March 11, 2014

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For some fifty years now it seems that God has played a great joke on mankind, granting the best fuel reserves to undeserving desert places run by crooked camel drivers: places such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Turkmenistan, and other such hellholes. Mind you, God plays fair, and he also blessed places such as the United States and Norway with black gold, and in order to show his favorite, he made Texas the oiliest of all. “Make sure no hole is dry in the Lone Star State,” said the Almighty to his great communicator with us, Archangel Gabriel.

However sure I am of myself, even I cannot speak for God; in fact, I am committing a sin to even begin to guess what lies behind his actions, but I know he must have the kind of regrets one has after a joke has gone bad. Making the Saudis and Qataris rich beyond their wildest dreams has been very cruel for the weak, the poor, and those unable to defend themselves. These are the very same people the Son of God favors. The joke has also been a catastrophe for women practicing the oldest profession, for waiters, busboys, chauffeurs, jockeys, servants in general, and anyone coming into contact with the billionaire vermin that some newspapers who should know better refer to as Arab princes. Despicable and poisonous, these ex-camel drivers (they also have sex with those unfortunate animals) have been holding the Western world at gunpoint with their oil reserves, raising the price per barrel and lowering it according to their whims while buying most of Europe’s exclusive real estate, best hotels, and grand country and city houses.

“€œQatar tramples on human rights even more than the ghastly Saudis.”€

Now, however, it looks that the Almighty may have had enough fun. He is no longer amused, and he has done what he did to some Greek women 3,000 years ago: He has the oil-rich towels fighting among themselves. Starting with Egypt, an ancient country that should never be confused with Gulf filth, three Arab states have pulled their ambassadors from Qatar’s capital Doha over the country’s support for the coldblooded terrorists that the world’s media refers to as “€œfreedom fighters”€ in Syria. The Saudis have followed Egypt’s example for the simple reason that even among people who like having sex with camels, it is obvious that financing professional murderers such as the al-Nusra Front, ISIS, and al-Qaeda will not be healthy for them in the long run. Radical jihadists have only one goal: extreme Sharia law with them at the top. Egypt was the first to see the Muslim Brotherhood’s true colors. They did something about it while the idiots in Washington “deplored the arrest of a democratically elected leader.” Some democrat, some leader. Morsi was to be the Kerensky until the real Egyptian Lenin showed his face. But I don’t expect anyone in Washington to have read history, especially when it’s as long ago as 1917.

Actually, Qatar tramples on human rights even more than the ghastly Saudis. Around ninety percent of its two million-and-some population is made up of migrant workers who are virtual slaves. Thousands of them are regularly abused, beaten, and starved, and hundreds of them have perished. India, Nepal, and Pakistan, where most of them come from, choose to accept favors from the ruling family and keep quiet about their abused subjects. This is the way of the world. Last summer alone, forty-four Nepalese workers died due to heart attacks and other work-related causes. Funny”€”I’ve employed Nepalese sailors, and they are among the heartiest and strongest and most pleasant of hard workers. Migrant workers face the same conditions in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi”€”oil-rich mini-states that Uncle Sam has chosen to protect against the big bad wolf of Iran, according to the unofficial president and power behind the throne of the United States, Benjamin Netanyahu.


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