August 22, 2017

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Keep holding rallies like this, keep ringing the dinner bell for costume-wearing fashy-haircut losers, and I’m sure we’ll see how much worse the crimes, and the repercussions, can get.

And lest I be misunderstood, I want to stress that I have no concern for what happens to the nuts on the racist, fashy right. But the blowback from their escapades has the power to affect a lot of other people and damage a lot of legitimate causes. By all means, let the loons demonstrate. The problem in Charlottesville was that the event gained publicity and credibility because too many non-fashy fence-dwelling rightists showed up to take part or at least dip their feet in as “observers.” “The leftist ‘fake news’ media lies so much, maybe they lie about these sieg heilers and white-hooders. Maybe these guys aren’t that bad.”

Yes, they are that bad. Look, I’m all in favor of expanding the Overton window. It’s what I try to do every week in this column. But let’s not open it so wide that Eric Clapton starts writing memorial songs about us. The anti-SJW right needs to be discerning. Some of us have been unjustly held hostage by the left’s “Nazi” slur for so long that we seem to have developed Stockholm syndrome. Nazis, Klansmen, and other race-hating radicals are not “misunderstood.” They’re not “victims of MSM lies.” They’re poison, and justifiably so, because they represent very bad things. That doesn’t mean we should go all Ben Shapiro and start screaming Nazi at anyone who is willing to talk about race or criticize the actions of blacks or Jews as a group. It means we should be discerning. Ben Shapiro is not discerning. Neither is Faith Goldy, who wanted to have one foot in the Rebel and the other in the Daily Stormer. She wanted to be part of serious, intellectual discourse regarding immigration, Muslims, race, and the perils of the SJW left, but she also thought it would be fun to toy around with the goose-steppers and the “gas the kikes and niggers” crowd.

Didn’t work out, did it? Nor should it have.

With all the “naughty fun” some folks on the right have been having recently, getting into street brawls with commies and rubbing elbows with swastika-clad “bad boys,” I’d like to remind everyone that the right is currently getting its ass kicked on the whole Confederate-statue thing. The SJWs are winning that one hands down; every day, more statues bite the dust. This is the kind of fight that matters (as opposed to based Spencerians and woke Antifas beating each other with sticks like chimps in the wild), and as of this moment it’s a severe thrashing with the right on the losing end.

Grotesque spectacles like Unite the Right only end up making things worse. By taking part in that kind of nonsense, rightists only intensify the beatdown they’re receiving in the battle to keep historically and culturally significant art from being erased from the public square. In a way, they become complicit in their own ass-whuppin’.

A wise bully once asked, “Why are you hitting yourself?”

Why indeed.


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