July 23, 2015

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We bought several six-packs and drove around drunk. We were that special kind of drunk where you”€™re a better driver. We didn”€™t wear our seat belts and sped most of the way, tossing our cans out the window. Any cop who would have stopped us would have been looking for a payoff. Maybe that would have been some cash, but more likely it would have been a beer. We did as the natives do. After all, in Guatemala, there is no drinking age. Indeed there isn”€™t much of a legal limit in any of the Central American countries that send their excess people to the U.S.
And it shows. In 2013 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement let 36,000 illegal aliens out of its custody. Of the 87,000 criminal convictions committed by the aliens, 15,635 were for drunk driving. These are offenses that the U.S. government doesn”€™t consider “€œserious crimes.”€

Most of these crimes take place in sanctuary cities”€”that is, cities where the local government has given up enforcing the law. These sanctuary cities look like Latin America: a white upper class nominally in control while a brown, dumbed underclass services them while running on slave labor.

The old joke is, drive long enough in California and you”€™ll eventually end up in Mexico. In California”€”that sanctuary state”€”more than half of all new driver’s licenses were given to illegals. Out of the shadows and into the driver seats”€”and though they aren”€™t legally allowed to, onto the planes! Or, if you”€™re Jose Antonio Vargas”€”the illegal-immigrant host of White People“€”into the San Franciscan penthouse! How does MTV pay you if you”€™re an illegal immigrant anyways? And is he really doing the job Americans won”€™t do? What American wouldn”€™t host a TV show?

“€œOnce a young Guatemalan boy told me his father was in the U.S. When I asked where, he replied, “€˜San Quentin.”€™”€

Illegal-immigrant supporters love to talk about El Paso”€”home of the illegals and one of the safest cities in America. Perhaps El Paso has low crime, but even illegals know better than to shit where they sleep. For all the boosterism of El Paso by Rupert Murdoch, few of the Manhattan elite would be caught dead living there. Besides, El Paso has always had a low crime rate.

The white suburban middle class don”€™t get the benefit of cheap wages, but their kids suffer alongside the American-born, dumber illegal-immigrant children in school. Later the illegal immigrant will get scholarships to study some useless major while the white suburban college kid will become a slave to tens of thousands in college debt. It’s the circle of debt feeding resentment we”€™re not supposed to talk about. One in ten illegal immigrants are in L.A. County alone, but you”€™re not supposed to notice that the roads are more congested or think about the effect that a million more illegals has on the water table.

It might seem cruel to point out how dumb many of the Guatemalan illegals are. Most of them shed what little IQ they have by inbreeding among cousins and by having mothers who inhale carbon monoxide over a wood-burning stove. Still, it is dumb not to notice how dumb they are given how many of them there are. Jeb Bush, who married an illegal immigrant himself, did get it right: They are unusually fertile. In 1900 there were 885,000 Guatemalans. Today there are over 13 million. Guatemala’s population growth is among the highest in the Western Hemisphere. 

That’s probably because they start so young. The United Nations Population Fund estimates that in 2015 more than 550,000 Guatemalan girls will marry before they are 18, according to The New York Times. Officially the legal age for marriage is 14, but nobody much follows the laws in the Indian-dominated highlands. About 40 percent of Guatemala’s population have six or seven children per woman. There are endless villages where there are no young men; they”€™ve all gone north, usually after impregnating a woman or two. Once a young boy told me his father was in the U.S. When I asked where, he replied, “€œSan Quentin.”€ So much for family values! Prison isn”€™t something to be feared. And who would fear it when even murderers are released by the Yanquis?

The day before I arrived to visit my uncle, a mob had assembled and burned a suspected shoplifter alive in the public square. The stench of burned flesh hadn”€™t quite left the air. Being burned alive, though very common, isn”€™t the worst punishment in the Indian communities: Digging up your ancestors is. This is the world of the savages south of the border.


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