May 09, 2023

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Call it prescience…or bad timing. The moment I finished last week’s column, Pew released a poll proving my point about the difference between 1970s urban blight and that of the present; how it comes down to optimism back then (the belief that “the powers that be” opposed the rot) vs. pessimism today (a belief that the rot’s intentional).

Pew respondents were asked if they thought things were better in 1973 compared with 2023, and the majority said yes. The overwhelming majority of whites, especially, said they’re pessimistic about the present.

What caught my interest was not the poll results, but how leftists greeted them: How dare Americans be downbeat when things in this amazing progressive nation are so wonderful.

“You won the canon! Whites are evil, and surgical alteration of children is natural and needed.”

Why aren’t the commoners grateful?

Former Atlantic editor Ben Carlson called the poll “stunning” and “not an objective measure of quality of life…. Plenty of economic data would suggest we’re much better off as a society.”

Responding to Carlson, CIA spook and MSNBC hack John Sipher snorted, “To be fair, lots of people aren’t very smart,” to which Carlson replied, “True—but I’m not sure smart people are immune to nostalgia.”

So the current pessimism is just stupidity or nostalgia. Because “the science is settled”; things are better now, so why aren’t you idiots happy?

This fascinates me, because surely the pessimism should be expected by those who’ve done everything in their power to make white Americans pessimistic.

One of my recurring themes is, “What did you think would happen?”

As in, “You did X, and people responded Y. What else were you expecting?”

I pose this to MAGAs all the time. “You violently stormed the Capitol and in response you were vilified and prosecuted. Why does that puzzle you?”

“You broke through a window as a cop was pointing a gun saying, ‘Don’t break through that window,’ and you got shot. You look shocked. Why?”

Dismissing cause and effect, action and consequence, like a ghetto thug.

“All I wuz doin’ wuz robbin’ him and he shot me. Why dat happen?”

When MAGAs and ghetto thugs act like the expected is unexpected, I understand. People who feel they have no control over life (MAGAs blame “the deep state,” ghetto thugs blame “the man”) get so immersed in self-pity, in seeing themselves as pawns, they stop believing their actions have consequences. They see only “things done to me,” not “things I do to others.”

But high-profile leftists? Why are they surprised—why aren’t they pleased—that whites are so pessimistic? Isn’t that the expected result? Isn’t that the point?

There are two kinds of bullies—the ones who want you to fear them, and the ones who want you to appreciate them. The former take pleasure in seeing you terrorized. They don’t want you to feign happiness; the goal is to see you sad.

The latter are far more of a mindfuck. It’s the sadism of the abusive spouse. “I’m beating you for your own good, to make you better, to make our household better. Admit it, when you follow my orders everything turns out great. Admit it…I said fucking admit it, you cunt. Show me how fucking happy you are, how you acknowledge that my absolute control over you is beneficial, or I’ll beat you worse.”

Don’t be that kind of bully, leftists. Take the W. You’re getting your way…let the people you’re bullying be sad. Whites in America can’t look in any direction without being reminded how much they suck. How their history sucks. How every bad thing in the world is because of them, and how amazing things would be if they ceased to exist.

So yeah, whites are feelin’ a little down. Let ’em. The left’s won on the race issue; nobody in mainstream politics will ever defend whites as whites, and what passes for “white resistance” on the fringe is a collection of con men, pedos, perverts, maniacs, and idiots.

Be magnanimous in victory, leftists. Of course whites are overwhelmingly pessimistic. Aren’t you the ones who always talk about how oppressive it is when a man tells a woman on the street to smile? Okay, then. Don’t tell whites to smile. You do the smiling.

Because indeed, leftists should marvel at what they’ve accomplished with shockingly little resistance.

“Children are born without a known gender; the doctor makes a guess. Every child must then be guided by adults to discover their gender, at which time it’s up to medical specialists to alter the child’s hormones, surgically remove the child’s penis and mold it into a vagina, or, conversely, surgically remove the child’s breasts and create a penis out of a vagina, and only then will the child be as nature intended. Alone among the creatures of the earth, human children cannot develop—indeed cannot survive—without surgical alteration, and this is perfectly natural, like baby teeth falling out.”

How can leftists not be in absolute awe that they’ve succeeded in making this societal canon? Untouchable canon; if you dare to question it, you’re attacked as a murderer. You’re not just wrong, but genocidal. You can even be a leftist icon, J.K. Rowling, hell, Dee Snider, and one word of doubt about the canon, you’re banished.

Has anything this batshit ever become as accepted (by government, academia, and private industry) and as enforced as orthodoxy in so short a period of time?

It’s an astounding achievement.

I guess I spend too much time around rightists, the people losing the culture. Because I can’t grasp why leftists aren’t dancing in the streets in unbridled joy and pride at their accomplishments.

But no. They want us to act happy, too.

Well, that’s just being a dick.

It’s also very (and I hate using this term because it’s the low-IQ rightist’s go-to accusation) communist. Communists always had to brainwash. Nazis, on the other hand, believers in genetic determinism that they were, just killed ya. And you can argue which is less humane—slow brainwashing or quick death. But brainwashing only goes so far, whereas killing is forever (a graduate of a communist reeducation camp could always revert, whereas the Jews sent to Treblinka were gone for good). In the end, if you can’t kill, you have to move beyond brainwashing.

So my advice to leftists is, ease up. Let folks be sad. Don’t force everyone to say, “It’s good that you did that—real good,” whenever you turn some child into a freakish monstrosity, whenever you force whites to debase themselves in order to earn a living, whenever you celebrate the newest bestseller or Netflix show about how amazing the world would be without whites.

You won the canon! Whites are evil, and surgical alteration of children is natural and needed. Sure, part of your victory lies in the absolute incompetence and inability of the right to mount any decent opposition. But still, a win’s a win.

Don’t be upset when something like the Pew poll indicates that the peons are unhappy. Things are likely at the point now where your canon will continue whether everyone’s happy about it or not (in other words, you’re probably past the “this is great” phase of convincing people that the new way is good; I think you’ve reached the “this is” phase, where the new way is simply here, like it or not).

Whites are cowed. They’ll have no mainstream advocates, and their fringe advocates will continue to be revolting embarrassments. Like Jews affecting a public vs. private persona after the Inquisition, whites with pride will learn to keep it in the privacy of their home. And as the years go on, whites, already heavily susceptible to “Yer a bet’ah man than I am Ungo Bungo” sentimentalism, will just kind of accept the lower post, at least publicly.

And with trannyism, it’s becoming less and less needed to enforce the orthodoxy at gunpoint; the mania’s got its own forward momentum. Trannyism is proving convenient, even valuable, to parents. I noticed this while watching videos of parents last week at the Louisiana House of Representatives during the debate over trans surgery for minors. One after another, parents were like, “Now I know why my child was acting up! Now I know why they wouldn’t eat properly, why they wouldn’t behave!”

Trannyism has taken a normal dynamic (kids give parents grief; parents become exasperated and embarrassed by their perceived failures) and created a new, noble reason for an old problem: “My child is not ‘bad,’ my child is not ‘stupid,’ and I’m not a failed parent. My child’s been living in an unnatural state! Once the doctors unlock the true gender with their scalpels, all will be well!”

Trannyism means you’re not a lousy parent and your kid isn’t genetic detritus; you’re a hero on a crusade to save your child from a society that until now was based on the lie that kids don’t need genital surgery to be their natural, healthy, whole self.

If trannyism has staying power, it’ll be because the tranny worldview provides parents a scapegoat…and false hope.

That’s the thing about any new canon; it can’t just be the result of brainwashing. It has to be useful for a certain number of people. That’s how it becomes self-sustaining and self-propagating.

Sure, as whites continue to be victimized by nonwhite criminals who go unpunished, there’ll be some carping. But think of it this way. In the “olden days,” when Jamarcus raped and killed your wife and he went to death row, what was in it for you except a sense of justice?

How hollow. Yeah, maybe you got “closure,” but you can’t pay bills with closure. Today, if you don’t get angry, if you don’t speak ill of Jamarcus, indeed, if you don’t insist on his incarceration, if you just let it go, you can get a nice payoff from GoFundMe. GoFundMe won’t let racists use the site, but if you just play ball, you can turn your tragic loss into cold hard cash!

Don’t you think your late wife would want you to get that $200,000 payoff from her death? Just say, “Susan would’ve insisted that Jamarcus go free because nothing was more important to her than anti-racism,” and Joy Reid herself might tweet your fundraiser! In the old “tough on crime” days, you got “justice.” Today, you can put a down payment on a new house…in Susan’s honor!

In the end, you’ll go along with the new canon not because of brainwashing but because it’s in your best interest.

That’s always how these things go.

That’s why there’s not much value in that Pew poll, or in kvetching about it if you’re on the left.

Yeah, people are sad about the current state of things. No, that probably won’t change the current state of things (especially if Trump clinches the nom and loses to Biden again. By that point, the cultural concrete might’ve hardened beyond any political solution).

Americans are mourning; give ’em space.

They’ll get over it.


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