May 11, 2017

Lee Circle, New Orleans

Lee Circle, New Orleans

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Last Sunday in New Orleans a group of patriots surrounded Robert E. Lee and beat back the Northerners who were trying to take him down. They weren”€™t just defending a statue. They were defending American history. The left’s version of events is, progressives tried to remove four monuments to racism but only managed to get one because Nazis got in the way. It was a Civil War over the Civil War.

This all started when Hillary lost and NOLA mayor Mitch Landrieu realized he wasn”€™t going to have a job in her administration. He needed to make a move that garnered national attention so he decided to lick some Northern ass and pretend the most important statues in his town were promoting slavery. Louisianans don”€™t believe this, and I suspect he doesn”€™t either. It’s a Yankee thing to say, but it looks good on paper so he went for it. On Confederates Day (April 24)”€”actually, in the dead of Confederates night“€”he removed the Liberty Place monument. This apolitical obelisk marks the site of a riot that broke out after New Orleans residents had finally had enough of “€œreconstruction.”€ After the Civil War, the North had put in a puppet government of incompetent retards who raised taxes by 400% and turned the city into Caracas. Reconstruction had more to do with revenge than rebuilding and the locals fought back in a massive riot. Politicians died and some of them were black so this uprising is often painted as a racist attack. That’s absurd, but the beauty of a monument like this is it stimulates the discussion. If your son asks you about it on the way to school, you can tell him both versions of the story and he can look it up on his own. This is not what the left wants. They want to control the information and make sure their story is the only story.

“€œIt was a Civil War over the Civil War.”€

They were successful. It took armed policemen at high vantage points and masked contractors in bulletproof vests, but today, all that remains of the monument is a cement block and some dried glue where the names of the dead used to be. This act of government-endorsed vandalism was only the beginning. Soon, Antifa was bused in and encouraged to attack the remaining three monuments on the hit list: statues of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, General P.G.T. Beauregard on a horse, and a massive Robert E. Lee that is the centerpiece of the entire area. It’s so big, it has a spiral staircase inside of it. If they were to get that down, you”€™d have a massive circle of grass and steps that revolve around a block of cement with rebar poking out of it like so many stray pubes. This is exactly what happened when Pepperdine University removed their Columbus statue. We”€™ve got all these benches and landscaping leading to a gray cube where history used to be.

The monuments were vandalized seemingly free of interruption from the local police and it was looking like they would meet the same fate as Liberty. The mayor rode with Antifa to protests on Sunday, but he was met with resistance from his own constituents. Here he was, side by side with rich white kids from Chicago and Los Angeles and New York, fighting with both black and white locals who refused to let him destroy their city. Isn”€™t that what the Civil War was all about? Southerners weren”€™t fighting to defend slavery. Owning slaves was for the top 1%. You might as well go to war to protect a billionaire’s Lamborghini collection. No. The South went to war because the North tried to tell them what to do. As George Peterson, one of the patriots involved in this fight, told me, “€œIf a Southerner was on fire and you told him to pour a bucket of water on himself, he”€™d burn to death just to spite you.”€

One of the reasons the politicians and their anarchist lackeys failed is they are terrible at their jobs. The word got out that local white guilt peddler John Cummings was paying for the destruction of these monuments so he could put them in his slavery museum. The Whitney Plantation is a bizarre house of slavery horrors where statues of black kids stare at you until you beg for forgiveness. Locals told me his is going to have slave rides where you can cram yourself into the bowels of the ship and tour around the Mississippi River to atone for your sins. Mitch stood to benefit from the carnage because he”€™d be the one selling the statues and the left benefited because it furthers their narrative. Next to the broken obelisk in Cummings”€™ museum, he could put up his own plaque explaining that this commemorated a time when racist whites stormed city hall and murdered black politicians. One protester said as much by holding up a sign that said “€œMuseums Not Monuments.”€


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