August 18, 2011

I quipped in a column here a few months ago that the Pacific island nation of Niue may be the world’s first country to be completely emptied out by emigration.

As you were. I have a new candidate for the title: Somalia. Its current population is listed as 9.3 million, but it seems to me that number must be declining fast by emigration. In Britain, the USA, and the other Anglosphere nations, there seem to be Somalis all over.

Here’s one: Mr. Saeed Khaliif. I should actually have said “here’s ten,” as Mr. Khaliif has a wife and eight children. (Though eight is only our best estimate. No one seems to know the exact number.)

The Khaliifs arrived in Britain three years ago as refugees from Somalia. In their three years of residence, neither has had paid employment, nor have they learned to speak English. What they have mainly spent their time doing is gaming Britain’s welfare system. Most recently they have moved into a seven-bedroom house in tony West Hampstead—Emma Thompson lives nearby. The house is worth $3.2 million. Monthly rent—paid for by British taxpayers—is $13,000.

“Somalis and terrorism go together like Hindus and spelling bees.”

Here is another Somali, Mrs. Hailmo Bokh of Memphis, Tennessee. “Somalian Woman and 11 Kids Call Memphis Home,” reads the headline.

To America’s shame, Mrs. Bokh and her kids have not been given a seven-bedroom house in an upscale neighborhood, only a three-bedroom apartment in a middling neighborhood. Like the Khaliifs, though, the Bokhs will be fed, clothed, and educated courtesy of native taxpayers. “The Catholic Charities of West Tennessee…will help them get on their feet in Memphis,” says the news story, but that’s disingenuous since: (a) CCWT gets at least half its revenues from government grants (see Part VIII here); and (b) as soon as they can—a few months at most—CCWT hands off refugees to the general welfare system.

We learn that Mrs. Bokh’s husband is still in Africa. They hope to get him over here soon. Perhaps he could stop off in London on his way to pick up some tips from Saeed Khaliif about how to play the welfare system. That would have the Bokhs in a nice Beverly Hills mansion in no time.

The Bokhs are at least not as bereft of a work ethic as the Khaliifs. CCWT assures us that the eldest son, age 20, will get a job, one that’s “maybe menial in nature, but he will provide for the rest of the family.” Jolly good luck to him with that. The official unemployment rate in Shelby County (home to Memphis) is 11.1 percent.


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