April 17, 2012

We are facing another US presidential election. The two candidates have been picked, most likely by hand. It is depressing how fast these contests come around and how similar and pointless they have become. It seems like only yesterday I was recovering from the 2008 campaign between Senators Obama and McCain. And now the game has started all over again. Why?

I came across an unpublished essay I wrote entitled “Agog with Politics.” It is a fragment from November 2008 that was never submitted for publication. So little has changed between then and now. We are going through the same expensive process, this time between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Does it matter who wins? Aside from the winner himself and his extended entourage, the outcome will make little or no difference to the citizenry at-large.

Agog with Politics
(November 16, 2008)

The first billion-dollar presidential campaign is over. It came down to Barack “Slippery” Obama v. John “Crackbrain” McNasty in a quest to become the nominal leader of Ex America II, the lone surviving “superpower.”

“€œWe are going through the same expensive process, this time between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Does it matter who wins?”€

I no longer refer to this country as “€œAmerica.”€ I call it “€œEx America II”€ in light of the fact that the North American republic of 1789 is no more. It was obliterated by the bloodbath variously called “the Civil War,” “the War Between the States,” or by my Southern diehard friends, “the War of Northern Aggression.” The last term is most accurate. The conflict commenced in 1861 when Lincoln decided to prevent the Southern states”€™ peaceful secession. Thus ended the republic of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, and along with it the US Constitution.

In its place came “€œEx America,”€ which lasted from 1865 until Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Big Brother regime in the 1930s. Since then, it’s been “€œEx America II.”€ It is a world of fear, fantasy, and force along the lines of Charles Beard’s “perpetual war for perpetual peace” and Henry Miller’s “air-conditioned nightmare.” I’m referring to World War II, the Cold War, and now Washington’s crowning achievement, GWOT, the “Global War on Terror.” GWOT is predicated upon an alleged all-consuming “clash of civilizations” between the West and a reawakened Islamic world. This is a contrived scenario, albeit widely accepted by the misinformed. 

This is supposedly why these two professional politicians, Barack O and McNasty, were fighting. It hardly mattered which of them won the prize. WEP would retain power. Whoever controls WEP stays in power. Status quo ante. More fear, more fantasy, more force and deception.

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