October 29, 2017

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One can never underestimate the pervasiveness of psychological projection among those who make a habit of pointing fingers at others.

Whereas Hillary Clinton and her countless toadies in the media and politics have been screaming their tiny little lungs out for a year that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election, this, too, appears to be projection.

Even the resolutely Clintonista Washington Post was forced last week to admit that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid Russians for opposition research that resulted in the infamous “golden showers” dossier on Donald Trump.

A much larger looming scandal involves the Uranium One deal wherein foreign investors allegedly shoveled an estimated $145 million into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for Hillary Clinton’s help in facilitating the transfer of a full fifth of America’s uranium supplies to the Kremlin.

May the witch burn atop a funeral pyre built on her own lies and greed.

Many people—a lot of them white—say that whites are paranoid lunatics to think they’re under any kind of threat. Then, in the next breath, the same people will openly gloat about the inevitable demographic extinction of white people.

A recent joint poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health finds that 55 percent of American whites say that American whites currently face discrimination. In discussing the poll, NPR mentions “Trump’s message speaking directly to whites,” but we have covered Trump since he announced his candidacy and have challenged anyone, anywhere to cite even a single example of Trump speaking “directly to whites.” To our knowledge, he’s never done that. So even in this allegedly unbiased poll, there were tinges of scoffing and bias.

In reaction to the poll, England’s Metro ran an article called “Dear white people, you’re never racially discriminated against so shut up.” However, we found no evidence of this publication ever telling any other racial group to “shut up,” which sort of undermines the article’s premise.

In reality—rather than within the medicated and brainwashed minds of prog-zombie squawking parrots—corporate “diversity” policies make it clear that whites are the only group in America against whom it is legal to practice discrimination.

They are the only group who are accused of being “racist” merely for suggesting that students be taught math and English instead of being endlessly clubbed over the head with KultMarx doggerel.

Whites are the only group where college professors can encourage their collective identity to be “destroyed”—or even to commit “mass suicide”—and retain their jobs.

To our minds, the only thing shocking about a poll that finds 55% of white Americans see anti-white discrimination in the USA is the fact that 45% of white Americans remain blind to it.

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