July 17, 2015

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There is a very disturbing trend going on in Japan that nobody is talking about. Every day, thousands of poor, uneducated white Americans are sneaking into the country from South Korea and the East China Sea. They”€™re often unaccompanied children and many of them are criminals. In fact, a good 80% of the girls on this voyage get raped. Though most Japanese object to this massive invasion, their media seem wholly supportive and claim the island couldn”€™t survive without white people. Throughout the political spectrum, Japanese politicians insist that rednecks are the linchpin in every election. Both sides are convinced white people are going to provide votes for their party, but we”€™re talking about white trash here. They don”€™t even speak Japanese. What’s more, they”€™re racist. They”€™ve formed their own political group within Japan and it’s called The White Race. Recently, a Japanese businessman spoke out about this affront to Japanese culture and began running for the position of prime minister. He said of the new white immigrants, “€œThey”€™re bringing drugs, they”€™re bringing crime, they”€™re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”€ Though he shot up in the polls after these hate facts, big business and the establishment lashed out. The emperor’s wife is also running for prime minister and said of his comments, “€œEnough.”€ What’s most disturbing about that is she said it in English (most of the elites know little about the expats outside of their American servants).

“€œI”€™ve known people to move to Japan in the past, but they were reverent of the culture. This new group of crackers is a bunch of unhinged cowboys who could care less if the whole country sank into the sea.”€

I”€™ve known people to move to Japan in the past, but they were reverent of the culture and wanted to assimilate. They spoke Japanese, took off their shoes when they went indoors, and married Japanese women. This new group of crackers is a bunch of unhinged cowboys who could care less if the whole country sank into the sea. About 15% of Japan today is white, but a good 10% of the population are basically skinheads with no paperwork. I don”€™t know if you can add these numbers together and say 25% of Japan is now white or if the 10% is part of the 15%. Nobody does. You can”€™t track these guys. They laugh at Japanese authority and will fly back and forth to America at the drop of a hat. Barack Obama doesn”€™t care. He sees the whole scam as a way to unload the worst we have to offer. He’s even provided comic books to help trailer-park trash get there safely.

The result is hundreds of Little Americas scattered all over Japan. In these towns, they only elect American politicians and all legal matters are handled in English. Drunk driving is big with these hillbillies and the first order of business when a Little America is created is to ensure the white-trash cops don’t enforce the law. This means Japanese people are getting creamed by drunk drivers with little or no legal recourse. You can”€™t sue a broke hick. You can”€™t even prosecute him if you can”€™t find him. It’s complete anarchy. Last week some bucktoothed hillbilly shot a Kyoto woman in the head “€œjust to watch her die,”€ as Johnny Cash would say. It’s the Wild West all over again. Look at Tokyo’s Most Wanted list. There are virtually no Japanese faces to be seen.

Of course, there are some hard workers”€”salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar dads who left their families behind to go to Japan and earn money. They”€™ll cram together with 26 in one tiny Tokyo apartment and work 60-hour weeks sending thousands of yen back to the American South. This is the best it gets, but it’s creating a false economy back in Tennessee and Kentucky and it’s not great for Japan, either. Where tourism is the best kind of income because people are coming from all over the world to give you money, this kind of illegal labor is the opposite. Men are coming from America to take money out of the Japanese economy and send back home. It’s also bad for Japan’s youth. They used to mow the lawns and clean the pools. Now it’s all white men. Japan’s millennials have become useless blobs. Japan’s poor are even worse off. You can”€™t work at a noodle joint if you don”€™t speak English. There are very few low-paying jobs that are not almost exclusively staffed by rednecks.


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