December 07, 2015

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Who said that African-Americans lack initiative? It was obviously a fool, and a racist to boot. White folks never came up with terrific initiatives such as speech codes, political correctness, and boycotting speakers you don”€™t like. Well, maybe some white folks did, mostly Jewish intellectuals on the far left. But our black brethren sure caught up fast. They now control more than three dozen American campuses, disrupting student life with a very long list of demands. Fascism lives on at American campuses, although these modern fascists lack the sartorial brilliance of Benito’s mobs.
It started with a swastika applied to a bathroom wall at the University of Missouri. I happen to be a betting man, and if I had to wager on this one, it would be 2″€“1 that the painter was a provocateur. As well as a winner, because he or she got their wish: Both the president of the university and its chairman resigned after a few football players threatened not to play and extend their losing streak. Lesson No. 1: Paint a swastika or write the N-word and the nation’s media, starting with The New York Times, will genuflect and carry your message far and wide.

“€œPaint a swastika or write the N-word and the nation’s media, starting with The New York Times, will genuflect and carry your message far and wide.”€

Missouri’s student president, Payton Head, is a black gay man from Chicago. If bigotry is prevalent, how come he got elected from a student body 77 percent white and overwhelmingly heterosexual? Don”€™t bother trying to figure it out, most protests have Barack Obama’s blessings. He’s encouraging and bankrolling a nonstop riot against invented slights and insults. (Organizing for Action is a well-funded group that mobilizes college protesters.) The media are having a field day, pointing fingers at racist killer cops, as permanent protesters call them, but when a pregnant white woman”€”wife of a minister”€”was murdered in Indiana by two black thugs, none of the major networks, and certainly not The New York Times, reported it.
As everyone knows, chronic social irritation can do lasting damage to the fabric of a nation. By falsely and constantly accusing people of racism, homophobia, and Islamophobia, the agitators have created hatreds that weren”€™t there previously. The mayor of New York, a real know-nothing by the name of de Blasio, suggested names such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Calhoun be changed on public buildings or bridges, and definitely in places of higher education.
Protest as a way of life sounds weird, unless, of course, one is a Palestinian whose home on the West Bank was seized by force of arms by the Israelis. Fifty years under occupation does concentrate the mind and hardens one’s resolve. If I were a Palestinian living under Israeli rule I certainly would be a protester. But are American protesters living under an occupation? Looking at the news or reading the newspapers, a visiting Martian would certainly think so. But it is the thickening of thought, the coarsening of argument, and the deterioration of language of American protesters that I find so depressing. At Columbia University a student wearing a T-shirt with the words “€œKill White Supremacy”€ chanted, “€œI love black people who steal,”€ and “€œI love black criminals.”€


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