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In his 2013 article “Race and Crime in America,” the intensely numerate Ron Unz used his Ginsu knife of a brain to examine the startling fact that in crowded urban environments, there is no statistically significant difference between white and Hispanic rates of offending and that whites may actually commit predatory crimes at a slightly higher clip than Hispanics. (The hard stats are hard to come by due to the fact that Hispanic perpetrators are often counted as white”€”Unz attempted to tease out the real stats by examining the Hispanic quotient in any given urban environment.) Unz writes:

The inescapable conclusion is that local urban crime rates in America seem to be almost entirely explained by the local racial distribution…crime rates and urban density seem to have little connection….Indeed, the race/crime correlation so substantially exceeds the poverty/crime relationship that much of the latter may simply be a statistical artifact due to most urban blacks being poor….However, major cities with substantial poverty but few blacks usually tend to have far lower levels of crime. For example, El Paso and Atlanta are comparable in size and have similar poverty rates, but the latter has eight times the robbery rate and over ten times the homicide rate. For many years, the black connection to local crime has been so strong as to almost eliminate the possible role of any other variable.

Another statistical analysis from a publication whose name I deign not to mention revealed that when it comes to interracial violence among whites, blacks, and Hispanics, blacks are the perpetrators at least 80% of the time.

This all spells a big “Ouch!” for the statistically fraudulent narrative peddled by Black Lives Matter and their mathematically addled enablers.

So even though Hillary Clinton never mentioned blacks by name, the stats clearly illustrate that when it comes to predatory criminal behavior, they truly are “super” at it. One might even fairly call them “super-duper” at it. But if you balk at such a description, how about calling them “fantastic predators”? Or even “really, really good predators”?

Viewed from a completely different angle, Clinton’s 1996 statements could be viewed as a slur against whites, implying that they simply aren’t very good at being criminal predators. Ms. Clinton’s comments may have inadvertently discouraged countless aspiring white predators from pursuing a criminal career.

But unless one (or both) of the Two Cubans pulls off a string of unexpected upsets against Donald Trump on Super Tuesday tomorrow, it looks as if Clinton will be facing off against the Trumpenstein Monster this November. If Clinton goes into a debate with Trump, it may mark the first time in her life she’s come face-to-face with a true super-predator. Watching that debate will be like watching O.J. murder Nicole.


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