June 26, 2023

Moloch the God

Moloch the God

In 2019 Christian satire site The Babylon Bee ran a story, “Moloch Announces Forcing Your Kids To Become Transgender Is Acceptable Form Of Sacrifice.”

Here, the bloodthirsty, cattle-headed ancient Middle Eastern god of the Ammonites held a press conference, informing modern-day liberal-voting acolytes that “in lieu of the actual blood-sacrifice of your children, you can now simply force your kids to become transgender” as a more convenient alternative to burning them alive in Moloch’s name, as reputedly took place in days of yore.

Just an absurdist joke. But, as so often, is once-unthinkable satire now literally coming true? No, but that doesn’t stop some weirdos from thinking so.

“Is once-unthinkable satire now literally coming true? No, but that doesn’t stop some weirdos from thinking so.”

Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
In 2012, former Fox News presenter Glenn Beck had a strange dream; a dream that, Beck informed his radio listeners in 2022, was really more of a visionary nightmare. Entering the Obama-era White House, a sinister figure told the dreaming Beck that “You really have no idea who you’re dealing with,” implying Obama was not the nation’s true ruler. Then, in a real reverse–Scooby Doo moment, he ripped off his human mask to reveal that “He was a demon. Okay?”

Okay, Glenn. But which particular demon?

As listeners became increasingly disturbed (as, arguably, did Glenn himself), Beck began discussing “this pedophilia stuff that is going around,” revealing certain dodgy images online were being produced by a Twitter user using the handle…#Moloch.

Beck wrote a Dan Brown-style airport thriller, The Eye of Moloch, exposing what the Molochite pedos in Washington were up to. By encouraging the genital mutilation of kids, the governing Demoncrats were “demanding our children as a sacrifice” to remain in power. Thus, when it came to future U.S. elections, “we’re no longer talking about issues of, you know, tax policies,” but about whether or not leftists should really be allowed to brainwash your teenage daughter into chopping her tits off and serving them up to Moloch on a silver platter, like they did with Ellen Page’s.

Camp Followers
In the Bible, God had three main pagan rivals for public worship, a trio of (Lily) Savage gods indeed:

(1) Moloch, cow-headed botherer of children.
(2) Baal (later Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies), who also loved seeing babies butchered.
(3) Ishtar, a divine whore whose cross-dressing priest/esses operated as sacred prostitutes in her name, making the crops grow via fertility-boosting sex magic.

If this original Unholy Trinity have each returned, humanity really is in trouble: Extreme acts of underage homosexuality will soon be compulsory for all, like at Eton. Fortunately, Jehovah Himself has once again sent us down a favored Son to save us all from sin—not Jesus of Nazareth this time, but St. Donald of Trump Tower.

This is the opinion of Minister/Rabbi Jonathan David Cahn, a Messianic Jewish-Christian whose 2017 book of prophecy The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times claimed Trump’s rise to the Oval Office had been foretold by the Holy Bible.

Born to a family of New York Jews, Cahn underwent a Near-Death Experience at age 20, converting him to Christianity…sort of. Accepting Jesus as the Messiah, but a Jewish one, he established the Beth Israel Worship Center in New Jersey, aided by “a mysterious American Indian” named Wahoo who gave him $150,000 at the behest of God Himself—Wahoo! indeed. On some days the Worship Center calls itself a church, on others a synagogue, the very building being bi-religious.

For Cahn, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the current incarnations of Ahab and Jezebel, a wicked king and queen of Israel who worshipped Baal. Jezebel was such a notorious makeup-caked slapper, the very phrase “painted Jezebel” was born from her name. Essentially, she was an avatar of Ishtar, as trans-friendly Hillary must also be today (“Hillary” can be either a man’s or a woman’s name, do note).

However, the land was saved by the brave Hebrew warrior-king Jehu, who drove the diabolical political power-couple out and so set Israel free from idolatry. This hero was an earlier embodiment of Donald J(ehu) Trump.

What Jehu did for Israelites back then, Donald would do for Americans today, said Cahn. When Trump famously promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington, he really meant he would cast out Ahab and Jezebel’s contemporary rainbow-flagged idols of Baal, Ishtar, and Moloch.

Cahn’s basic thesis, revealed in his 2022 book The Return of the Gods, is as follows. Until the end of the 1950s, the still-Judeo-Christian USA was a benign, God-fearing land of men with penises, women with vaginas, and priests and nuns with neither.

Then the degenerate 1960s were born, as Baal suddenly reappeared on Earth, exploiting postwar material prosperity to lead complacent Apple Pie Americans astray. Baal was god of apostasy, the Dark Deity who opened the spiritual door for his fellow Old Ones to follow him in through, like Yog-Sothoth in H.P. Lovecraft.

First through the Hell-Mouth was Ishtar, the gay goddess, who ushered in the sexual revolution, step by slutty step. First she facilitated feminism, tempting women out from the kitchen and making them want to be like men with their own independent careers, thereby breaking up families and homes and ruining the social structure.

Meanwhile, men were systematically feminized, their rough edges softened away to dispel so-called “toxic masculinity,” resulting in a weedy race of long-haired Walter the Softies, easy prey for future conversion to homosexuality. Cahn says Ishtar stole away men’s swords and replaced them with mirrors, all the better for them to apply lipstick with.

1960s counterculture promoted public drunkenness, drug addiction, pornography, sex outside marriage, and prostitution, leading to a tidal wave of unwanted pregnancies—thus enticing Moloch back from his slumber too.

After so long away, Moloch was hungry, so Ishtar had cooked him up a tasty feast fit for Trimalchio: plateful after plateful of delicious aborted fetuses, bred irresponsibly by 1960s acid casualties outside of holy wedlock. Slowly, America degenerated from a Christian nation into a pagan one, a gigantic orgy of Caligula.

Eddie Ishtard
Where and when did Ishtar first flounce fabulously back onto our Earth-plane? At New York’s Stonewall Inn in 1969, where a historic riot famously occurred when the gay bar in question was raided by policemen hoping to arrest themselves some deviants.

However, at the instigation of a rabble-rousing female hooker named Stormé—Ishtar, also goddess of storms, in disguise—the gays rebelled, suddenly performing bizarre ritual dances in Ishtar’s honor, acting all girly and singing camp improvised lyrics like “We’re the Stonewall Girls/We wear our hair in curls!” Then, like many a testosterone-fueled TERF-beater today, the “girls” abruptly became more classically mannish, beating up the cops and demanding their right to wield their own pink truncheons as they pleased.

The gays had become possessed by the ancient spirits of the kezertu, or “lovely-locks,” dancing girls who served in Ishtar’s temples, singing, playing music, and selling themselves to all-comers. Stonewall was an inn, so served alcohol, and Ishtar was also goddess of wine and taverns, so it made sense she would return in a gay bar—especially the Stonewall Inn, an alleged front for prostitution and drag queens (Cahn suggests “Drag Queen Story Hour” is itself a mere front for “Ishtar Story Hour”).

Ishtar was furthermore goddess of gates (like her own hellish vagina), hence Babylon’s celebrated Gate of Ishtar, and New York, as the nation’s main Atlantic port, was known as the gateway to America. She is also associated with walls: in the ancient text The Epic of Gilgamesh, Ishtar stands on the protective wall of the Sumerian city of Uruk, calling down destruction upon it. In 1969, she mounted a different type of Stonewall, summoning gay doom upon New York likewise. Uncannily, Cahn speculates, the wall of Uruk may have been made of bricks—and so was the Stonewall Inn!

Equally eerie, in the Epic, the hero Gilgamesh insults Ishtar by comparing her to a misshapen stone “that buckles out the stone wall.” Furthermore, Ishtar, in her gender-bending masculine guise as goddess of war, was sometimes dubbed “The Lioness,” explaining not only why the England women’s soccer team is so full of lesbians, but why the rival bar next to Stonewall was named The Lion’s Head. When riding into battle, Ishtar would raise a sword bearing just such a leonine motif to indicate the fight was now underway—as was the 1960s fight to queer America’s soul.

After Stonewall, shameless sodomites got together to organize gay parades every June, marking the anniversary of the riot. Cahn points out that June (generally) marked the ancient month of Tammuz, when Ishtar’s armies would likewise march in big gay glory through the streets, putting their privates on parade in displays of public perversion and open cross-dressing. Even the gays’ chosen rainbow flag was stolen from Ishtar, goddess of rainbows, who could transform into one to travel across the sky in super-quick fashion to smite her foes.

Bummer of Love
Furthermore, Cahn discovered the police warrant to raid the Stonewall Inn was issued on 26 June 1969, which corresponded to the tenth day of Tammuz, when a spell sacred to Ishtar was traditionally recited intended to cause “a man to love a man.”

The Stonewall Riots were thus a gigantic disguised ritual of Ishtar, designed to magically summon Elton John into our unsuspecting world. When gay marriage was fully legalized across America in 2015 by the Supreme Court of Satan, it also occurred on 26 June—the very date this article too is being published, to mark the end of Annual Excessive Gay Pride Month. So, there you have it: Gay Pride is literally satanic, the historical FACTS prove it.

I can’t say I literally believe Pastor/Rabbi Cahn’s demonic thesis (Takimag recently provided a more plausible interpretation of all matters Moloch here), but it functions perfectly well as a metaphor for the homo insanity going on around us at present, just like the 2019 Babylon Bee story about Moloch did. It’s no more mental than the idea women can have penises, is it?

Anyway, I’m already on record personally as saying the true ancient androgynous god behind today’s transgenderism is actually the Greek Hermes…


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