April 22, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Millionaires pay pretty damn close to 50% right now. I know I do. The top 20% earners in America pay 80% of the income tax. You can try to squeeze more out of them, but when you tax something, you get less of it. Besides, as Bill Whittle has pointed out, the government is presently spending $10B a day. You could take 100% of Bill Gates”€™ AND Warren Buffett’s money and you”€™d cover just over a week of government spending. Now you”€™re out Gates and Buffett and all the jobs they create. You”€™ve also discouraged anyone else from following in their footsteps. Way to go, Bernie Bros.

The death of math was a common theme throughout our discussions. Politics is a numbers game, but math is hard. So they stick to facile analogies about building blocks. America is in debt and some people have extra money so can”€™t they just pay the government that money? If one baby has two building blocks and another has ten, can”€™t the rich baby give the poor one a couple of building blocks? They hate Verizon for making $1.5B a month while our government spends 200 times that and is 126,666 times that in debt. Verizon provides a service. My wife is watching TV on it right now and it’s powering the Internet I”€™m using to write this article, which is my job. If we switch providers, Verizon will beg for my business back via email. If you don”€™t pay the government, you go to jail. You can hate big business all you want, but at least concede it’s the lesser of two evils. Bernie’s speech was the same it always is, with the usual optimistic platitudes and empty promises. At the very end he said, “€œIf we have a large voter turnout on Tuesday, we”€™re gonna win this thing!”€ He lost on Tuesday. He didn”€™t have the numbers.


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