July 08, 2015

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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Even Conservatism, Inc. is being forced along. Donor cruise-ship director Rich Lowry”€”that beta of beta males who has fired or shunned the best writers National Review once offered”€”concedes in the most popular piece on Politico that Trump has a point about the illegal aliens. The only other interesting candidate in 2016″€”Ted Cruz (a Latino, no less!)”€”seems to have taken Lowry’s cue and defended Trump from the La Raza lynch mobs. Revolutions are made of smaller things.

And while Jeb Bush pretends personal offense to The New York Times“€”he apparently married a woman willing to do the job that American women wouldn”€™t”€”he’s drawing attention to his wife’s own smuggling criminality. Columba Bush still doesn”€™t speak English.

There have been many jokes by the Twitteratti that Trump is the Chuck C. Johnson of politics. They”€™ve even joked that we might run on a ticket. I”€™m ineligible (for now), but I”€™d settle for press secretary. And failing that, I”€™d be happy to serve as a judge for any beauty contest should other, lesser men not want to do their duty. Have your people call my people, Mr. Trump.


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