February 24, 2014

The FCC has suspended plans to implement its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” which would have allowed the feds to invade newsrooms to sniff out bias in reporting, specifically whether selection of news stories “are representative of our increasing diversity” and pay special attention to “minority and underserved populations.” It has been suggested that the study was at least partially funded by billionaire leftist media puppet-master George Soros.

Internet giant Google has threatened to block its ads on the website WND.com for any article that uses the phrase “black mobs,” which Google has apparently deemed to be “hate speech.” Google’s definition of “hate speech” includes articles “making sweeping generalizations about a group,” as if most major media don’t routinely do that about white people. WND’s CEO Joseph Farah noted that the true “hate” involved the countless incidents of black mob violence the site has documented over the past few years.

Conservatives in upstate New York have introduced a plan to split the state into two entities”€”“New York””€”which would encompass Long Island, the five boroughs of New York City, and two counties directly northwest of it”€”and “New Amsterdam,” which is typically referred to as “upstate New York.”

Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper, arguing that California’s government has become too large to adequately serve local populations’ needs, has proposed a ballot measure that would split California into six states.

Last Saturday the League of the South unveiled a billboard in Tallahassee featuring the word SECEDE in block letters.

Secession movements are also afoot in Scotland and Catalonia. British pol George Osborne warns that if Scotland secedes, they will lose access to the British pound; then again, England would lose access to Scotland’s enviable natural resources. An EU shill writing for the Financial Times warns that “Europe””€”which has become a misleading catchphrase for the cabal of banksters that run the EU rather than a geographical term”€””cannot afford to give in to the separatists,” a point that possibly everyone would concede.

Because everyone can agree that the most important thing about sports is whether or not homosexuals play them, the Washington Post published at least two”€”we stopped counting at two”€”articles last week about the intersection of Gay Street and Athletic Avenue. They allowed a member of a New York nonprofit called “Athlete Alley” to pen an essay called “Making sports gay-friendly for athletes.” The Post also ran a feature about a failed NFL player who is now an out-of-the-closet activist for a pro-gay group called the “You Can Play Project” whose mission is “to remove homophobia from sports.”

Yahoo! Sports”€”which seems even more obsessed with homosexuality than The Advocate“€”says American lugers are incensed that homophobes have called their sport “a little gay.” Fine. As you wish. It’s a LOT gay.

We may be hallucinating, but last week it appears that two major media outlets ran articles questioning the reigning Cultural Marxist orthodoxy.

Following a spate of predictably hysterical verbal juvenilia about how it’s “open season” on black American males after Florida’s “loud music” trial of Michael Dunn ended in a hung jury on murder charges, black lawyer Yolanda Young wrote an article for CNN titled “There is no white boogeyman.” She even dared to cite statistics supporting the notion that black-on-white violence is more prevalent than the inverse. It’s almost as if John Derbyshire had melanin injections and a sex change.

US News & World Report published an article called “The Rape ‘Epidemic’ Doesn’t Actually Exist” disputing the oft-parroted canard that one in five female college students will be sexually assaulted while in school. Crunching numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the article concluded that the likelihood is closer to one in forty.

This seems like a bright development in what appeared to be the inevitable triumph of egalitotalitarianism, but we urge you not to hold your breath.



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