September 12, 2023

Beverly Hills, CA.

Beverly Hills, CA.

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This’ll be the final entry in my “Fog Trilogy”; totally different topic next week, I promise!

Last week’s column was about how/why rightists “fog themselves.” This week, let’s examine the professional foggers—the rightist superstars who get paid to fog.

When people wonder why I’m always so hard on Ronny Unz, it’s because I find nothing more annoying than “I’m just asking QWESTCHINS!”

When someone asks a question for real, they welcome an answer. “Qwestchins,” on the other hand, are rhetorical; the asker has no interest in a response. Some of you might recall that a few years ago I had a back-and-forth with Unz regarding the Holocaust, and (I’m paraphrasing here) it went kinda like this:

Unz: “How come Jews never mentioned the Holocaust until the 1970s? Suspicious, huh?”

Me: “Untrue. The first great Holocaust bookThe Final Solution—came out in 1953. It was a bestseller, and it’s still a standard.”

Unz: “Golly, I’m just asking qwestchins!”

Me: “And I’m answering you.”

Unz: “And why didn’t Churchill or Eisenhower mention the Holocaust in their memoirs? Odd, huh?”

Me: “Untrue. They both mentioned Nazi mass murder of Jews; it just wasn’t called the Holocaust in the 1950s/1960s. So if you look up that word in the index, it’s not there. But the murders are mentioned.”

Unz: “Shuck-amuck, I’m only asking qwestchins!”

Me: “And I’m giving answers. Here are the page numbers where anti-Jewish atrocities are mentioned.”

Unz: “Why do you hate people for just asking qwestchins?”

And that’s when I started cussing.

“Qwestchins” is the favorite tool of rightists to spread fog.

Rightist tweeters dislike nothing more than incidents they can’t exploit. Incidents that leave them out of the convo. So when a criminally insane MAGA threatened to kill Biden and law enforcement last month, MAGAs were like, “How can we spin this? This story doesn’t favor us.”


Three of the highest-profile rightists—Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck—gave rightists the talking point they needed: “How come we immediately know everything about the MAGA assassin, but we still don’t have the tranny Nashville shooter’s manifesto?”

“Why do the foggers do it? Well, some are just stupid.”

That’s not a question, it’s a qwestchin. And it has an obvious answer: The MAGA boomer, as boomers often do, belched out his every thought on Facebook. Ordinary citizens took screencaps and posted them. Conversely, the Nashville PD confiscated their shooter’s private manifesto and won’t release it.

See? Simple answer. The boomer poured the contents of his twisted mind onto a public platform, and it was screencapped by a million folks. The Nashville tranny wrote a private manifesto that the Nashville PD is stubbornly suppressing.

If you really want an answer, there it is.

Same thing with the Jacksonville Dollar General shooting—black victims, white-supremacist Zoomer gunman. Again, a story that does not favor rightists, so again, high-profile rightist tweeters—Libs of TikTok, EndWokeness, RAMZPAUL (who ducked my requests for comment), and “Bonchie” of RedState—came to the rescue with the same talking point in near-identical tweets. “Why did ‘they’ immediately release the racist killer’s motives but ‘they’ won’t release the tranny’s manifesto?”

And here’s the answer: two different PDs, two different states. The Nashville cops refuse to share info, the Jacksonville cops did share info. Period. By trying to fog the question into some grand conspiracy of invisible “theys,” you’re taking the focus off the visible people who are sitting on the tranny’s manifesto: Nashville law enforcement. You’re helping them evade responsibility by replacing them with nameless “theys.”

One of the reasons the foggers cloud the Nashville PD story is that the “I dun live in a RAY-YUD STATE!” brayers don’t like to even admit Nashville exists! I mean, in terms of its politics and demographics. Blue cities in red states are the bane of simpleminded “national divorce” rightists. Which leads to this question: You know what recurring topic of mine draws the most angry responses from readers?

It’s not when I criticize Trump, or Unz, or Bannon, or MAGAs in general. It’s not even when I fail to support the sacred lab leak theory.

It’s when I point out that Beverly Hills is largely red.

You guys hate that! Even the reasonable MAGAs I know become agitated when I bring it up.

So I’m gonna use it to put an even finer point on the hazards of foggery.

Informally, BH has a north and south. The south is apartments, lower median income, the elderly, and younger folks with their starter pad. It’s not uncommon to hear dudes around here brag, “Hey, I’m from south of Santa Monica Boulevard!” That means, “I’m from the tough part o’ town, man.”

The north is where the mansions, celebrities, and super-wealthy are found.

As you can see from this screenshot of the L.A. Times’ 2020 election map, the north? Red. The south, blue. It was that way in 2016, too.

Seems simple, right?

Not to foggers! They just wanna scream, “Beverly Hills is far-left! It’s where them pedo movie stars like Harvey Streisberg dun live! Beverly Hills is enemy territory!”

There are wealthier parts of L.A. County than BH, but the bores of little brain love easy name recognition and simple hatreds that resonate with their followers. So the complexity of BH’s demographics matters not. “That durn city oughtta burn! Gyuck gyuck gyuck!

In previous columns I’ve quoted dozens of high-profile rightists who called for BH to burn from riots in 2020. “These leftists should git what they deserve!” A few weeks ago, video of a Gucci store being looted by pyramid-builders went viral, with all the usual MAGAs gyuck-gyucking about “serves Beverly Hills right,” even though the store was in L.A., not BH (to them, any nice-looking store gots to be in BH, because they falsely believe that the rest of L.A. looks like Mad Max meets Compton).

One particular blogger—arguably one of the worst writers on the ’net (I’m forced by personal complexities to show discretion and not name him)—posted footage of the Gucci robbery and added, “Too bad they did not mug some rich people on the street after their looting run. Let the rich enjoy the fruits of their policies.”

Okay, let’s imagine there’s a city. Call it what you want. “Cityville.” And you’re a politician, fundraiser, or activist. And Cityville has a south side that doesn’t support you electorally, and a north side that does. And the north side is where all the money is.

Of what use is routinely wishing death upon the entire city?

Is that smart, or retarded?

If we take that Times map and pull back to see the rest of L.A. County, we see that north BH is the only substantial red island in a sea of blue. All around it, miles of blue.

And what’s the one area on that entire map that rightists love to attack?

That solitary red island.

Insane. Literal insanity. “We’ll attack the one spot in the nation’s most populous county that supports us.”

Foggers despise specifics, detest complexity, and speak in the same Kallikak tongue as the simpletons in BLM. Scratch that; BLM is smarter. They know where the money is. They’d never wish death upon areas where their well-heeled supporters live. Rightist foggers don’t care where the money is. “Burn it all down! Fuck ’em all!”

“Oh no, I’m not raising as much money as a Democrat! How the gyuck did that happen?”

Speaking of BLM, in 2020 the head of BLM L.A. admitted to the L.A. Times that the riot organizers targeted people on the basis of race, to bring “pain” to people in BH based on their “whiteness.” At the time, I privately shopped a suggestion that this could be used to mount a legal challenge to BLM, because the leader copped to a conspiracy to commit racial violence.

Among the top-level rightists I approached with my lawsuit idea, no takers.

“It’s Beverly Hills! Let it burn! They’re gettin’ what they deserve!”

One of the people who vocally took that position in her NY Post column was Aussie ratbag Miranda Devine.

That was 2020. These days, Devine routinely takes to Twitter to wail about how “the left is using legal trickery to railroad Trump! Why didn’t anyone ever try anything against BLM?”

You fucking cloth-eared bint. Because foggers like you got more pleasure out of yelling at Beverly Hills than exploring not just the possibility of a civil rights case against BLM, but the possibility that people in north BH might help fund it.

Sit down, muther-fogger. You’re the problem. The fog you helped spread created the situation you now whine about.

Why do the foggers do it? Well, some are just stupid. Like “Judge Jeanine” Pirro. Every book with her name on it was ghostwritten. She was even sued by her ghostwriter for adding material of her own, which made the ghostwriter look bad because Pirro can’t write!

So last week this desiccated booze-soaked vegetable fogged up The Five so bad, I couldn’t even count the lies.

Discussing crime in Cali, Pirro promised to “dig below the layers” to the root of the problem! First she said the recall of L.A. DA Gascon failed (a lie—it got more than the necessary signatures but was bureaucratically torpedoed before it could go before the voters), then she blamed Kamala Harris for the shoplifting decriminalization Prop. 47 (a lie—it was pushed by Soros, Gingrich, and Rand Paul), then she complained that Cali “ended bail” (a lie—the state ballot proposition to end cash bail was defeated), then she completely misstated what “ending bail” means (she incoherently declared that “bail is a constitutional right! How dare it be ended.” But “ending bail” means everyone gets released for free. It doesn’t mean being held without the right to bail; it means bail’s no longer necessary), and all the time, her costars gasped at her “truth-telling,” and viewers came away with heads so foggy, they’d likely respond with hostility upon hearing the true truth, because “Judge Jeanine” would never lie to them.

Some foggers are dumb, some are crooked, but the conservative establishment platforms them because fogged viewers watch more, spend more, and don’t care if you don’t write your own books. And in GOP politics, fogginess excuses lazy-ass do-nothings from breaking a sweat. Focusing on specific real-world causes for real-world problems would mean you have to address them. Fog your constituents with batty conspiracy fantasies, and you can just kick back and soak up the graft.

I know the California GOP leadership well; they like the fog about CA being a lost cause and BH being far-left, because it excuses them from doing real work.

“What can we do? We’re outnumbered in enemy territory.”

So they have banquets and parties and nobody expects electoral results.

The fog is the right’s marijuana; takes away focus and drive.

Smoke up, righties! Nobody leads more successful lives than potheads! Nobody gets more done!

So glad Republicans have found such stellar role models to emulate.


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