May 21, 2018

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Occam’s Condom

I’m a single black woman who lives in LA County. I’ve beaten the STD odds across the board—meaning none—using a very simple method: conducting my life God’s way for a very long time. For clarification, I’m talking about Jesus the Christ.

I don’t doubt the odds. As a reasonably attractive woman, I get offers all the time, and it has occured to me—from observation—that quantity of offers is due to the justifiable perception that black women are easy. It is what it is.

About God’s way: black people have a high rate of so-called Christianity, but, like many other groups, too many of us are overly concerned about what God can do for us and not concerned enough about conducting our lives in the manner that God prescribes. Many don’t even try.

That’s all.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng
Los Angeles CA USA

The Doom and Gloom Generation

For some reason comments are no longer allowed by the editors. Whatever the reason is they have chosen to quell the speech of those willing to comment or debate. Who were they offending? The young? The old? The transgendered? Perhaps the Russian Supermodels? It has to be someone. Know this good people I have not stopped for one second objectifying Supermodels regardless of their national origin. As long as they are female I cannot think of anyone on the planet I would want to objectify more. Color me a white male heterosexual if you must. It is a badge I wear proudly. Lang may my lum reek.

John MacDonald

Joe Bob is right, the liberals have spawned a whole posse of Trotsky’s. Instead of Peace, Land, Bread as a slogan, we have racism, white privilege and “me too”. Those, along with many others are making conversations impossible. Perhaps my favorite is undocumented as opposed to illegal, or porn star instead of whore. Our convoluted speech guides are almost identical to life under Stalin. We need a man like that great Russian writer who lived in Vermont, and made a memorable commencement address at Harvard ( I can’t spell his name).

Thomas Sweeney
New Jersey

Hey there Joe Bob,

As one who grew up in West Orange and attended Our Lady of the Valley High (now probably used as a depository for used nuns), I too dealt with recrimination during my years as a radio talk show host.

It was always satire that made the ratings grow—and management that wet their pants when they felt squeezed by some listeners. I miss those days—now I’m a tech writer by day and a Baptist preacher the rest of the time. Yeah, I grew up Catholic and in New Jersey, got smart and left to attend the University of Georgia! I have heard every Catholic joke and Baptist joke ever uttered at an Oh Jesus party.

Your article is wonderful—especially the summation which is why I hope we can Make America Great Again and not just a slogan for those who want to impeach it!

It was an exuberant time, a time when the American ideal said that every man was his own unique symphony, and it lasted more than a century. And then we decided that too many people were taking advantage of that freedom. We needed some deciders and influencers. We needed to clean up our act. We decided to become more and more like Europe.

Thanks for making my day—I will steal some stuff from your article for my sermon…asking forgiveness in advance.

Pastor Dave Deppisch

I love Joe Bob Briggs’s column, if for no other reason than to learn from his craft and steal his style. I desperately wish I could write like that.

No, not every article he puts out is a home run (especially the transgender and “race doesn’t exist” articles), but that’s part of the creative process. He writes what he wants, not what he thinks will appeal to a certain crowd. He doesn’t fit in either the right or left wing, nor does he try to.

I think my all time favorite TakiMag article is his “A Brief History of the Redneck”. Definitely in the top five.

Rarely does one come across a writer who knows so many tiny, useless pieces of information, much less able to synthesize them into meaningful commentary on what it means to be an American like Briggs does. He truly embodies what it means to be an armchair anthropologist.

Austin Martin

Joe Bob-

Loved your movie reviews from back in the 80s & 90s; they ran in the Focus weekly rag in Hickory, NC. Tore one out about a Bronson flick and put it on the cork board in my office (oh, I own the company), and it’s still there after 29+ years. In the Q&A section, a male Ole Miss student asked you for dating advice. Your response was “don’t date an Ole Miss girl whose IQ is larger than her breast size”. Being a Mississippi State grad, it hit the spot.

The older female employees (4 or so) I’ve had over the years felt that was funny as you know what. But, leave it to a damn millennial intern interviewee last year who cried “sexist”. Really qualified chick. Wanted to hire her for the 8 weeks. Couldn’t. So, no intern that year, lawsuit risk.

As the late Robert D. Raiford of the John Boy & Billy Show would pompously rant, “Welcome to the United States of the Offended”.

Harvey Danner
Blowing Rock, NC

PS – What weighs 5,200 lbs. and has an IQ of 120?  Two Ole Miss Chi Omegas in a Suburban.

More Bad News for Feminists

An interesting and well written piece by Mr. DeGroot, all the same (and here it comes), it practically begs to have the Comments section up and running again. This would have easily have generated 500 comments by now, many of them more interesting than the original article. I suppose it was unfortunate that a handful of people (one in particular, the guy obsessed with the Norway mass murderer) had to ruin it for everyone else. What made this site work is it had writers who were controversial in a good way, meaning they could write intelligently about subjects that most of journalism regarded as taboo. And this then attracted a similar minded audience. Yes, there were a few nuts, but that’s how free speech works. It’s far better than what you hear about on modern college campuses where you can get into serious trouble simply for expressing doubt about gay marriage or some other left wing sacred cow.

Eric Gudorf
Edina MN

Jot This Down

I can understand a bit how Theodore Dalrymple feels. For many years at work I would jot down at least one or two sentences about what I did every day; many days there were big events and there’d be a whole dialog about it, but many days, little would happen but I felt there ought to be at least a minimal annotation about what I’d done all day. I kept the last notebook containing this dialog, amounting to a year’s worth of reflection, when I retired five years ago, thinking someone would call and ask about something. Of course, they did not. I knew they wouldn’t, but, one also never knows. I recently came across the notebook and leafed through it before chucking it out and recognized few if any of the people mentioned and none of the events, proving how fleeting my 36 years with that company truly was. I suspect this effect is a basic part of the human condition and not restricted to Dalrymple.

Kent Rebman
Brownsburg, Indiana


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