October 27, 2013

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The Week’s Most Criminal, Subliminal, and Aboriginal Headlines

According to recently released Census Bureau data, more Americans received means-tested government benefits in the final quarter of 2011 than were employed full-time throughout that year. Whereas fewer than 102 million Americans worked full-time in 2011, over 108 million lived in households receiving Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, WIC, TANF, and/or subsidized housing. The number balloons to over 150 million when one counts Social Security benefits, Medicare, veteran’s pensions, and unemployment compensation.

Currency-manipulating globalist culture destroyer George Soros is marshaling his formidable cadres of singing midgets and flying monkeys to support a super PAC called Ready for Hillary that will pave the yellow brick road for a possible 2016 presidential bid by the bloodless shrew and accused abuser of former President Bill Clinton.

Vegas-based casino magnate and neocon bankroller Sheldon Adelson, whose body is rumored to be composed entirely of chopped liver and $100 bills, recently suggested that the US should drop a nuclear bomb in the Iranian desert to forever terrify Tehran’s regime from ever thinking about acquiring the same sort of doomsday weaponry that Israel won’t admit to already having.

“€œThe US Patent and Trademark Office has refused to allow Asian-American dance band The Slants to register their name on the grounds that it is racially offensive.”€

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has pledged a quarter-billion dollars toward the development of a news site to be helmed by Glenn Greenwald, the American journalist most famous for breaking the NSA/Snowden story.

Chinese authorities arrested billionaire venture capitalist Wang Gongquan and held him on suspicion of disturbing the public order in what one Chinese blogger calls “a warning from the government that the wealthy merchant class should not use their money to support causes against the government.” Wang is a sympathizer of the New Citizens Movement, which agitates for such counterrevolutionary activities as free speech and government transparency.

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego recently ruffled some hens’ feathers by suggesting, à la Gavin McInnes, that feminism has given birth to tremendous unhappiness among modern women.

After revelations that the US may have been eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s telephone calls for over a decade, 21 countries led by Germany and Brazil are petitioning the United Nations to help them hobble the NSA’s global overreach. Reports suggest that the NSA may have been monitoring the calls of as many as three dozen world leaders, as well as millions of calls by continental European citizens. Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert spoke of “a grave breach of trust,” while a parliamentary overseer of German intelligence said that “the NSA’s monitoring activities have gotten completely out of hand, and take place beyond all democratic controls.”

On Monday a Nevada seventh-grader allegedly shot and killed his math teacher with a 9mm Ruger before fatally shooting himself in the head. A fellow student said that the alleged shooter might have been inspired by an anti-bullying video that portrayed a “girl bringing a gun onto a school bus to frighten bullies.”

On Tuesday 14-year-old Philip D. Chism allegedly stabbed his teacher to death with a box cutter, dumped her body in the woods, and then went to see a Woody Allen movie.

On Saturday night, five people were shot to death in a Phoenix apartment complex and five people were stabbed to death during an incident in Brooklyn.


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