March 25, 2010

While you were sleeping, more women were claiming they”€™ve slept with Sandra Bullock’s (hopefully soon-to-be ex) husband Jesse James, and although his mistress count hasn”€™t reached a Tiger-level of absurdity, things don”€™t look good for the “€œVanilla Gorilla.”€ First, the overly tattooed Michelle “€œBombshell”€ McGee spoke about their 11-month affair and the world saw her dressed in full-on Nazi regalia, then blond stripper Melissa Smith told Star magazine typically classy Jesse contacted her via MySpace to kick off their two-year affair. Now photographer Brigitte Daguerre claims she also had sex with Jesse four times and saved all 195 of his texts as proof. Rumors have surfaced that Sandra was interviewing divorce lawyers, but how many women will it take for her to dump the bad boy for good? Because Playgirl knows Jesse won”€™t be getting any money from his Oscar-winning wife, they”€™ve offered him half a million dollars to pose nude in a “€œcircus-themed freak show”€ setting. In other affair news, a source told Us Weekly that isn”€™t wasn”€™t all strippers and waitresses for Tiger Woods“€”the golfer dated a teenaged LeAnn Rimes before she met (and later cheated on) husband Dean Sheremet.  

Grab the boxing gloves for the latest in celebrity feuds: Squeaky-clean Donny Osmond has a big problem with Lady Gaga’s prison-themed “€œTelephone”€ video and its “€œsexual exploitation and graphic violence.”€ Gaga hasn”€™t responded to the former teen idol’s rants”€”she’s too busy counter-suing ex-producer Rob Fusari (who filed a $30 million suit against her) for taking advantage of an “€œinexperienced performing artist.”€ Earlier this week, Avatar‘s James Cameron made another enemy when the prickly director called Fox News poster boy Glenn Beck “€œdangerous”€ and a “€œf—-ing asshole.”€ (Beck called Cameron “€œthe Antichrist”€ three years ago.) Beck responded on his show by donning 3-D glasses and calling the most successful film of all time “€œa Smurf-murdering movie.”€ Round one goes to Jimmy. And Akon has pissed off an entire country”€”the singer is banned from Sri Lanka after starring in a too-sexy music video (appropriately called “€œSexy Bitch”€) that featured a Buddha statue. 

Don”€™t tell Angie: Brad Pitt said he’s growing his scraggly beard out of “€œboredom.”€ Someone get that man a film role, or even a seventh kid. Photos of Angelina Jolie from her young modeling days are up for auction on Friday, and even at 15 years old, there’s no mistaking those signature lips. The polarizing Katherine Heigl is probably the first cast member to exit Grey’s Anatomy not on the heels of controversy. She says she’s leaving to focus on her new baby. Emma Thompson brought a hot date to the premiere of her Nanny McPhee sequel”€”a very well-behaved pig who trudged along the red carpet, hopefully far from the prying eyes of PETA. Less polite, apparently, is hothead Ed Westwick. While at a New York restaurant, the Gossip Girl rascal was so offended by someone taking photos, he had him kicked out, despite the camera never being aimed his way. Those wanting to see Jack and Karen from Will & Grace sort of reunited will have fire up the DVDs instead of heading to Broadway. Megan Mullally has dropped out of the comedy Lips Together, Teeth Apart, reportedly over drama with the show’s director. But Sean Hayes is still hitting the stage in Promises, Promises opening April 25.

Dennis Hopper is still trying desperately to end his 14-year marriage, and his lawyer said the Easy Rider star, who is down to 100 pounds and had to stop undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer, is too ill to be questioned by attorneys. Naomi Campbell won”€™t be outdone by anyone”€”the feisty supermodel is turning 40 in May, and her billionaire boyfriend (who some call “€œThe Donald Trump of Moscow”€ minus the hair) plans on throwing her a lavish party, surely stuffed wall-to-wall with celebrities and abused underlings. Lindsay Lohan‘s recent night out ended with her tripping and falling into a cactus, and the boozy star is blaming the paparazzi for pushing her. Somehow, that couldn”€™t be less surprising or, somehow, fitting. The First Family is taking advantage of spring break by ditching DC for NY”€”Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama have toured Brooklyn, trekked to Harlem, and went to the Great White Way to take in The Addams Family and Memphis. And in terrifying news, Amy Winehouse has taken to tweeting about wanting a machete. Get thee to rehab, stat.


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