October 17, 2023

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Told ya.

From the beginning of the “Groyper movement” and the ascension of Nick Fuentes’ Nazibois, I’ve been warning rightists to be wary of those loons.

My advice was rejected. Many times I had private convos with well-known MAGAs who told me, “Look, I know these guys are wacky when it comes to Jews, and they have a weird obsession with the Holocaust, but they’re with us on immigration, and we need their youthful energy.”

And my response was always the same: You can’t control crazy. You think you can—“We’ll keep ’em leashed”—but you can’t. I’ve been dealing with the far-far-right for 35 years; I know what I’m talking about. Their worldview is different from yours. You can’t ask people who think Jews control all human events to suppress that belief.

Eventually, it’ll show itself. As it’s doing now regarding Israel/Gaza.

Last week, as I was following a Twitter thread in which Trump Jr. was battling it out with a Holocaust-denying Unz author, I damn near cried, so beautiful was the sight. Junior was trying to express sympathy for the 1,300 Israelis slaughtered by Hamas, and the Unz zealot was attacking him for falling for “Jew conspiracies” and how nothing will ever improve for the West until the “Holohoax” is “debunked.” Soon Fuentes acolytes piled on, and it was magnificent, because only last week I wrote about how those psychos think Holocaust denial is the key to “saving the West,” and here it was, playing out in real time on Don Jr.’s Twitter.

Some of you thought you could mobilize the Groypers to bully border weaklings and it would stop there, that these trolls could be reined in. But they can’t. Didn’t it tip you off that when the Groypers were harassing Charlie Kirk about the border they were also harassing him about Jews? Did you really think that once Kirk came around on the foolishness of “staple green cards to diplomas,” the frog people would forget their main obsession?

Say you’re a Christian pastor who ministers to alcoholics. And you team up with a Scientologist (Scientology bans the consumption of alcohol prior to “auditing” sessions). Yes, you’re both technically on the same side, but briefly and for different reasons. How long before your Jesus worldview clashes with Thetan McGee and his “Xenu” worldview?

“In the end, the right Alinsky’d itself.”

After I saw that Don Jr. thread, I perused the threads of other “mainstream MAGAs” in Congress and state government, and as each tried to express sympathy for the Jewish terror victims, each was pilloried by their own followers—Groypers, Fuentes fans, Unz people—about how the “terrorism attack” was a false flag but even if it were real the Jews deserved it (if you’re unfamiliar with Holocaust denial tropes, No. 1 is “The Holocaust didn’t happen but it should’ve,” which is their version of the leftist “They’re not banning gas stoves but it’s a good thing they are”).

Reasonable rightists may try to take perfectly defensible positions like “I support Israel but the U.S. should stay out of the Middle East and foreign aid should be used at home,” but to the Groypers and Unzians, those are half measures, “cucking.” Jews are the big bad; they must be defeated, and their “Holohoax” debunked, to save the West.

These are the Gentile golems. One of my most well-known pieces, the one that led to a judicial investigation in 2019, involved the Jewish legend of the golem, a mud monster created by Jews to defeat their foes. Several of my fans noticed an op-ed in last week’s Washington Post in which some leftist Jew putz called for “new golems” to fight anti-Semitism. As my readers correctly noted, the schmuck left out the key part of the story, which is that the golem always ends up turning on its creator (amazing that I, a despised Jewish pariah, must correct a WaPo “establishment” Jew on such venerable Hebraic lore).

In my 2019 piece, I pointed out that pro-immigration Jews, with their irrational fear of Christendom, had imported “foreign mud” golems, like Ilhan Omar and the Somalis and other ungamabungas who were calculatedly thrust upon white cities, as a buffer against “white supremacy.”

But of course, the golems turned on the Jews, and the “buffers” have seen to it that “destroy apartheid Israel” is now heard in the halls of Congress, a notion unthinkable in AIPAC’s heyday.

Here’s the irony: To combat the foreign mud, GOP MAGAs activated golems of their own: Nazibois, Holocaust deniers, the “based-of-the-based” whose fervor and fanaticism could be used to defeat not only the oogaboogas and their “Jewish overlords,” but the weak-willed “never be racist” GOP establishment.

And now the Gentile golems are turning on their creators.

But that ain’t even the funny part. Turns out the Jew-created golems and the MAGA-created golems are natural allies. Jews imported the foreign mud as a bulwark against “Nazis,” and MAGAs empowered Nazis to fight against the foreign mud, and now it turns out that the Nazis and the foreign mud are on the exact same side regarding the Israel/Hamas war, because they share the same worldview: The Jews and their Holohoax must be defeated.

There’s not a whiff of difference between what the Groypers are tweeting and what the Omar/Tlaib “Squad” members and the Harvard “immigrant students of color” coalition members are tweeting.

Because at the end of the day, people are united more by worldview than skin tone. If you genuinely believe that Jews are responsible for all evil on earth, and the Holocaust was a hoax engineered to simultaneously destroy the West and conquer/enslave the Palestinians, you’ll ally with others who feel the same way. Yes, the Groypers were happy to ally with mainstream GOPs regarding a wall, but that’s seen by the frog folk as a band-aid solution. Defeating the Jews is the ultimate solution, so in the end the Groypers will prefer to hook up with ungabungas who also hate Jews and deny the Holocaust, and mark my words, eventually we’ll see the MAGA fringe cheering Trump for not building the wall because it allowed in all these amazing soldiers-of-color to challenge Jew power.

Think I’m kidding? Did you check out Fuentes’ last “America First” conference? Nothin’ but him championing immigrant “people of color” who oppose the Jews. Give Fuentes the choice between an old-stock Scandinavian family in Minnesota that supports Israel and an imported Minnesotan ali-akbar who wants Jews dead, he’ll choose the latter.

Sorry that the Hispanic guy who idolizes a Germany-first maniac who declared war on America isn’t as “America first” as you thought.

Unz, especially, is totally cool with Third World immigration. His deal is, end the Jews! And he’s willing to brown the nation to do it (that’ll show ’em!).

It’s a stunning sight: Jews and rightists attacked by their own golems over Israel/Gaza. To quote Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men, if it ain’t a mess, it’ll do till the mess gets here.

So I’ll end with a palate cleanser. What most blue-collar white voters (GOP and independent) want is just a return to what we already had in the mid-1990s, when even blue California passed, by a landslide, the most balls-out immigration restrictionist measure at the time, and “three strikes” to stop black criminals. When Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden talked about closing the borders and imprisoning “black superpredators” for life, when Bill Clinton worked with Newt Gingrich to gut black welfare programs and tell Dasheeka to get her ass a job and stop having babies.

See, we had that. We had what you want now. And we had it without having to heil Hitler or deny the Holocaust. How did some of you get it in your heads that the only way to reclaim those things is to go the Hitler/Holohoax route? To empower young idiots who seize a mainstream message and make it less appealing to the mainstream?

In the history of American politics, that might be the stupidest move ever.

But I don’t ask rhetorical “qwestchins.” Here’s how it happened: After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of disarmament as an election issue, U.S. leftists rebranded as anti-racist (conservatives are incapable of such rebranding; to this day they still call everyone they dislike “commies”). The adoption by the left of “anti-racism” as its defining issue led to a defensive (and retarded) counterstrategy by Andrew Breitbart and his Fox cronies, who decided that the best response to leftist “anti-racism” was a dull-witted rejoinder of “No, you’re the real racists, and we’ll ignore Third World immigration, black crime, and affirmative action just to prove that we’re not the racists you say we are” (hence Gingrich trading “Close that vagina, Laquanda” for “Laquanda must be allowed eternal shoplifting privileges!”).

Breitbartism, which inadvertently helped make “Don’t be racist” the defining issue of American politics, inevitably led to a rebellion from rightists tired of having to be defined by “anti-racism.” Hence Trump 2016, who dared to talk about Third World criminal immigrants. Trump ’16 took GOPs and independents back to 1994. He wasn’t innovating; he was rolling back Breitbartism. And that 1994 message resonated enough with blue-collar whites to win Trump the swing states.

But even as Trump would eventually prove Breitbartian at heart (“I’m the least racist president ever! I’m releasing black criminals by the thousands!”), children like Fuentes, who never knew 1994 and who were of the first social media generation, thought that the best way to “help” was to go “based-er,” because they mistakenly believed that Trump won because he “expanded the Overton window,” so they were like, “Let’s expand it further!”

In their youthful ignorance they didn’t get that Trump 2016 didn’t “expand” anything; he just returned to a previous (and in the big picture, fairly recent) norm where today’s far-right wish list (closed border, illegals hunted and deported, black crime punished, nonwhite welfare babies discouraged) was a reality, and Hitler and Holocaust denial and cartoon frogs and tiki torches and sieg heils played no role.

Rightists began to see their platform as fringe, so they made it fringe.

Nice job, geniuses.

Breitbart’s obsession was fighting the legacy of Saul Alinsky, the left-wing Jewish extremist whose “rules for radicals” dictated “marginalize your foes by painting them as weird and out of the mainstream.”

That led to Breitbart’s “We’re not racist, you are” fetish (he was trying to co-opt Alinsky by painting the Dems as “the real racists”), which led to a rebellion by politically incorrect young rightists who rejected that milquetoast approach, which led to a movement of young “based” fanatics who actually did make the right-wing weird and out of the mainstream (aided by a reality-detached loser ex-president who claims Moloch “stoll” his election).

Breitbart, Romney, McCain, all those guys who thought the best way to not be Alinsky’d was to be as inoffensive as possible, caused a reaction in which young rightists rebelled and embraced the fringiest of ideas.

In the end, the right Alinsky’d itself.

Tragedy or farce?

Probably both.


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