February 10, 2016

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Of course, the various certified minorities don”€™t have much in common and don”€™t much like one another. The only thing that can keep them on the same page is stoking hatred of the majority.

Naturally, the Flight From White continues. The Census Bureau is seriously considering breaking out a Middle Eastern/North African racial category to save Arabs from the ignominy of being counted as white.

The fourth phase of this historical evolution is to shame anyone who objects to the ultimate minority right: to become, by hook or by crook, the majority.

The Democrats, for example, have long boasted of their plan to import tens of millions of foreigners and then figure out some way to give them the vote so the Democrats can enjoy a permanent racial and electoral majority.

Now, you might think that when the old majority becomes a minority, it would then get minority rights.

But that’s not how it works.

Whites can”€™t become a certified minority; they will always be the legacy majority. The closer we get to the future when whites are a minority, the more we hear about their ancestors”€™ sins, their ineradicable hereditary guilt, their corruption of blood.

Nor will minorities give up their minority privileges, such as affirmative action.

As part of this drive for the final minority rights”€”becoming a majority”€”American elites now frequently switch the moral denominator from their responsibility to do what’s good for American citizens to doing what’s putatively good for all 7.3 billion earthlings.

While they find the ethical theory of open borders self-evident, they have no interest whatsoever in following out its logic to its conclusion: global democracy. Why not? Well, for one reason, in worldwide elections, foreigners would vote for their own kind, eliminating American elites”€™ American privilege.

So the future of America looks much like the present, only more so: It”€™ll be an increasingly lousy place to be an average American citizen, but an ever better place to be an American elite.

To the leadership caste’s surprise, however, American citizens have turned in large numbers to old-white-guy candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. For all their differences, both give the impression that they are running for president of the United States, not president of Davos.


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