December 06, 2013

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

It wasn”€™t so long ago when being black in America was a crime. Rich white men with fancy educations controlled the lives of virtually every minority in the country. If the white patriarchy decided you were in the way, they made a call and the next thing you knew, you were out of a job. They regularly ruined the lives of gays, Jews, women, academics, and artists whose work they deemed offensive. They didn”€™t merely hate visible minorities; they didn”€™t want them to be born in the first place. They were especially hard on race mixers, presumably because these people were responsible for sullying the “€œperfect white race.”€

We like to pretend we live in a post-racial America, but despite having a black president, these forces of oppression still reign supreme. In fact, a brief glance at the top stories of the past couple of years shows that the exact same rich white fascists who were in control a generation or two ago are still the ones calling the shots today. The only difference is that they”€™re shooting from an entirely new angle.

“€œThough the Scarlet Letter has changed over the years, the victims are still the same.”€

Right now, a professor named Shannon Gibney”€”a lady of color”€”has been formally reprimanded simply for daring to speak out against the racist hegemony that has oppressed female black schoolteachers for the past 400 years. Rich white male students decided her lectures on “€œstructural racism”€ were racist, and before she could beg for forgiveness, her job was on the line. Like Mao, the Powers That Be recognize that knowledge is power and you can”€™t control a populace until you destroy those who hold the knowledge.

Val Rust is a professor at UCLA who focuses much of his time on “€œethnic issues in international perspective.”€ Just as his very existence would have annoyed the hegemony 100 years ago, he is seen as a pest today, so students accused him of racism and staged a sit-in hoping to get him fired. They claimed he was racist because he was strict about spelling and grammar, which are imperialist social constructs that unfairly target blacks…or something.

Naomi Schaefer Riley is an academic who specializes in education. She’s also a race mixer whose vagina has produced two nonwhite babies. This is no longer illegal, but the old guard still needs to punish her, so after she wrote an irrefutably solid article that mocked Black Studies, someone dropped a dime and her employment was terminated. 

Another race mixer who was forced out of his job is John Derbyshire. John married a Chinese woman and miscegenated with her twice. When he dared to warn his mixed-race children of a world that may be hostile to them, he lost his job.


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