October 20, 2016

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There are less than three weeks left before Election Day and if the next two are anything like this one, we”€™re going to have a heart attack.

On Monday, James O”€™Keefe announced he was going to release a damning piece of evidence every day running up to Nov. 8. At noon, he dropped the first bomb and showed the world that the DNC has been inciting violence at Trump rallies to make Republicans look bad. “€œIf you are there and you”€™re protesting,”€ said one Dem operative caught on tape, “€œyou will be attacked…. That’s what we want.”€ This is just one damning quote in a mountain of brutal conversations where DNC operatives use any means necessary to cheat a win. They”€™re not simply encouraging people to vote for Hillary. They are illegally manipulating evidence against Trump so he loses. The RNC doesn”€™t have to stoop to these levels because Hillary’s record speaks for itself. Project Veritas is often ignored when major scoops happen. They claim James takes things out of context (he makes full versions of tapes available) or he was jailed for fraud (it was invasion of privacy). This time, however, they couldn”€™t ignore him. His Twitter feed links to Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O”€™Reilly, Sean Hannity, as well as Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Van Jones, feverishly reporting on the tapes. Hillary’s people started firing operatives to put out the fire, but a second blaze broke out that had nothing to do with Project Veritas. On Monday, we discovered Hillary’s people were offering “€œquid pro quo“€ to the FBI in exchange for pretending some emails were not classified. Hillary continued to throw even more people under the bus in a bid to save herself and the FBI has denied any involvement. She can fire her entire staff if she wants to. The lies are still there. I don”€™t know what Garfield is talking about. Mondays rock.

“€œTrump’s reminded us that we are a grassroots culture and we can make America great again all by ourselves.”€

Tuesday was even better. Before dawn, a statue of Hillary naked appeared in Lower Manhattan’s Bowling Green. It’s considered pithy to do that to Trump here in New York, but to do it to Hillary is sexist and shames women’s bodies or something. Within minutes, two fat women tore the statue to the ground while kicking it and screaming, “€œLeave it alone.”€ The statue was whisked away by 7:30 a.m. and the Gothamist’s take was “€œTrump’s a miserable, thin-skinned, groping, violence-inciting piece of shit and most of his fans are just as bad”€ (their Trump statue coverage ended with “€œNew York is the best city on earth, and don”€™t you forget it”€). We barely had enough time to grab some popcorn and get to our seats before O”€™Keefe dropped his second bomb of the week: voter fraud. Turns out the DNC has gone from busing in illegal voters to getting them to drive themselves in so nobody gets caught. Various shell companies separate the funding for this fraud from the DNC. The press continued yesterday’s momentum and on Hannity we heard Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway say O”€™Keefe’s videos are the strongest evidence of election rigging to date. This is while USA Today tells us Trump’s accusations of rigging the election are “€œa chorus of complaint“€ while CNN insists they”€™re “€œdangerous”€ and “€œoutlandish.”€

That afternoon, Michael Moore announced he was going to release a surprise movie Tuesday night titled Michael Moore in TrumpLand. It may sound like a brilliant plan that’s been hatched for weeks to fight back against Trump, but it looks like Moore was such a pain in the ass to deal with for his anti-Trump one-man show in Ohio, he’s been forced to make the show a movie and screen it for his friends here in New York. It’s unlikely this smear will have even close to the same effect Dinesh D’souza’s wildly popular Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party did (which I recently discovered had reached the “€œTop Seller“€ section of my TV’s On Demand).

It’s Wednesday morning as I submit this and I don”€™t mean to step on “€œThe Week That Perished”€ toes but my God what a blockbuster so far. Soon O”€™Keefe will drop his third neutron bomb and then two more will round out the week. On Wednesday night, we will be live-commenting on the debate from our studio and if it’s anything like the last one, we are going to be yelling at the top of our lungs. The second debate was like a football game and when Trump said, “€œYou”€™d be in jail,”€ we jumped out of our chairs and ran into the audience screaming.


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