December 09, 2013

An Oakland man claims he was assaulted on a public bus last Wednesday and although he was not knocked unconscious, he believes he may be a victim of the much-hyped “Knockout Game.” A man in Milwaukee says he was sucker-punched by someone in a group of four “teens” who hit him so hard that one of his eyes was closed shut for days. He also says the teens were “laughing and giggling amongst themselves” after the assault. In Baltimore, two victims who were assaulted last summer say that after seeing all the recent publicity, they believe they’d been victimized by the Knockout Game as well. And in St. Louis“€”widely considered the game’s birthplace”€”a woman and her boyfriend allegedly lied about being Knockout victims when the truth appears to be that her boyfriend had assaulted her.

A video that features female “Mipsterz””€”i.e., Muslim hipsters”€”wearing hijabs and engaging in hipsterly activities such as skateboarding and acting disinterested”€”has engendered befuddlement and condemnation from all corners.

In the chaotic cesspool called the Central African Republic, bloody clashes between Christian and Muslim forces led to an estimated 300 or more deaths in only two days last week. According to one source, “vigilante Christians” disemboweled a pregnant Muslim woman in one attack.

In London, three “Muslim vigilantes” have been arrested for threatening and intimidating “nonbelievers” during efforts to establish sharia law through a “Muslim Patrol.” The three suspects allegedly filmed their attacks and posted them to YouTube.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Egypt is planning to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

In Pakistan, the Federal Sharia Court has tossed aside the life-imprisonment sentence for crimes of blasphemy in favor of the death penalty.

TV viewers who tuned in to The Sound of Music Live! were treated to an estimated 20 minutes or so of gigantic Nazi flags looming in the stage background.

Police officers in Germany are using a new software app called “Nazi Shazam” that is allegedly able to detect “audio fingerprints from neo-Nazi rock” the moment they appear on public radio stations, enabling police to spring into action and arrest Germans for acting German.

The ADL is accusing rap superstar Kanye West of anti-Semitism for claiming that “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people.” ADL president Abe Foxman said, “There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government.” It is not known whether Foxman then warned Mr. West that if he didn’t apologize, the Jews would then push a secret button in the Pentagon basement to have him killed.

An Austrian mayor is resigning over his alleged comments suggesting that journalists should be “hanged like Jews.” The mayor, Karl Simlinger, said his comment referred to Duden“€”a German dictionary”€”rather than Juden, but he’s resigning anyway.

A Colorado judge has ordered a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple to start going against his conscience and bake wedding cakes for gay couples. If he were to refuse, he would be guilty of discrimination, despite the fact that this policy discriminates against his own beliefs. It’s odd how often one person’s “civil rights” seem to come at the expense of someone else’s.

In Massachusetts, the white mother of a mulatto high-school football player is now the prime suspect in a “hate crime” investigation regarding the November spray-painting of their house with the word “niggers.” It’s hard to quantify such things, but we suspect that hate-crime hoaxes may actually outnumber actual bias-motivated crimes these days.



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