August 06, 2018

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The Magical World of African Journalism

Last night I threw the Magic Mouse bones. The long leg bone landed on top of the short arm bone next to three short bones. The skull landed right side up. They all pointed to the north. I have seen this configuration many times.
It says………

We are not the same.
We are not equal.
They are not like us.

John MacDonald
Oom Bopo, Texas

Loved the article and have passed it along to many!!
Thank you!

Pauline FitzPatrick
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The truth is a hard thing for demented liberals to wrap their minds around. Throughout the world, there is not one successful country, that is run by dark skinned people. Medicine, agriculture and the rule of law is a white concept, chaos, crime and abject poverty is inherent to country’s and cities populated by dark skinned people. Conceivably there might be an exception, but it is difficult for me to think of one.

Thomas Sweeney

The Alt-Right is Bringing Back AIDS!

Sorry David, we are returning to the bad old days. Ever hear of the Me-Too movement? As for the alt-right, unfortunately political movements usually follow the path of least resistance. Flush with Trump’s victory (for which their efforts, if anything, hurt and did not help), they began spraying political gunfire all over the place, the certain path to eventual oblivion. The alt-right’s demise began with Charlottsville and was pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered by Milo Yiannopolous’s self-immolation. Remember when Milo mattered?

Angelo DePalma
Newton, New Jersey

Will Tribalism Trump Democracy?

I owe Pat a great debt. Years ago, Bill Maher—who accomplishes the impossible by being both uglier AND shorter than Benji Shapiro—was cruising through one of his “I know I have this hangup about Islam I can’t get over, so please take my remaining 99.9% leftist groveling and accept me” routines on one of his shows. There must have been a rare, actual right-winger as a guest, so I tuned in, and Mini Maher made a remark about Mr. Buchanan’s new book at the time (or recently thereabouts), I’m paraphrasing of course from memory: “According to Pat Buchanan, brown people are what’s really ruining the country.” (Being a TV leftist pretending to be a comedian, he said it with that bobble-head effect they all have where they bob their head back and forth with a smirk, evincing that everyone obviously agrees and zero response, criticism, pushback or any dialogue would ever be necessary. And it was instantly on to the next bit.)

Well, I hadn’t followed much of Pat or the “paleo conservatives” and similar types up until that time, and that remark injected curiosity in me—a brown guy myself—to get his book, which I read, then his articles, and before you know it the flood gates had opened. It was my divorce from libertarianism, a beautiful philosophy I still adore and read much about, but which ultimately cracks under the pressure of demographics and the brutal reality of biological evolution and how its mechanisms have shaped our species. Pat was a significant turning point for my thinking, and though I disagree with his takes on the Vietnam War, his prescience on the matter of immigration and demographics was life-changing for me.

Just the other day, the paper that hired the guy who ran the BBC and kept Jimmy Saville’s rape and abuse of children covered up to be its CEO—NY Times I think it’s called—had some article about New Hampshire being 94% white, and that’s a problem because apparently some Spanish-speaking lady cant find sufficient Spanish in daily New Hampshire life. Is this a country? How can it be, when in one part this ghastly South American scumbag isn’t ridiculed and laughed the fuck out of the state—and preferably off the planet as unnecessary-but-why-not surplus cargo on Musk’s latest rocket—while in the other, as Pat writes, you have a guy running for office selling himself on his pickup truck delivering illegals back to where they belong so they can get in line like the rest of us did.

That isn’t about different tastes, foods, fashion preferences and so on. That is about someone entering a culture because its superiority is demonstrable in the empiricism of their choice to move into the goddamn place, and looking around at all the safety and prosperity and being so bored by said safety and prosperity that their only reason for waking up anymore is believing that this place fails to adequately mirror the shithole they left. Multiply this by the millions, and you have a country long past its expiry date, primed to enjoy either its second civil war at worst, or ugly but peaceful mass secession at best. Pat tackles the topic of our time, and sadly, his article title must be answered in the affirmative.

Victor Abramson
Mesa, Arizona

A Half Century of Amnesia

The amnesia of the left is of course by design. How better to push their agenda than by obscuring facts through lies and manipulation. This campaign of propaganda pushes us ever closer to an ethno state. The idiots that hide the truth will eventually become victims of their own denial. These people are a far cry from being part of mankind’s natural aristocracy. They are imbeciles. Realism is anathema to them. Especially race realism. They will take us all down the teflon tubes if we allow it. White guilt manifests itself in many ways. This stuff on the other hand is pure stupidity.

John MacDonald
Keller, Texas

About three weeks ago I was in court with an illegal alien client accused by his illegal alien wife of assault and battery. Several thousands of these cases come through our local courts every year. We were in the hall before the hearing and this “wife” without the benefit of marriage, as we used to say, asked me if I could help her “get her six year old daughter.” I asked her where her daughter was. “In Texas.” I knew where this was going but played dumb. “What’s your daughter doing in Texas?” “Immigration has her.” “How did she get to Texas?” “She walked.” “Your six year old daughter walked from Honduras to Texas?” “No, a man took her.” “What man?” “Someone my mother knows. She paid him to take her.”
“So, did they cross the border and then were arrested?” “No, he got to the border and turned her over.”

So the man just turned her over to The Border Patrol; “Here ya go.” And the Border Patrol turned her over to some DHS contractor. After a few weeks or months, the girl will be flown by DHS to Northern Virginia where she’ll be turned over to her illegal alien mother. Again, “Here ya go.”
Ann, In Spanish there are a couple of expressions which describe our problem.

The first is “Como Pedro en su casa.” (Like Pedro at home.) It describes a person who is perfectly at ease. And that’s how millions of these illegals are in the U.S., not at all “in the shadows.”

The second is “Mirarle la cara.” (Looking or seeing someone’s face.) It means taking another for a fool. These illegal aliens are definitely “mirandonos la cara;” taking us for fools.

Conrad C Gaarder

Hundred-Dollar Bills Make Me Nervous

More free advice from your readers. 

I think you should wait to worry until the strip joints start accepting cell phone swipes from the Douches instead of Franklins. 

This latest Gilded Age has a great deal longer to run precisely because the current President has rediscovered the magic elixir that gave Wall Street its first night clubs: the economic wonder of tariffs. They were and still are the only financial mechanism that allows a President to raise Federal revenues and increase machinists’ wages at the same time. 

Thank you for your wonderful work. If he were among us, Mr. Clemens would be the first to acclaim you as Charles Farrar Browne’s worthy successor.

Stefan Jovanovich

“…invest in some land in West Texas…”????

Let me tell ya partner, why in the heck would you want to do that? Granted it’s been nice and cool the past few days, hell the temp has only gotten to 100 but the past couple weeks, every day was 105-110+.

Now in my neck of the woods, it’s pretty much cotton fields, horizon to horizon-and those horizons are a long ways off. A bit south, closer to Midland, fracking wells are popping up like crazy. The burnoffs at night are awesome.

I’d take that few $1,000s and get a nice cheap house in WV-they have real winters there. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in NYC when TSHTF. That is one thing about West Texas, there sure as hell is not going to be hordes of city dwellers running amuck. Or if so, definitely not tolerated.

Michael Mattei
Lamesa, Texas

Spice is what white construction workers in Mississippi smoke instead of weed when they are on probation.

Austin Martin
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Get Ready for Charlottesville Part 2

Calls for “equality” have always been just a pretext for the desire to achieve supremacy. In nature there is no provision for equality. It’s winner take all, as all losers in war and revolution have always learned. To call for “equality” is to lull the other into a false sense of security, all the while sharpening the knife. One look at the increasing demands by all the groups calling for “equality” shows that the end game is always the upending of the power structure. If white males don’t want to end up on the losing side of history, they’ll have to ignore the “equality” shysters and at best offer the possibility to “join”.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

Mr. DeGroot’s column is an excellent compendium of the attitudes (and anarchy) of the Left. There is in my opinion, however, a “fatal flaw” among his arguments and observations. This flaw is commonplace and is no reflection on Mr. DeGroot. He makes the statement: “Incorrigibly clueless, the left still believes the Trump presidency was caused by white racism.” That is false. Leftists, or at least the overwhelming majority, know factually that white Americans are mostly, by their nature, civilized, orderly, and exceedingly tolerant (in the true meaning of the word). The Left no more believes that white “racism” is everywhere any more than whites do. What the Left DOES know is that, because of their tolerant nature, whites are easily manipulated and can be compelled to offer apologies, statements of remorse, and other such absurdities precisely BECAUSE they are not hateful, power-mad bigots. Leftists, just as INGSOC in “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, fully recognize that they themselves are filled with hate and have a complete lack of ethics or morality. Unless that fact is recognized, the Left will continue to destroy all history and culture without meaningful opposition.

Charles Crisp
Knoxville, Tennessee

It is a grand feeling indeed when the President of the United States, in a pique of plain speech, shamelessly addresses the various cognitively challenged and willfully stupid members of our ruling and entertainment elite as “dumbasses.” I imagine him doing so while holding a fuming cigar and a large brandy. One fine day, I would like to present him with the Golden Spade Award for plain speaking.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

Greece Overboard

Further to your article: ‘Greece Overboard’, it is only amongst primitive peoples ( e.g. the Albanians of whom you write) that vengeance becomes a religion. Moreover, when a group of people become a discordant element in a stable, culturally homogeneous – and racially homogenous – society, then they must be removed, lest the dominant culture – the result of genetics – be corrupted, and ultimately destroyed. Unpalatable though it may seem to some, the only solution to the problem – and this applies more to the United States than to Greece – is expulsion.

Carl-Edward Endicott
Los Angeles, California


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