May 14, 2018

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The Affirmative Action Honor System

The utility of Affirmative Action is that it allows affluent whites, who are never impacted by it, feel enlightened and even more superior to the lower class whites who are impacted by it; and who can be easily dismissed as racist should a note of complaint be heard. It’s also expedient to project the guilt of white affluence felt by old money who profited during the slavery era, onto ethnic white immigrant families who may not even have been in the country during slavery. This is a game that’s been played by the American upper class racial bean-counters – “brown bean bad, white bean good” – both before and after the Civil Rights era, when the narrative was reversed – “black bean good, white bean bad”. Whether he is a degraded race-mixer, as was the accusation made against the poor white before the civil rights era; or if now he is now a degraded racist, as after civil rights era, the poor white, especially men, must always be made to know his place.

Limiting the opportunities for poor and working class white males serves another purpose: A pool of second-class citizens who make for a ready reserve of cannon fodder to fight in foreign wars far from their mid-west farmland or Appalachian hills. Wars, ironically enough, that are actively promoted by the same system and media who stand bravely at the ready to destroy any of these red-necked racists should that note of complaint be heard.

Floyd Green
Tacoma, WA

Old Mohammed Had a Farm…Jihad, Jihad, Oh!

And the guy who shot and killed several CIA employees at the Rt. 123 turnoff to the CIA was an amnestied agricultural worker; in his case a peach picker in Georgia. Can you imagine the INS employee who reviewed his application believing that: “Um . . . I guess.”

I’ve never known a Muslim immigrant who did manual labor. They sell rugs, cell phones and used cars.

Conrad Gaarder

The Centrist Illusion

As an eyewitness and keen observer of the German society over the past 70 years I can testify that German success is not the result of large social spending, but rather the result of the work ethic of a generation that grew up with a strong emphasis on the extended family as the social welfare net. In such a social setting frauds are easily detected and ostracized, which is a social death sentence in a small non-anonymous society. Being dependent upon “public” assistance was considered shameful and I have seen members of the older generation to rather go hungry than to be perceived as a failure, i.e. without work or a supportive family.

However, with increasing productivity and thus more wealth, socialism communards – and I have met many in the communes of the 60’s – weaseled their way into positions of power and convinced the individuals that they could throw off the restrictive bonds of family and live a life of irresponsibility and leisure without the ostracization that comes with a family and small community based system. Financing of this charade was installed through anonymous taxation by removing the distance from the payer to the recipient of such support and turning “charity” into a “right”, with the nice side effect that the ones who facilitated this change are finding cushy jobs and “moral superiority” in such a system.

What we are seeing now is that this social welfare system attracts all those, who do not need the approval of the taxpaying society and are not interested in contributing. A prime example are the huge numbers of “refugees” and Turkish minorities, who, due to their large numbers, have no need to integrate into German society, as they bring their own society with them. And with the “outsiders“ (i.e. Germans) providing the funds, life as a parasite is an accepted and even admired way in their social environment. If all the “refugees” or Turkish communities would be required to support their own, rather than the German taxpayer, the entire problem would disappear overnight.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, CA

Sex and Sacrilege at the Met Ball

The Met Ball was (I remember when we referred to the old Opera House as the Met) I think, an exemplar of the degenerate culture in which we are now trapped. Although now an atheist – probably always so inclined –  yet I nevertheless enjoyed the beauty of the old Episcopalian service, the architecture, the music, the ritual. All this embodied good taste. My point is, that the Met Ball – in common with so much else to-day – was not sacrilegious, but all the same, cocked a snook at taste. This I find foul, but hardly surprising, for it is in the symmetry of taste that we find our moral selves. The Met Ball was Alice Through The Looking Glass (the one above Madonna’s chimney-piece).

Carl-Edward Endicott
Los Angeles, CA

We are less than 100 years since the last Inquisition, and you believe that the largest, most successful criminal enterprise the world has even seen should be immune to comment?

Remind me: when did you ask Pope Francis where the Vatican is hiding the rapists this week?

Jeffrey Diamond


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