April 29, 2013

George Jones

George Jones

If you dare to disagree with them, they will attack like a pack of starved rats. Their behavior suggests that they believe others should suffer literally”€”even corporeally”€”not because of their actions, but because of their thoughts alone. This will manifest as bald aggression rather than fuzzy compassion. And when they mock and threaten, it’s not bullying. When they get you fired from your job or reveal your home address, it isn’t McCarthyism. When they call you a piece of shit, they aren”€™t dehumanizing you. And when they wish ass cancer upon you, there’s nothing hateful about it. They”€™ll engage in purely totalitarian tactics while calling you a fascist.

This is not the behavior of people who are secure in their beliefs. This is the hysterically phobic reaction of those who dread that they might be wrong. If you base everything on a false premise of equality, you’ll have to become a liar to keep propping it all up. You”€™ll have to enact codes and laws and punishments for anyone who dares question the sanctity of their fundamental premise.

They demand a rainbow on the outside, but internally, they insist it’s all the same dull shade of grey. Their behavior suggests that if they had their way”€”and through pharmacology and ceaseless propaganda they may one day get it”€”they wouldn”€™t so much like for everyone to think identically as they”€™d prefer that everyone share the same brain, an ideological cloud computer that they”€™ve meticulously seeded.

Born in 1961, I caught at least two decades of the so-called Red Scare, but what’s going on now with political correctness, AKA the bloody afterbirth of the civil-rights movement, is the most egregious moral panic I”€™ve seen. This is far more than a battle for the “€œright”€ to interracially date or to engage in same-sex soixante-neuf. This goes far deeper than such trivialities. This is a war of attrition to control thought and language and culture, to demean and ostracize anyone who doesn”€™t fall obediently in line, to declare certain subjects beyond discussion and maybe even one day to make it impossible to think differently than the herd.

I often wonder what quotient of the population feels effectively silenced. How many Americans fear speaking their minds in the workplace because they don”€™t want to get fired or sued? How many people feel like a pithed frog, mute and helpless, their brain severed from their spine? I suspect that it’s quite a few”€”perhaps even the majority. Although I don”€™t like the feeling, I have a firm sense that it is not me, but rather the whole world around me, that is rapidly going insane. But unlike the modern, deeply indoctrinated, progressive hive-mind robot, I allow the possibility that I could be wrong.

Whereas such ludicrous constructs as Negrophobia, homophobia, and misogyny”€”which are, by semantic alchemy, presumed never to be the fault of Negroes, homosexuals, or women”€”are said to be based in a fear of the other or a fear of the unknown, leftist ideological intolerance seems based in a fear of the misunderstood. At times it seems rooted in a fear that if the threatening idea were to be properly and soberly apprehended, it would invade their consciousness, infect their brains like a virus, and send them into a state of ideological vertigo where they finally realize they are as full of shit as their detractors have always said they are.

So unless you”€™re ready to fight back and never let down, don”€™t ever tell a brainwashed person they’re brainwashed. They can handle indoctrination fine, but the truth drives them crazy.



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