Donald Trump

A few hours before last night’s debate, Trump tried to reverse some of the damage by holding a press conference where he trotted out three women who claimed that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them. Trump also made sure that these women were seated in the audience during the debate.

Allow me to admit my biases”€”I have never cared about a political candidate in my life before Donald Trump. Not only has he been singlehandedly slaying the media and the Cultural Marxist establishment, he hits all the right notes about immigration and trade and useless foreign wars. So if I suffer any confirmation bias, it is all tilted in his favor.

He was so dominant in the Republican debates, it was like watching a televised mass murder. But last night he was not acting like a boss. He seemed rattled and chastened and, dare I say, a tad pussy-whipped. This was not the remorseless, city-destroying political Godzilla so many of us had grown to know and love. He sniffled more loudly and frequently than he did in the first debate. He openly pandered to blacks and Hispanics. He even conceded that “Islamophobia” exists, which would have been unthinkable six months ago.

Grumpy and frequently defaulting to duck face, Trump dismissed the Access Hollywood tapes as “locker room talk.” But again he apologized for talking that way. And I fear this may be a fatal self-inflicted wound. Trump’s main appeal was his perceived invulnerability. A year ago he famously told Steven Colbert that he has nothing to apologize for. But here he was, apologizing twice in two days. His chief strength was that he never showed weakness. But these apologies may prove to be the equivalent of Samson cutting his own hair and losing all his strength in the process.

Last night I may have witnessed the death rattle of what remains of the American patriarchy. We already find ourselves trapped in a culture where “sexism” is only something that men do to women. If Trump loses, American men need to buy steel codpieces and prepare themselves for four years of ferocious and uninterrupted ball-busting. What’s tragically ironic is that Donald Trump is being slut-shamed in a culture where sluts are to be celebrated but manwhores are to be ruined. It makes me sick to type this and I hope that I’m wrong, but what I thought not so very long ago was the smell of victory may have turned into the stink of defeat. Donald Trump’s presidential hopes may have just died in the locker room.


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