June 04, 2018

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In Defense of Degeneracy

Mr.  Goad,

Your latest rant hit things pretty much bang on: assail the humorless, puritanical cretins of the left with plain speech, ribald humor and pitiless ridicule and watch them spontaneously combust in their own bacon fat.

Your assessment of the Amish as being no fun, however, is quite off. I visited an Amish farmstead near where I hunt deer to inquire about them building a new outhouse for the squalid hunting camp I sometimes inhabit.  While hashing over the details of the new privy with some old, bearded grumps in the dooryard, a rather portly (refrigerator-sized, actually) woman emerged form the kitchen door and began to shout orders at some nearby children in that curious dialect of German they speak. I whispered to one of the men who was looking rather disdainfully at her: “She seems to be in a bad humor.”  He replied: “She was suckled on a sour tit.”  I nearly exploded trying to hold back my laughter.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

Dear Mr. Goad,

I seriously doubt there won’t be room for your views in the future. It doesn’t sound like you have read VICTORIA by Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes’ views are more thoughtful than supporters of the Benedict Option. Our future will be quite messy and individuals like yourself with different views should feel right at home. Amish economics do not contradict with Conservatism, Liberterianism, or the Alt-Right.  Since when do the Amish, butt into other people’s business? 

Has anyone thought of crossing Distributism with Nationalism yet? Perhaps business ought to be organized by ethnicity. Food production might be a good place to start. Shi-Shi Fusion cuisine is awful. People of whichever European descent would have a big advantage, as any ethnic food is preferable to what these cooking school graduates are being indoctrinated with. Competing in business might be preferable to competing in politics.  Leftist busybodies would be better off running cooperatives than organizing protests. Distributists believe in privatized social security also. In Europe it is illegal for coop workers/owners to collect government social security.

Louis A. Jamail, Jr.
San Antonio, Texas

In Grudging Praise of White Racists

Dearest David,

The history of the Jews are a thousands times more bloody than the Nazis. Compared to the Jews the Nazi’s are girl scouts selling cookies, perhaps a little bloody, but then nobody’s perfect.

James RW Coats

Please be so very kind as to pass along my wildly enthusiastic praise to Mr. Cole for his column on grudging praise. He perceptively describes the nasty public shaming of a fat and unattractive young lady, just at the moment she thought, perhaps for the first time in her life, that the cool guy was treating her like a star. Along the way, Mr. Cole bravely speaks the word-that-may-not-be-named, and he offers delightful floral advice. Well done, Sir!

Mark Shere
Indianapolis, Indiana

Excellent! Resist!

By whatever means necessary.

We have had it with these socialist fools.

Russell Painton

Once again I have to agree with David Cole – we need White race realists of all sorts to counter the worst Antifa, BlackLiesMatter or just Chicago murderous Black thugs doing daily murder and mayhem that now include organized flash mob invasions of Chicago beaches and North Michigan Avenue violently attacking Whites.

Here’s one of the best real Chicago crime blogs that tells the true crime stories the MSM mainstream media will not.

A White suburban couple was recently attacked by an organized Black flash mob and the young man was in critical condition with a fractured skull. Chicago’s affirmative action police chief Eddie Johnson has covered up these attacks or spun them as just teens of all racial, class groups misbehaving.

George Orwell once said that “Freedom begins with the ability to say 2 + 2 = 4 envisioning a Stalinist style England where everything including simple math was politicized by power mad thought police.

Well, in our time and place racial resentments and anti White identity politics dominate so yeah, I go with the idea that our freedom begins with the ability to say…


This is certainly not a word that I or most decent, nice White Americans would use very often or really ever – still the freedom of speech, freedom of thought principle is important. We do have that 1st Amendment right. And if you don’t want to say it or even think it, well why not let honest comedian, social commentator Chris Rock say it for you/us?

Jaye Els
Chicago, Illinois

Wolfe and Roth: A Look Back

The quote in Sailer’s piece about the enthusiastic support for Southerners for war against Germany is indicative of his general observation: Tribal adherence trumps ideology and locality.

I remember old WWI veterans in Germany, who, upon my emigration to the States in 1977, asked me to deliver the message of “don’t betray us again like in 1917 and 1941” to the German-American community. A look at the Census map about heritage shows the largest contingent of German Americans to be in the Upper Midwest and North in general, while the South was predominantly Scots-Irish and English, with Texas being the notable exception.

Therefore no one should be surprised that the South sided with the English and the predominantly German Midwest advocated to stay out of the war. The entry into the European conflict had little to do with animosity against Nazism, but rather old fashioned tribalism.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

I wonder if Tom Wolfe and Philip Roth, together with Joseph Heller, are the last of the great novelists. I always took ages to read their books because just about every sentence could be savoured and reread. The writings of Nobel Laureates like Solzhenitsyn, Naipaul and Gordimer seem earnest, shallow and pallid by comparison.

But, in these days, when being outraged and a victim seem of more importance than being a talented wordsmith or inspired raconteur, I fear that Wolfe, Roth and Heller would be persecuted by legions of shrieking harpies and other professionel whingers.

Stuart Howes
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Will Prostitution Become Legal in America?

There seems to be a kind of silent (signaled) consent that ”we” will decide what crimes we will vigorously enforce and prosecute and those we will not. I read the news and watch the news and I don’t think much is being done about prostitution in Central Fla. By the way, referring to them as “Sex workers” and illegal immigrants as “undocumented workers” and calling the culture secular instead of “atheists” does tend to take some of the sting out of it. I think I have a fresh insight about defining “liberals.” They are in effect saying “If I’m not going to let God tell me how to live, Who in the hell do you think you are, trying to make my decisions for me!”


Don Cain
Orlando, Florida

Mr. DeGroot, like Jim Goad, can somehow express my deepest thoughts, beliefs and observations and brilliantly put it in writing. Though, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are my favorite pundits, Dr. Sowell is retired and Dr. Williams will likely soon follow. So, I’m grateful to have found Degroot and Goad to be a source of truth and unapologetic points of view.

Regarding Mr. DeGroot’s recent article, it was brilliant and thought provoking. But I have one question, why is being an adult porn actor legal and idolized in our culture, yet, prostitution is not? It’s basically the same thing, right? Both involve money for sex between consenting adults.

Anyway, thank you for giving Mr. DeGroot, Mr. Goad and others a platform to express their views no matter how controversial they might be.

Dino F. Russillo
Green Valley, Arizona

I have to wonder if anyone will be willing to breed in the 22nd century without a governmental subsidy to do so.

Kelly Harbeson

Thank you for your well explained and detailed conservative / religious attitudes to prostitution. Fortunately the realities of legal sex work are nothing like you describe.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. It is in the state of Victoria, one of several where sex work is legal to varying degrees. The laws were changed in the early 80’s in response to widespread police corruption and extortion and also to allow women access to legal protections and more regular working conditions. Brothels are licensed and inspected and private work is allowed on outcall basis only. It is more complicated than that as several types of service aren’t covered by laws and are strictly speaking not legal. It’s all mostly tolerated quite well though and our lives go on as before.

What we don’t have is the pimping, stand over culture that is the scourge of sexwork in illegal jurisdictions. Melbourne and Sydney in particular are excellent cities for paid sex offering variety of ethnicities and levels of luxury to suit every budget. Marriage has not collapsed, children still go to school, the religious still attend church and police are less corrupt than before.

Many of we foreigners know quite a bit about the US and we know that paid sex there is as American as apple pie. Just like most countries. In my case, as a middle aged man in a post sex marriage to a woman I love dearly, paid sex has saved my marriage and my sanity. Really.

The thing I noticed about Americans in my visits there is their remarkable degree of ignorance about the rest of the world. It’s no wonder your governments get away with so much. Perhaps a few of you Takimag guys could get out a bit more into the wide world outside the US. Fork out for a few lovely ladies while you’re at it. It might just do you a lot of good.

Mark Melbourne

We’re All Communists Now

We are awash in misconceivers. They wash ideas away leaving our fishing barque stranded on a sterile beach.  That is why Takimag is the first site on my favorites menu. It’s fruit are succulently pregnant with the heavy nectar of Truth-telling.


Bunky Mortimer III’s otherwise brilliant “We’re All Communists Now” is soured, rendered imperfect, by that unconscious modernist mis assumption…maybe…blindness when recounting history. Notable is the absence of the dirty three letter word. “God” !

You cannot present an analysis of history without including the tap and grammatical root of “culture” , that is the “Cult”! You cannot teach history and leave out religion. That especially goes for describing the former slave states of the Soviets where traditional Christianity survived and has sprung to abundant life, like a desiccated lotus seed germinated after centuries of darkness.

Ah the Cult! You must credit it or give birth to miscarried misconceptions. The Cult is that diesel engine, thrumming away below decks, powering history while pretentious secular Captains preen on the quarterdeck.

Retell or use once again, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, that lesson from the Gulag and we will try to listen this time. The first word has three letters…

Chuck Coughlin

Yes! Somebody finally gets it! I have lived in Ukraine for ten years. Among Ukrainians – no other foreigners in my neighborhood.  We love each other. We are properly skeptical of both Russia and the EU. My kids are growing up with no question as to who they are or what gender. 

Graham Seibert
Kyiv, Ukraine

What Price Normandy?

This article is one of takimag’s best ever. 

Bettie Malofie
Winnipeg, Canada

The opening paragraphs of this have been begging to be said.

Thank you

Charles Romer
Tomball, Texas

All In a Day’s Leave

Dear Mr Dalrymple,

‘It is thus the general surrender to crime that is the problem..’

Well you’re a doctor.  Isn’t it more the general surrender of any attempt to discover and deal with the causes of these ‘bent’ humans?

Not let him out for another 20 or 30 years as you suggest would quickly see us supporting a massive prison population and attendant hangers-on.

Meaning a concomitant devolution of our society into one like the American model which deludes itself into thinking it doesn’t have vast numbers of its own people incarcerated.  Unhealthy, that.

They’re diseased, don’t you think? 

I do believe you’ve written of your experiences as a prison doctor or consultant or something – here and there in these columns, have you not?

So does your present attitude indicate you’ve given up hope of rehabilitation, cure and in fact do not see them as ‘diseased’ but rather ‘demon possessed’ –  i.e. quite normal humans but possessed of a desire simply to do anti-social things?

I’d love to see more from you on this subject if you’d care to offer it sometime.

Arthur Brogard

Having read the offerings of Dr. Dalrymple and the Ancient Greek on this sunny, peaceful Sunday morning near the water in a nice part of Stockholm, I am torn between counting my blessings and howling at the sky.

Both articles brought me back to memories of my father who tried to inculcate in me the values and lessons he learned as a student of history, able to read (or at least appreciate) the Greek and Latin of the ancient and classical writers and historians. I am only now beginning to understand, having finally, in my retirement years (currently 82), begun to read everything (in English) from the pre-Socratic philosophers, through Alexander, the “Glory that was Greece,” the Roman Kingdom/Republic/Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and reluctantly about to enter into the Ottoman period (I’ve already tasted more recent eras, centering in Europe). What we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

Having just finished with the Byzantines, it seems that each upward swing in a given civilization/empire is brought about through the leadership of an individual, never perfect, but always focused on the goal of raising the level of security, education, and opportunity/wealth for the general populace. It is never permanent because the elite become wealthy, greedy and subversive, breaking out of their passivity to undermine the leader or his successors when he stumbles or dies. I also continue to learn that schisms in a church/religion are as deadly as any direct warfare.

So, the best we can hope for is the occasional Pericles, a generation or two of good times, to be followed by many more generations of misery, strife, and destruction and then, amazingly, re-birth.

“We” (Western-oriented people, such as I) seem to be in the downward cycle. Poor England certainly seems to be. My father was an Anglophile and a Germanophile (through the 18th Century). He would quote Schiller in German, and Shakespeare:

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle/
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars/
This other Eden, demi-paradise/
This fortress built by Nature for her self/
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in a silver sea
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house
Against the envy of less happier lands
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,

I have never spent time in England, and now don’t wish to. Nonetheless, I cry for her. How awful it must be for those of my age who have seen its glory submerged in a swamp.

As for war, history tells us it is always “war, war, war…” which saps the treasury and punishes the people who are taxed and commanded to die.

I recently attended the birth of my first great-grandchild, in California. I cannot imagine what her life will be like if she should survive to my age.

Back to counting my blessings…

​Ron Pavellas
Stockholm, Sweden


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