July 30, 2018

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Theybies Grow Up to Be Cowqueers

Here is the full definition of “gender” from Merriam-Webster, the edition that came out about 16 years ago. Not only is biological “sex” found in the first definition, there is no mention at all about “cultural constructs.” It’s safe to say that this revised definition and usage of gender is a new phenomenon. The amazing thing is that the left treat words they find inconvenient as if they’re THINGS in themselves rather than signifying markers, so that if they change the definition they change the reality. It’s pure psychosis.

1 a archaic : KIND, SORT b : SEX *black divinities of the feminine gender— Charles Dickens*
2 linguistics a : any of two or more subclasses within a grammatical class of a language (such as noun, pronoun, adjective, verb) that are partly arbitrary but also partly based on distinguishable characteristics such as shape, social rank, manner of existence (as animate or inanimate), or sex (as masculine, feminine, or neuter) and that determine agreement with and selection of other words or grammatical forms *Latin has three genders, masculine, feminine, and neuter* *French has two genders, masculine and feminine*  b : membership of a word or a grammatical form in such a subclass *a Latin noun has gender, number, and case* *an English noun has, strictly speaking, no gender*  c : an inflectional form showing membership in such a subclass *a Latin adjective agrees in gender with the noun it modifies.

Andrew MacEwen
Queens, New York

I’d imagine this conversation going as follows:

“Hey, I heard your pregnant. Congrats! Do you know the gender?”

“Ugh, hate when people ask me this. My theyby will get to choose xer own gender when zee feels like it.”


“Yes, the non-gender version of the bigoted word ‘baby.’”

“But the word ‘baby’ is already gender neutral…”

“Scram, Nazi!”

Chad Bradson

“In the tiny sheltered pampered enclaves of coastal American cities, some parents are refusing to reveal their children’s biological sex to anyone—including relatives and the infants themselves—until the toddler is old enough to decide for himself or herself.” As the grandfather to triplet toddlers (two girls, one boy), allow me to observe: that’s easily the dumbest thing I’ve heard this century. What do they do? Dress them in empty flour sacks like the dustbowl denizens of old and pray they get verbal skills before they start preschool? Utterly, preposterously moronic.

Kent Rebman
Plainfield, Indiana

The specter of well-off White Leftist parents engaging in do-it-yourself psychological experiments with their innocent offspring reeks of whack-o woo-woo theology and proves once again, that even the smallest eggs can be used in an omelette. Mr. Goad’s speculation that these morons have too much time on their hands is bang on. If the parents involved were engaged in subsistence farming or some other labor-intensive endeavor, there would be no place for these uniquely modern delusions to take root. Hopefully, this trend will pass before too much damage is done.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

Mr. Goad, thank you. Your “Mamas” article is a powerful work of truth bathed in reality. We all think this, we all know these truths to be self-evident (where did that come from?), but most of us are too weak to speak up. In a way you did that for us. Moreover, you did it for the innocent children who are having their brains scrambled by their Silence of the Lambs parents. Your last paragraph says it all.

Your article gives me courage to speak up for the children of these abusive parents and not concern myself with what anyone else thinks of me. Child abuse is child abuse. Insanity is insanity. Both situations demand protective measures, restorative treatment, correction, compassion, and a message to these little ones that they are not God’s mistake.

Gary Magistrelli
Hampstead, North Carolina

XX or XY, we are one or the other.

Child abusers deny this.

Eric Mack


Jim Goad.

I have all issues of Answer Me! (personal best is the suicide issue, so many faves offed it. Doodles Weaver!) bought off the rack at the time of release.

Tried following him on twitter but couldn’t take the daily barrage of shit.

I found Taki due to Joe Bob. Shocked to see Jim Goad as well.

His Theybie article, while hateful as always, makes sense to me. I tell my boy every day he can do whatever he wants, paints his nails all the time, dyes his hair(short), is theatrical and musical, he’s 10 but we rarely discuss gender. 

Until he says he has a boner. He’s well aware he’s male.

I don’t necessarily agree with Jim at all times, but goddess has blessed us all w/ his incendiary writing. The Red Neck Manifesto is one of my favorite, what I consider truth, books. But then so is the Illuminatus Trilogy and the Book of SubGenius.
You are on the right track. Joe Bob & Jim Bob?  More, please.


Paul Hill

I sincerely hope that this fad, and it really is a fad, kinda’ like the Nehru jacket of the 60’s, blows over soon.  When I listen to the sherpa of political correctness on the Tucker Carlson show, I both laugh and want to toss my cookies at the same time.


Timothy McCollum
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Shouting “Pedo” In a Crowded Twitter

The Gunn story is another reminder of how the media creates and manipulates events, and strategically times the release of news stories based on them, to fit its predetermined and utterly predictable narrative. Being sublimely uninterested in the entertainment business and its inhabitants, I lazily formed my opinion of this guy solely from mainstream press reports. On that basis I figured the guy actually was a pedophile. None of the news stories I skimmed suggested that his tweets were made tongue-in-cheek or were in any way schtick. The paths to fake news are many and varied.

Angelo DePalma
Newton, New Jersey

I believe David Cole is correct in his conclusion that condemning our political enemies for the words they say or write tightens the no-free-speech noose around our own necks. However, David Cole misses (or ignores) the underlying issue.

When Lenny Bruce got famous using blue language in a nightclub act, the people who went to see Lenny Bruce’s act probably didn’t care what he talked about. They were there (I believe) to be titillated by the sound of dirty words being spoken by a grown man in public. It was a turn-on then but not anymore. Nowadays the very same kind of language that used be so exciting has morphed into a double-edged linguistic bludgeon.

People who use blue language and perverse sexual innuendo in public use it to show they are in with the in-crowd. Now the only in-crowd I can see are the faceless millions of bureaucrats who make up the increasingly oppressive federal bureaucracy. Who is in charge of this well thought out strategy against free speech? The bureaucrats? The college professors and administrators? Vladimir Putin? L’il Rocketman? This kind of oppression against free-speech does not arise spontaneously.

I remember well (from more than a decade ago—how time flies!) the first time I heard the word “triggered” used against freedom of expression. An anonymous college administrator was on-camera complaining long-and-loud about how something on her campus had “triggered” her. I listened long enough to hear the woman give a careful definition of what “triggered” means and knew that would be the next big thing.

John L. Jordan
Vernon, Alabama

Well said, I’d agree with you sentiments about 99.99% of the time. Off color jokes, making fun of retards, I love it all and undoubtedly agree with your assessment that the left’s goal is complete censorship of anything they deem offensive. But then, there’s that 0.01%. More specifically, that 0.01% is the pedo jokes Gunn is guilty admittedly guilty of.  Just look at the stock picture from your article, do you mean to tell me your pedo radar doesn’t go off when you look at it? The only people who would joke about pedophilia are probably pedophiles, that’s my theory and after looking at this guy, I’m sticking with it. 

Think about this for a moment, America’s prisons are filled with the worst that humanity has to offer. Serial killers, murderers, rapists and all manner of other types of subhumans. Yet, in the midst of all this, there’s still a code, pedophilia isn’t tolerated in any form. Pedo’s in prison are routinely attacked and murdered by the rest of the general population and have to be kept in segregation because of it. I unabashedly agree with our nations prisoners, pedophilia should always be off limits, particularly from guys that look like pedo’s. Gunn should be ruined at best by being so retarded as to even joke about it. 

Sean Stickler
Richmond, Virginia

Is Putin’s Russia an “Evil Empire”?

One frequently learns things not mentioned in other media on the pages of Taki’s. Who knew about Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo where, apparently 1400 US soldiers are stationed not doing much of anything? The Balkan military conflict (wars are, of course so passe) ended in 1999, so the American taxpayer has been shelling out a few hundred mill a year for God knows what reason. Just in case? A jobs program for Slavs? A General’s delusional real estate speculation? In any case, the bill is already past due and this kind of thing is low hanging fruit to pick when we cannot add to the tab any longer.

Lee Krantz
Frederick, Maryland

In August 2008 when President Bush was at China’s Olympics, President Putin flew abruptly home to supervise a “war” with Georgia over encroachment into Ossetia. Simultaneously a Syrian General was killed at range from a precise long gun. Once that was done, President Assad flew to Moscow for several days of meetings with Putin, GRU & FsB whereupon he flew back to Damascus. Upon his return, near simultaneously,  several Russian warships docked at Tartous and Banias. This culminated in sealing aRussian maritime goal dating back to the Crimean War whereby Russia gained a permanent anchorage in Syria. They have been there in force ever since.

As Steve Earle says in his song “You Know The Rest”… .Moses went up the mountain to see what he could see,
                                                            He came down with the stone tablets and said ,
                                                            This is how it’s going to be.
                                                            He was scared to death.
                                                            You know the rest.”

Grant Leslei Hopkins
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A high-school friend of mine had her unwanted child at this home for unwed mothers. Many years later she tried to locate her daughter but the agency stiff-armed her. Asked what year she bore the child, she did not remember.

I suspect that Steve is overlooking the to me obvious fact that the triplets were born to an unwed mother and were placed by adoption into 3 families. The brainiacs at the Louise Wise home chose not to inform the families that the children were separated triplets. Perhaps they were having trouble finding a family willing to adopt all three. If so, there was no pressing need to complicate matters further by informing the adopting families that their adoptees were triplets and that they should arrange play-dates. The main consideration of the Louise Wise home was charity: provide supportive housing and medical care for unwed Jewish women, effect the birth and get the children adopted by Jewish families.

For the record, Cynthia P. (now an Alzheimer patient in a French asile) and Marty N. deceased, were living together on Ave. S in an apartment in Brooklyn, both precocious high school students not legally married so far as I know. Cynthia aged 16 got pregnant and decided not to keep the baby.

Mike Eisenstadt

Probiotics: Here Drink Some Gut Slime

My favorite inebriate ichthyologist, W.C. Fields, once made a comment about water being an element suitable only for fish fornication. One wonders what wisdom he could shed on the probiotic craze that is consuming certain people.  That said, if you want to experience the wonders of a happy gut, three apples per day will bring true enlightenment. Just be sure to keep a stack of magazines next to the hopper…

William Peters
Rochester, New York

Most health supplements may be useless, but Hormesis is real – the idea that a little bit of a toxin makes one immune to that toxin – that’s the action of vaccines and drug tolerance. Hormesis also includes many beneficial stressors like fasting, weight-lifting, and exposure to ionizing radiation.

Taking a Cipro kills all gut bacteria at once, including the bad kinds like Candida – the sugar-crazed bacteria that can make people sluggish and fat. After the Cipro, it’s good to eat some yogurt to populate the gut with benign, friendly bacteria.

Bacteria are proto-animals, our little cousins, who play a big role in Evolution – their mysteries and charms are not fully understood.

BTW – there were ads for Probiotic products at the bottom of the page – AI is pretty stupid

CJ Michiels

Kimchi isn’t left out in the sun-it’s buried in pots.

Speaking of which, I can’t remember the name anymore but there’s a Middle Eastern “delicacy“ made by mixing yogurt and Bulger wheat, putting it in a pot and burying it for a few weeks. Would’ve been a good example for your story.

Carter Harbaugh

Central Park Rapists: Trump Was Right

Thanks for the follow-up on this horror story.

It is ghastly from beginning to end and no sane human could avoid vomiting at the outcome. I have five daughters who naively stroll through parks at midnight thinking they have only drug-dealers and perverts to deal with. God help them.

Helena Conrad
Marin County, California

Nothing is Safe From Resentment

Obviously, to be fair and representative, AI has to then include people with marginal IQs. The demand for a machine unable to do what it’s designed for without constant supervision and that is difficult to impossible to program will be very high among virtue signalers. Then again, including every subgroup into the specs may make the machine unworkable by definition and no special care will need to be taken.

Sherman Watkins
Smoking in Montana’s Banana Belt

Anyone who’s spent much time in ‘the helping professions’ will have noticed a paradoxical phenomenon: where those who are receiving help— rather than expressing the gratitude one might expect— often react with a sense of resentment, anger, and passive-aggressive hostility.

The explanation is fairly straightforward: those being helped resent the fact that they need help in the first place. It doesn’t seem “fair” that those who are helping them are successful, while they themselves are not. Finding themselves in a position where they require help, reminds them of their dependency, their position of relative inferiority; which they deal with by generating feelings of anger and resentment.

It feels better to be angry and resentful— to blame others for their plight, even if those others are the very same ones who are helping them— than to admit that they themselves might be partly to blame for their circumstances.

The insistence on achieving “equitable performance across different subpopulations” which De Groot describes is an outgrowth of the legal concept of “disparate impact,” which was first imposed on the American people by “America’s first Black Attorney General” Eric Holder; whose expressed desire to help “my people,” it soon became clear, did not refer to the American people, but rather, to Black Americans only. Under this doctrine, unequal outcomes are seen as proof that “discrimination” is taking place; and only when all outcomes are equal, we’re told, will “justice” and “equality” have finally been attained. And until then, disaffected underperforming “minorities” have every right to feel resentful; and to act that resentment out, whenever and wherever they can get away with it.

So yes: the result these progressive AI scientists and others of their ilk want to see, is not the faithful replication of American society as it now exists; but rather, the re-making of American society into the sort of place that folks like Obama, Holder, Zou, and Schiebinger would like it to be: a society in which “underrepresented” peoples’ resentments drive all that happens, and conditions are manipulated until everyone “performs” exactly alike.

Surely we’ve all noticed the current over-representation of Blacks in TV commercials. An uninformed observer might be led to conclude that Blacks make up half of American society; or that a law has been passed stipulating that every commercial must include at least one smiling inter-racial couple, or Black female doctor in a white lab coat, or smiling Black banker in a three-piece-suit sagely advising his White clients.

Social programming at it’s finest… aimed at bringing about the world our “elite” “leaders” “know” to be best for us, whether we want it or not….

Navigating this new world should be no problem, as long as one keeps in mind this simple rule: the resentments of favored minorities are to be taken as sacred imperatives for the rest of us;  while the resentments of Whites represent intolerable racism, hatred, and bigotry, to be publicly ridiculed and scorned at every opportunity.

William M. Stell Jr.

In the product development process that evolution is, better versions of the species “human” are supposed to replace those versions that are not as good in the area of survival and procreation. The deciding “customers” in this are men and women in the process of choosing a mate. This selection process has brought us out of the caves and onto the moon. As to be expected, the revolt against this natural selection is coming from those versions of the human species who can’t cut it and are a DNA strand about to be discontinued.

The big problem with so called “progressives” is that they are actually against progress, because they hate the idea that those who are better equipped to survive and prosper and raise their offspring, will determine the composition of the next generations. One look at the nerds and fuglies protesting against “inequality” will prove my point.

Werner A Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

It was sad enough to see Nature, a once respected and respectable source of knowledge capitulate to the leftist orthodoxy of Global Warming/Climate Change. It should be no surprise then that they have capitulated with the leftist orthodoxy on “gender inequality” as well. At least Scientific American seems to be backing away (if only slightly) from Climate Change alarmism.

Kelly Harbeson

The Cost of Milk

Choice and Cost. There is a cost to everything. As long as Government is able to punitively tax its citizens at the point of a bayonet there will be (no cost to them) free milk by God. The only way to rationalize this is to understand that we are serfs to the state and in reality have no choice. Consent is the illusion the leftists put out there to help the medicine go down. How much longer must we put up with this? All I know is “It’s for the children.”

John MacDonald
Keller, Texas

Stranger Then Nonfiction

Hemingway’s desire to be seen as a super tough guy has always been a turn off for me. His credentials for such a pose, in my way of thinking, were always suspect. The turning point, for me, was in an article published by Sports Illustrated, some years ago.

The Brooklyn Dodgers were holding their spring training in Cuba, and Hemingway invited some of the players to his home where he had a boxing ring set up. To show his prowess he asked a few of them to spar with him. Instead of sparing he started throwing hard punches, not wanting to offend him because he was providing food and drinks, plus his celebrity status was intimidating, they went along with him. That is until their star relief pitcher Hugh Casey got in the ring. He was a true tough guy and proceeded to give Hemingway a good thrashing. His team mates quietly applauded Casey because they could see through Hemingway’s act.

I read that article many years ago, and I feel quite sure that I have gotten the details right. Hemingway did do some courageous thing in his life, but to my dismay, like Mailer, he spent his life bragging about them. Real tough guys are usually fairly quiet.

Tho Sweeney


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