June 11, 2023

De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill

De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill

The Week’s Most Heavy Lossing, Cookie Tossing, and Betsy Rossing Headlines

Where are climate activists with paint cans when you need them?

The deification of blacks has turned into statuary rape.

Last week in the Netherlands, a thirteen-foot statue was erected outside Rotterdam Central Station. And who does the statue commemorate? Van Leeuwenhoek? Van Riebeeck? Van Patten (Dick or Tim)?

Nope! The statue depicts a saggy-boobed big-assed black girl in baggy sweatpants and Nikes.

Behold your superior, Squareheads! The Colossus of Rho-wanda.

And in Bexhill, U.K., a ten-foot statue of a big-assed black woman in a bathing suit overseeing the English Channel was christened, as a reminder to arriving refugees that “you must be this dark to collect welfare.” Sadly, the masterwork was defaced by vandals who don’t understand that only statues of whites can legally be desecrated these days. But the artist, Tschabalala Self (which sounds like two Ghanaians insulting each other: “Hey, Tschabalala you!” “Oh yeah? Tschabalala’self”), rounded up a squad of properly domesticated Brits to clean it within hours.

Heaven forbid that a statue of a large-posteriored Laqueda not look its best!

The Taliban may have destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, but our racial Talibans have deployed the Bahamian Booties.

When Thomas Price, the sculptor who “gifted” the Dutch with The Single Motherland Calls, was asked why none of these statues depict their subjects doing anything heroic, important, or even, as with Rodin’s masterwork, just sitting in deep, contemplative thought, Price replied, “I can only sculpt what I see.”

Price stated that his next work will be an oil painting, Food Descending a Staircase, depicting angry black women throwing a McDonald’s employee down a flight of stairs for serving cold fries.

You know the old saying…sometime you kill Anne Frank, and sometime Anne Frank kills you.

Last week in Virginia Beach, 34-year-old Michael Horwitz was arrested for fatally stabbing his father, a prominent dentist. Horwitz is a tranny who goes by the name “Menorah Horwitz” while performing as the drag community‘s “premiere Anne Frank impersonator.”

“How can you carjack a driverless car? How can you shoot in the head that which has no head?”

The fact that there are enough tranny drag Anne Franks that Horwitz feels the need to describe himself as the “premiere” one instead of the only one is cause enough for concern. If the world’s “premiere” tranny drag Anne Frank slaughtered his father, one can only shudder at what the lesser tranny drag Anne Franks are capable of.

The late father—Dr. Abbey Horwitz—was president of the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater, and right there you see the transphobia that obviously necessitated his demise. “He”-brew? How patriarchal. Surely Zhe-brew is more inclusive.

On his “Art of Dentistry” website, Dr. Horwitz wrote that he’s “the proud parent of three children, Michael, Shayna and Jonathan.”

Sadly, Michael didn’t reciprocate his dad’s pride this Pride Month.

Michael Horwitz, a.k.a. Tran Frank—the dentist’s son who put the “anal” in root canal and the “die” in diary. Perhaps even behind bars he can continue to serve as an inspiration to tranny Jews worldwide. As LGBTLMNOP groups pressure Target to bring back the “tuck-friendly” swimsuits that allow sexually confused boys to hide their penises, who better than Mikey Horwitz to serve as spokestransman for that clothing line? Swimsuits with a secret annex, to hide your Anne frank ’n’ beans.

Speaking of trannies, America’s most self-pitying bunch of victim-bullies may have met their match in the form of oily-haired apes who’ve had their asses kicked around the globe more times than the Jews, and who might just be L.A.’s last hope.

Throughout their history, Armenians have been conquered by the Byzantines, Romans, Turks, Arabs, Persians, and Russians. For some reason, this ethnic group that insists that all of its surnames rhyme with “Armenian” has been victimized again and again. It’s almost as if something gives Armenians away whenever they try to hide from their latest exterminator.

Unlike with Jews, when it comes to Armenians, Wikipedia doesn’t even bother with an “early life” section. You already know by the name.

But now these oft-conquered fur-coated Chewbaccarians have decided to fight the one group they can beat: men in dresses. The Armenians of the North Hollywood-Burbank-Glendale area of L.A. County—by most counts about 300,000 strong—have taken a stand against tranny ideology being taught in local schools. Last week, a bunch of Armenian men took on a mob of trannies and Antifas in a massive fistfight outside a school board meeting, and it was a rout! Unable to defeat actual Young Turks, at least the Armenians were able to wipe the floor with Young Turk viewers.

This is what happens to a people unable to get proper recognition for their genocide. Whereas Jews have successfully made their genocide everybody’s business, to the extent that they franchise it (immigrant “kids in cages”? It’s the Holocaust! “Refugees” barred from Europe? That’s the Holocaust too! Black murderers denied bail? That’s the Holocaust to end all Holocausts!), Armenians have historically felt that their genocide don’t get no respect.

Armenians are the Rodney Dangerfield of aggrieved semi-whites.

“Hey, I ain’t sayin’ we’re pathetic, but ottomans put their feet on us!”

So when trannies came to L.A. whining about their fake “trans-genocide,” the Armenians finally had enough.

And these transphobanians might be just what the city needs to defeat the Ottoma’am Empire.

Last week, Left Coasters suffered two severe setbacks.

In San Francisco, a pilot program to unleash self-driving cars on city streets managed to hit both a literal and figurative roadblock as the vehicles ended up causing chaos by bunching up at intersections due to the failure of their AI to understand traffic complexities.

Congrats, Frisco; the American city with the highest percentage of Asian drivers has found an even greater menace on the road.

The robo-cars also caused confusion among the thugs who amble over from Oakland to commit mayhem. After all, how can you carjack a driverless car? How can you shoot in the head that which has no head? If you jack a car and no white man hears it, does it make a sound?

As Oakland blacks ponder those philosophical conundrums, up the coast in Washington, DEI has turned to DIE.

In 2021, Washington created its first-ever “Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” and the proud black woman put in charge of fighting racial hatred in the state of Washington has just been fired for promoting racial hatred in the state of Washington.

Karen Johnson, Ph.D. FDSC (“Fries Dat Scald Caustically”), was canned by Governor Inslee because it turns out that Johnson, whose pronouns are “Beloved” (that’s not a joke), was anything but. Johnson routinely trumpeted her “mistrust of Mexicans and fat people.” So basically that covers Mexicans and anyone who eats Mexican food.

Johnson doesn’t like whites, either, but that’s fine. On the other hand, hating obese, gaseous, bean-eating beans is a bridge too fart.

Now out of a job and broke, Johnson—Ph.D. EBT—learned the hard way that spicy frijoles can sometimes be a little too hot.

“Sand nigger” is a horrifically ugly epithet for Arabs. But in Frisco, Texas, last week, it became a literal thing when a black-owned golf course was rocked by racism after the club’s general manager found the N-word written in the sand of one of the course’s bunkers.

According to the local news, “a Black golfer playing the 13th hole saw two people running away from the bunker and then discovered the writing.” Sadly, the shocked golfer died after accidentally stumbling into the course’s foot-deep water hazard. But eventually club manager Linroy “LC” Costly found the troubling sand trap. He and the club’s board are still figuring out how to erase the epithet, more proof of how public schools have failed black children by no longer teaching sandwriting.

Costly also told reporters that a few days after the sand trap was vandalized, he “got a call for a tee time, and, when asked for a name, the caller said ‘nigger’ four times.”

It’s well-known that celebrities use code names when making reservations, but Tarantino really should change his.

Costly pointed out that his club has recently seen an uptick in Indian members. Frisco, part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metro, has a burgeoning tech industry and, as a result, a fast-growing Indian population (the Facebook group Indians in Frisco TX has 23,300 members).

Could the “Archie” Bunker be blowback from last week’s Hindu/Dindu Twitter feud?

It started when Dinesh D’Souza, responding to a NY Times columnist’s claim that Republicans are lower-IQ than Democrats, pointed out that “every IQ study over the past half century shows that blacks, who are the rock-solid base of the Democratic Party, have the lowest IQ of any ethnic group.” This led black supremacist Tariq Nasheed to tag D’Souza in a photo of a filthy Mumbai slum, adding “another gentle reminder Dinesh, of where YOU were born and raised….Can you show me where Foundational Black Americans live like this?”

To which D’Souza replied, “If blacks didn’t get subsidized housing, they’d be living and crapping in the street,” to which Nasheed responded that “you subhumans crap in the street even when you do have housing,” to which D’Souza quipped, “179 of you apes just died because your ‘pastor’ told you to starve for Jesus,” to which Nasheed shot back that “millions of you retards starve because you worship cows,” at which point both men realized they’d soiled their pants, so a truce was called as they donned adult diapers manufactured in China by high-IQ automatons taking great pleasure in seeing the American “melting pot” melting down.


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