July 23, 2018

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London Squalling

From today’s article London Squalling comes this gem: “ITS LIKE THEY SAY, SMALL HANDS…” Dear me, isn’t that an example of hand shaming? But then, the left always excuses it’s nasty remarks, because their causes are just.

Roland Maruska
New York, New York

The Left Has Made Racism the Practical Choice

I wrote to Brittny Mejia to ask the reason she didn’t identify the assailant as Black. I said even the Washington Post did. Of course most Angelenos would know from the suspect’s name and that the attack took place in Willowbrook that she was Black.

However Mejia said it is the L.A. Times policy not to run the race unless the policing authority (and I think Willowbrook is under the Sheriff’s jurisdiction) decides to investigate the matter as a hate crime. Since they only investigated this as an assault and battery, despite the yelling of go back to your country, and the witness who said it was racist, the L.A. Times wouldn’t identify her as Black. Of course in Illinois when some white man yelled at a woman wearing a Puerto Rican t-shirt, he was charged with a hate crime and identified as white.

Moral of the story, its better to be a black person who actually batters someone while yelling something that could be construed as anti Mexican, than to be a white person who yells at someone for wearing a Puerto Rican t-shirt.

David M. Marcus
Los Angeles, California

Thank you for this article today. There is much truth in it.

I recall going to visit the Watts Towers in 1963 with my then fiancé. We walked around and in it, admiring it for 30 minutes or so, taking photos, enjoying the sunshine. There were plenty of black folks living nearby and they were as law-abiding and peaceful as we, going about their business. I would be reluctant to even drive by there today, much less vacate my vehicle and walk around.

What has changed? I think your article nails it.

Thank you again. I always enjoy reading your contributions.

Peg Richner
Albany, Oregon

They have become indeed the “untouchables” and not only over the past decade. In the 1990’s I owned a manufacturing business in the Compton/Watts area and was proud to employ and lift up the downtrodden minorities to make up for past sins of folks with my color of skin.

Letting one Mexican lady employee go at one time for poor performance (she was actually fighting with other ladies over who gets to “do” Big Mike), I ended up in front of a big black female magistrate who informed me, without ever wanting to hear my side, that I was in the wrong. So I used the magic words that turned everything in my favor: ”Your honor, the whole thing started when she called her coworker, an African American, and please excuse me for citing her words, a fucking bloody nigger”.

Case was closed without any further ado.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

Useless Idiots” The Anti-Trump Protests in London

One of the most depressing aspects of the right/ left political divide is that there is so little humour to be seen in articles, debates and protests on both sides of the fence. True – Jim Goad and Mark Steyn as well as Andrew Anglin, Roy Batty and a few others of the Daily Stormer are witty exceptions to the rule. However the left also have their humourists and it was disappointing that Christopher Hart only concentrated on the filthy and disreputable English placards (such as Trump Is A C*nt) in his article in order to make his point.

Fortunately, and very relieving to me that British humour isn’t dead, it was hilarious to see posters like ‘This Is All Terribly Upsetting”, “Blink Twice For Help Melania”, “Dear Queen, Don’t Offer Him The Good Biscuits”, “We Shall Overcomb” and “Not Usually My Thing, Marching – But Honestly!” also in the crowd.

Long may coarse, vituperative and hotly contested political debate continue over a nice cup of tea and scones.

Jon Orton
Suva, Fiji

What’s Your Type

Every day as I don my burdensome backpack of White privilege, I wonder to myself when the label “Class Enemy!” will be introduced into the SJW lexicon? Probably shortly after people with the proper credentials begin addressing each other as “Comrade.”  As things are currently devolving, it should be any day now.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

Breaking the Internet

Oh, Joe Bob, you sweet summer child, the internet was never our friend. Not in 1992, not in 1984 (the year the nation’s largest criminal organization (Congress) broke up the nation’s largest corporation (Ma Bell)) and certainly not in 2018.

Yes, “you” broke the internet, for a night or two, Boo Hoo, and then less than a week later Amazon broke. Well maybe not the internet, but themselves. Funny how Darwin uses Hubris to bring down the mighty.

The fact that DARPA is a DoD creation, and the DoD is a creation of the Gummint, almost mandates that it should be a fickle, finicky, and fragile platform, which would mean that it could be used/abused in any manner, by any number of entities, for purposes nefarious or legitimate.

Look at it this way, you were responsible for a real-time Horror Show, which should be referred henceforth as “Joe Bob’s Night Of The Living Dead Servers”.

Ronal O’Baoigheallain
Ridgefield, Connecticut

What you have pointed out is true but you have missed a few ultimate truths. Your true fans didn’t stop trying to watch after 15min. They kept trying to watch on any and all formats that might work. Switching from Roku, PlayStation, iPhone, Mac computer and back again. Shudders problems in streaming also created another horror commentary experience. Everyone posting how they were watching or trying to watch. For example watching on twitch which most people wouldn’t have thought of. 

I saw no criticism of Joe Bob Briggs. In fact everyone that could watch was posting Drive-in totals, how nice it was to see Joe Bob back and their memories of watching Drive-in Theater as a kid. With the streaming problems Shudder had to post all the movies a little faster then they might of wanted to. That was also a positive because now Fans can watch every night if they want. In today’s world crashing a web site is the equivalent of a very high Nielsen TV rating. You knocked it out of the park and it made for a very memorable viewing experience for your fans. Sit back and enjoy the fact you have a lot of fans and they want to see more of you. 

Peter J Fiumefreddo III
Crete, Nebraska

Let me start off by saying you have every right to be damn frustrated at how shoddy the internet medium was. I’m not going to attempt to make excuses for it, and if I were you I would be pissed about it as well. It should have been better, it should be better, and you deserve better.

Hell I also agree the world would probably be better without the internet, or return to how it was in the 90s. Perhaps that is why we, especially us younger, get positively giddy when it ‘dies’, even if only temporary. Perhaps for a moment we get to throw off that overlord, as if the shackles cease to exist momentarily, as if the intangible totalitarianism brought on by social media and constant plugged-in environment ceases to be and we return to how the world should be. In short, a bit freer, a bit more real.

It took numerous attempts, watching a portion through twitch, and crossing my fingers a lot, but I did get to watch the stream live. I understand others weren’t as fortunate, but those of us who did watch it in whole or watch what we could, absolutely loved every moment of it. We came together, rickety connection or not, to experience something special. You are correct that it is unacceptable and unwarranted that some were not able to watch it live, or simply lost interest after the first few failed attempts. But many did get to watch it live, including myself, and you are correct, gathering together for the experience was every bit as special as the content itself.

You say breaking the internet isn’t a good thing. That is perfectly understandable seeing you put hard work into this and did a sterling job delivering to the fans. But what you may not be getting, and pardon my blunt assumption, is that your fans celebrated the fact that there are so many us that love you and jumped on the chance to see you again that we ‘broke the internet’. Most of us, myself included, have this hope that upon you or Shudder or whoever seeing that you are so loved and wanted that we broke the damn internet, that you’ll return to hosting regularly. That is why we, the fans, celebrate that we ‘broke the internet’, because maybe that’s the evidence needed to show that you are wanted. That the audience is there. That the need is there. Be it you or whatever service or network that is listening. It is so much there we broke the damn internet.

I know it was called ‘The Last Drive-In’ for a reason. Maybe you have decided you are hanging up your hat for good, and we obviously have to respect that if that is your ultimate decision. Just know the reason why we celebrated breaking the internet is because we hope to see you hosting again and maybe breaking the internet proves it, and if that isn’t to be, just know we missed you so much we overloaded it out of our desire to see you one last time.

Natasha B. Phoenix
Jasper, Alabama




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