This is what happens when our most vulnerable are subjected to their own dogma, but this suicidal naïveté isn”€™t reserved for women. In 2013, climate-change professor Chris Turney led a “€œship of fools“€ into the Antarctic where they would plow through a thin layer of ice and prove how tropical the top of the world has become. As Mark Steyn points out in Climate Change: The Facts, they quickly got stuck in ice that’s been there since time immemorial. The ice was so thick, in fact, the fools (journalists, environmentalists, and Turney’s family) had to be rescued by helicopter, leaving the ship’s crew to play cards down below and wait for spring.

We see this again and again with the left. Letting them run the show is like when I have “€œkids day”€ at home and let my children do whatever they want. They inevitably eat candy until they”€™re sick and stay up all night watching movies. The next day sucks as I have to get them on their feet after no sleep and try to feed them back to health. We do it once a year and they never learn.

Liberals hate power and control, but what they don”€™t understand is, if it’s not us, it’s someone worse. I”€™m not just talking about Sharia law or Bernie’s socialist dystopia. Liberals are dangerous to themselves. We let them pretend gender doesn”€™t exist and the next thing you know, children are being fed hormones to prevent puberty and so many men are having their dicks cut off, we get a suicide epidemic. When a teenage boy kills himself allegedly because he can”€™t get a sex change, the parents are accused of murder and harassed so much they can”€™t hold a funeral.

The petulance of the left is based on Daddy issues and getting rid of Daddy only makes it worse. This is why Trump is so popular right now. Obama is Pippa Bacca. We let him run the show for seven years and he left America naked and strangled in a ditch. Trump isn”€™t popular because of his policies or his record in politics. He’s popular because he reminds us of Dad after “€œkids day.”€ Nobody got any sleep these past two terms and we consumed nothing but cultural junk food. We need a patriarch to rein it in.


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