentioned and they seem miserable to me as well. I’m thankful I ended up here and hope others can follow our example.

Thank you,
Benjamin Herrin
Kernersville, NC

Smearing the Smearers

Wow! One of the best written screeds I’ve read in a while. Truth, humor, sarcasm, and, good grief, full disclosure.

I’m using the piece in an advanced conversation class I teach to executives. “Fake” news is an issue here in México, too. What great well-written material to analyze!

Taki’s Magazine – just brilliant.

Joe Ehman
San Nicolás de los Garza, NL México

The death of Ms. Bergalis is no mystery.

I can speak with some authority on her premeditated murder by Dr. Acer.

In the 1990’s I lived in Charlotte, NC, next door to a married couple who met while they were both working at the FBI in Washington D.C. The husband had transferred to the Secret Service by the time I knew them, but told me as a former FBI agent what happened: Acer wanted to “make a statement” by infecting someone who was the exact opposite of the stereotypical AIDS patient, that is, a white Christian heterosexual female.

While Ms. Bergalis was seated in the patient’s chair, Acer stabbed himself in the thigh with a dental probe, coating the spiked tip with his HIV positive blood and used that tainted instrument to work on Ms. Bergalis’s teeth and gums.

That transferred his infection to her and eventually made her the face of the AIDS epidemic to the straight world and Congress.

I say “premeditated murder” because that’s exactly what Acer did: he intentionally infected Ms. Bergalis and made her a sacrificial lamb for the gay cause.


David Turner
Atlanta Georgia

David Cole is a truth telling dynamo. It would have been entertaining and informative to have read the comments on this article. The powers that be at Taki’s mag are stifling an outlet for the great unwashed, who desire nothing more than to acknowledge agreement or the opposite with some outstanding writing. Especially David Cole, traveling to Massachusetts once a year, to piss on Mike Wallace’s grave.

Tho Sweeney

Because that’s what guys do in coffee shops with tiny one-toilet bathrooms—they go in together to watch each other piss.

In my extensive personal experience (as a private security contractor I witnessed or participated in over 100 arrests for trespass in a retail business: “I’m not going to buy anything, and you can’t make me leave”) there are two reasons that exhaust the explanations of such behavior:

1. they wish to indulge in some activity that involves illegal drugs (sale, adulteration, consumption, or some combination) without being exposed to public view

2. both of them are homosexual (fill in the remainder of their adventure based on your own thoughts)

In quite a few instances, I either followed them into the bathroom (cued by their conversation, hand-to-hand exchange of a small object, etc.), or was directed to them by other patrons, where they both occupied a single stall of a very large and empty bathroom.

The business management had authorized use of “whatever means” to observe and identify their behavior once the sole legitimate purpose of the stall (removal of bodily waste) had been eliminated by their conversation (“yo, gimme dat shit”).

Once this was known, the foot is aggressively applied to the door adjacent to the lock. Yes, just like in the movies – easier than you think.
The look on their faces (especially when the flying door strikes one of them in the face): priceless.

Jeffrey Diamond
I.B.I., Wells Fargo, Pinkerton supervisor 1984-88
Senior Court Clerk, Supreme Court of New York County 1988-2002

Ted Kennedy’s Surprise For Grandma

Dear Taki

Ann Coulter for President!

Thank you

Jennifer Zech
New Canaan, CT

As horrific as these anecdotes are, they are just that, anecdotal. In order to make any sort of reasoned judgement about the criminality of immigrants, Coulter should have presented verifiable statistics of criminal activity within the immigrant population and contrast that to the same statistics within the resident and citizen population.

Regardless of the outcome, “building a wall” is still a ludicrous undertaking (see Fred Reed) designed to distract from real solutions to this problem.

Friedrich Bellermann
Selma, Oregon

Yours Insincerely

I’ve long assumed that Donaldson and Albery were Donleavy’s models for the Characters Binky (coincidence?) and His Lordship in his Schultz trilogy.  Also, have it on pretty fair sourcing that the heartwarming teddy bear tale from JPD’s Balthazar B was an actual anecdote Donaldson shared with him from his boarding school days.  All the more to like about each of them.  IMO

Thanks and keep up the fine and entertaining work,

John Varholy
London, England

Return of the Blackshirts

Trust Taki to turn bien pensants into an acronym. What a guy!

The question of the decade. “Who needed a mobile phone before everyone had them?”

Kelly Harbeson


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