February 23, 2015

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The Week’s Most Resounding, Astounding, and Confounding Headlines

Despite the fact that they lost”€”and 70 years ago at that”€”it’s hard to think of a vanquished group that retains so much staying power in the popular imagination as the Nazis. To hear the modern narrative, one might even be led to believe that it was the Nazis, rather than the Jews, who won World War II.

And though he fed himself a bullet 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler retains such a high Q Score that the average TV-addled American”€”who sees Hitler on TV all the time”€”likely wouldn”€™t be surprised to see him make a sudden guest appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

At the end of this year, the German state of Bavaria will lose its copyright on Hitler’s magnum opus Mein Kampf. As a matter of either moral principle or abject compliance to their conquerors”€”take your pick”€”Bavarian authorities have refused to print or disseminate Mein Kampf since the end of World War II. In 2016, German scholars plan to release Mein Kampf in Germany for the first time since the Third Reich’s collapse.

The major difference between this new release and prior incarnations of Mein Kampf is that the annotations are actually more substantial than Hitler’s text”€”an estimated 5,000 or so “€œscholarly”€ footnotes pick apart and attempt to discredit the original, turning Mein Kampf into what project director Andreas Wirsching calls “€œan anti-Hitler text.”€

“€œWhich nefarious social toxin has killed more humans over the past generation”€”the KKK or donuts?”€

An anti-Hitler Mein Kampf? That’s sort of like Huckleberry Finn without the word “nigger.” PC bowdlerization continues apace.

In 2014, likely in anticipation of the looming copyright expiration, German authorities made it a crime to print and distribute unmolested copies of the original Mein Kampf. Anyone who does so is vulnerable to be prosecuted for “€œincitement to hatred.”€ In Germany, you can”€™t read Hitler’s words without also being lectured about why he was wrong, because you obviously can”€™t handle his words all by yourself. After all, look what happened last time.

History is all about counting dead bodies, so it would not be unfair to ask which nefarious social toxin has killed more humans over the past generation”€”the KKK or donuts? I think we all know the answer.

Still, many people would like to blame the KKK”€”which for all intents and purposes doesn”€™t exist anymore”€”whenever they can. A Krispy Kreme donut franchise in England recently found this out the hard way after advertising an in-store promotion it dubbed “€œKKK Wednesday.”€ This event”€””€œKrispy Kreme Klub Wednesday”€”€”was sandwiched between other playful, kid-oriented events such as “€œFunday Monday,”€ “€œColouring Tuesday,”€ and “€œFace Painting Thursday.”€

But alas, KKK Wednesday was not to be. After the Krispy Kreme outlet advertised the event on Facebook, the blowback was fierce and shrill. Krispy Kreme officials”€”including the visibly black Lafeea Watson“€”apologized “€œunreservedly“€ for the mishap, assuring customers that their donuts in no way endorse hooded terrorism, mob lynchings, or racial discrimination, and that people of all races, creeds, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, and species identities are free to purchase their donuts and eat them at their convenience in the designated safe spaces of their choosing.

KC Johnson is a historian who coauthored 2007’s Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustice of the Duke Lacrosse Case. The book meticulously picked apart one of the most infamous rape hoaxes of our time”€”one so shoddy that the false accuser later went on to be convicted of murder in a completely separate incident. He has also cautioned that criminal suspects should enjoy the due process of law.

Because of this, radical feminists”€”many of whom seem to have an unshakable need to believe that men are way more interested in committing and/or endorsing rape than they actually are”€”have dubbed him a “€œrape apologist.”€ (One would think that if you”€™re going to rape someone, it”€™d at least be polite to apologize, no?)

Last Monday when Johnson went to speak at the George Washington Forum of Ohio University, he was greeted by a cadre of radical feminists”€”many of them with apparently severe weight and body issues”€”wearing white T-shirts that said RAPE IS REAL on the front and THIS IS BULLSHIT on the back. They occupied the front rows of Johnson’s lecture and stood up in unison to turn their backs on Johnson as he began to speak. It took organizers a while to calm them the hell down and assure them that no one there had the least desire to rape any of them.

Peter Tatchell is a British man who boasts of “€œa 40 year record of supporting trans people and rights, starting in the early 1970s when many people did not.”€ That didn”€™t stop other tranny supporters from eating him alive on Twitter when he recently signed a public letter published in the Guardian in defense of free speech and against the silencing”€”especially on campus”€”of those who don”€™t obediently toe the increasingly demanding transgender line.

He was immediately accused of endorsing speech that directly leads to the beating and murder of transsexuals. To the “€œactivists,”€ it mattered not that they were the only ones calling for murder. If most of your existence is predicated on constantly pretending you”€™re a woman, it’s not too much of a stretch to also constantly pretend that people care enough about your delusions to kill you for them, too. Undoubtedly in the name of compassion and understanding, someone called out Tatchell on Twitter:

I would like to tweet your murder you fucking parasite.

Tatchell wrote an article about his Twitter lynching, exasperated that his “€œallies”€ didn”€™t recognize an ally when they saw one.

What a wonderfully nightmarish hall of mirrors the world of leftist extremism will become once those who consider themselves extreme realize to their horror that there’s always going to be someone more extreme than they are”€”and are willing to kill them over the narcissism of small differences.

Cracks in the rainbow…cracks in the rainbow….


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