March 18, 2024

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Walking around my rapidly crumbling hometown, I have recently begun noticing a series of stickers displayed prominently upon lampposts, walls, and bus stops, depicting a large golden cannabis leaf and QR code smartphone users can scan to gain easy access to their friendly local neighborhood drug dealer. Apparently, such things have been appearing all over the U.K. of late—particularly outside schools, to get the kiddies hooked nice and young—but, as none of the ones in the area where I live have been removed by the authorities, despite being up for several weeks now, I can only presume the Great British police force don’t really care.

They are far too busy arresting white people for posting “dangerous” stickers on windows and bins instead, because, rather than doing something totally harmless like pushing illegal drugs to toddlers, these particular stickers do something much more harmful: They tell the truth about mass immigration.

“No such problems can ever occur as regards any corresponding items of pro-BLM graffiti, of course.”

Stick ’Em Up!
On 1 March, Sam Melia, a self-described “white advocate” from the English county of Yorkshire, who, in an act of rather futile resistance, maintained an online archive of downloadable anti-immigration stickers on his secret website, was handed a two-year sentence from a judge for the twin heinous crimes of “inciting racial hatred” and “encouraging racially aggravated criminal damage”—pro-white stickers take absolutely ages to remove from items of street furniture, you see. No such problems can ever occur as regards any corresponding items of pro-BLM graffiti, of course, which are allowed to remain in situ defacing our public sphere forever, because the West’s current ruling class just happens to approve of their overtly Caucasian-cursing message.

Mr. Melia is alleged to have been a former member of National Action, a tiny neo-Nazi group that is now banned in the U.K., unlike BLM, a gigantic neo-Marxist group that is perfectly legal. He is also said to have belonged to The Hundred Handers, an incredibly obscure micro-dot of an organization whose previous biggest claim to fame was posting up fake Extinction Rebellion (XR) stickers making parodically Green points like “MASS IMMIGRATION DESTROYS THE ENVIRONMENT” and “WHITE BRITS A MINORITY BY 2066: PRESERVE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES.”

Interestingly, XR themselves responded to this outrageous impersonation of their cause by saying that “Extinction Rebellion sticker templates, fonts and logos are freely online for anyone to use and in this instance it seems they have been used by a Far-Right group promoting hate-speech.” Given one of the main reasons Sam Melia got two years behind bars was because of the huge and colossal amounts of “criminal damage” that could be caused by his pathetic little labels being attached to items of public property, presumably XR activists were also arrested for facilitating identical offenses of glue injury against helpless street furniture?

Not really, because the British governing class rather approve of XR, which is why in November last year nine XR vandals were found “not guilty” [sic] of causing £500,000 worth of damage by smashing up a London bank’s windows with hammers, even though they clearly had done so, and proudly admitted to the fact in court. If Sam Melia himself had done the same thing to the windows of the Home Office whilst shouting, “SEND BACK LENNY HENRY!!!” he would have been immediately hanged.

Ah, but the bank immorally provided funding to fossil fuel companies during the midst of a so-called “climate emergency” in which the entire future of the human race was in imminent peril, you see—so, whilst ostensibly illegal, the XR vandals’ conduct was deemed morally justified nonetheless by an easily led activist jury.

The mainstream U.K. media reaction to this complete and utter legal disgrace was relatively muted. I wonder what the reaction would have been had a similar not-guilty verdict been returned in the Sam Melia “criminal damage” case from an equally easily swayed jury? After all, although placing small stickers upon council bin lids and park notice boards was also technically illegal, Sam had done so right in the middle of an “immigration emergency” in which the entire future of the white race was in imminent peril likewise, had he not?

Drop Your Stickers, Bend Over, and Take Your Punishment
What “hateful things” did the evil stickers in Sam Melia’s downloadable Pan-Aryan Panini album actually say? Combing through media reports, I find slogans like the following: “We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066,” “Reject white guilt,” “Stop anti-white rape gangs,” “Mass immigration is white genocide,” “Natives losing jobs, migrants pouring in,” “It’s OK to be white,” “Import the Third World, become the Third World,” “Second-generation? Third? Fourth? You [still] have to go back,” “They seek conquest, not asylum,” and, worst of all, “Love your nation.”

Obviously, these are all debatable political opinions—because that is the very nature of all political opinions—but I personally agree with many of them, and so do millions of other increasingly angry actual native British people whose votes are never listened to. Melia even had one sticker reading “Intolerance is a virtue”—I argued something eerily similar myself here on Takimag recently. Please don’t print the article out and paste it to your local bus stop, or I’ll get ten years mining salt in Siberia.

Let us be fair to the authorities here, though. Sam Melia had a poster of Adolf Hitler hanging inside his garage and possessed a book by Jew-hating former British Union of Fascists leader (and also onetime Jew-hating left-wing British Labour Party MP, although that particular factoid is rarely mentioned, funnily enough…) Oswald Mosley in his house—which some may find appalling, but others might say, “So what? It’s his bloody house, isn’t it?”

False Labels Often Stick
According to the leading “anti-fascist” group Hope Not Hate (whose other ideas of an “extremist” include perfectly mainstream figures like Nigel Farage), like so many a neo-Nazi, Herr Melia did indeed possess certain deluded anti-Semitic views, posing online under the false Holocaust-baiting pseudonym “UKOvenDealer” and distributing stickers showing kippahs with the slogan “SMALL HATS, BIG PROBLEM.”

Hope Not Hate also exposed him arguing in undercover recordings that, if stirring up animosity against Muslims was “what it takes to make the Saxon hate,” then this should be used as a prelude to later directing the true racial opprobrium of “the Saxon” toward “this big-nose fella over here,” by which he did not mean Cyrano de Bergerac. Then again, Melia was also revealed as calling Labour “the party of hyperventilating faggots and Paki rapists,” so perhaps his judgment was not wholly flawed upon every matter.

Interestingly, it was the specifically anti-Semitic nature of some of Sam’s stickers that was cited by the presiding judge as one of the main reasons for the length of his sentence:

“You hold Nazi sympathies and you are an anti-Semite. Whilst your activity [of distributing stickers] ceased in 2021, recent events [i.e., pro-Hamas hate marches held across the U.K. since the October 7 attacks in Israel] in the United Kingdom demonstrate that there is, for the first time since the 1930s, a real risk of gross, potentially violent, anti-Semitism becoming normalized on our streets. The publication of this kind of material is corrosive to our society and highly damaging. Anti-Semitism, in particular, is a destructive force. It has been used before to tear at the heart of Western democracy. It must not be allowed to do so again.”

How is it possible to effectively blame Mr. Melia for somehow helping anti-Semitism become “normalized” on British streets when the very people openly marching in its name right now are mainly Islamist militants and far-left neo-Marxists, traditionally two of the main enemies of neo-Nazis like Sam is said to be? Islamists in 2024 now spread hate across Britain on a weekly basis via huge street rallies and attempted assaults on Parliament and MPs, and yet somehow the main radical to blame for all this is an obscure right-wing white man who once gave away some shitty little free decals on the internet, but stopped three years ago when police wasted their own time by arresting him for it?

If anti-Semitism in public is now so incredibly unacceptable in the U.K., how come a few weeks before Sam Melia got two years for the square root of sod all, three women who attended a pro-Palestine march in London bearing stickers of paragliders like those used by Hamas terrorists during their October 7 pogrom stuck onto their clothes received noncustodial conditional discharges, despite being found guilty under the terms of the Terrorism Act?

Some cynics might guess it was because none of the three defendants were white, male, or right-wing in nature, and that the judge was someone named Tan Ikram, who had previously liked a post online expressing the idea that Israel was itself a “terrorist” country in an act of self-described “error,” which does sound suspiciously like a potential conflict of interest here.

Meanwhile, only last December, this very same Judge Ikram had handed down suspended sentences, including community service and mandatory attendance at a Maoist reeducation workshop, to six retired white policemen for sending one another racist, sexist, and homophobic jokes in a wholly private online chat group, something that is apparently now contrary to the Communications Act 2003, at least whenever prosecutors want it to be. Ikram also later openly boasted about sending another cop to jail for twenty weeks just for sharing online jokes about George “of the Jungle” Floyd—what an excellent way to maintain continued public confidence in the impartiality of the British justice system.

The Law Is an Ass, So Fuck It
The double standards of Britain’s two-tier legal system are obvious for all to see. In the wake of Melia’s sentencing, social media lit up with normal people with eyes Evil Nazis highlighting the (very many) examples of non-white immigrants in the U.K. handed down way more lenient sentences for crimes rather worse than stickering—that of Hamoud Al-Soami, for example, a Kuwaiti rape-gang member currently busily colonizing Newcastle who was recently convicted of sexually assaulting girls ages 12 and 13, before receiving a pathetic “punishment” of 180 hours community service. The biggest service he could have performed for the community would have been to kill himself.

One quote—possibly fake, as I couldn’t find it cited in any mainstream media reporting of the Sam Melia trial, although that means next to nothing these days—appeared online, to the effect that the judge, when handing down Sam his two-year incarceration, supposedly said, “The sentence would have been much longer had you actually committed a crime.”

Even if literally false, the quote tells a far wider truth: that, in Great Britain today, it really is one law for them, and one law for us. I’m off to order a big bunch of weed from my nearest lamppost to take my mind off matters. It can’t lead to any greater florid opium dream than the contemporary liberal fantasy that we all currently enjoy a state of “full equality under the eyes of the law,” can it? The only way in which British “Justice” is now genuinely blind is to its own blatant flaws.


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