April 03, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

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The Week’s Weakest, Bleakest, and Meekest Headlines

A sterling example of leftist auto-cannibalism comes to us this week from the Cesar Chavez Student Center at San Francisco State University. A 46-second video posted to YouTube that already has over three million views depicts a wiggery, shucking-and-jiving, dreadlocked white male student named Cory Goldstein being accosted by a black woman who culturally appropriates the English language to accuse him of committing the sin of “cultural appropriation” for wearing his hair in the disgusting, smelly, universally hideous dreadlock style.

Unlike the non-event where reporter Michelle Fields fraudulently claimed that Donald Trump’s campaign manager violently grabbed her and nearly threw her to the ground, the video clearly shows one Bonnie “Bonita” Tindle grabbing Little Mister Vanilla Marley, yanking him around, and preventing him from peacefully leaving as she verbally berates him for wearing dreadlocks. She claims that dreadlocks originate from her culture, at which point Goldstein says that dreadlocks come from “Egyptian culture,” and the discussion further devolves into a geography quiz about Egypt’s location.

Appropriating black patois, Goldstein tells her, “Yo, girl, stop touching me now. I don’t need your disrespect.” When he finally wriggles free from her grip, she tells him, “Don’t put your hands on me.” After he leaves, Tindle confronts the videographer and asks him why he’s filming the event. “Just for everyone’s safety,” he replies before Tindle apparently assaults him.

Writing for the Independent, someone with the supremely silly name of Wedaeli Chibelushi berates Goldstein for committing the dual unpardonable sins of “cultural appropriation and white entitlement.”

Due to Goldstein’s overwrought wiggerishness and the fact that Tindle smiles throughout much of the confrontation, many have suggested that the video is a hoax. While that’s certainly possible, Occam’s Razor dictates that white people who try to act black always come off fake.

“€œHow heartbreaking must it be when people whose entire identity rests on persecution can find no one willing to persecute them?”€

As further proof that intersectional pissing contests may prove to be the left’s undoing, the cheerful and not at all mentally unbalanced crusaders at the UK’s National Union of Students’ LGBT+ Campaign have declared that gay white males are “not oppressed enough” to belong to gay organizations.

In an absurdly elaborate document filled with the usual gibberish about alleged “rights” to perform same-sex fellatio and cunnilingus”€”as well as to pretend you’re a different sex and demand that everyone else submit to your delusion”€”these mentally inactive activists declare the following:

…black LGBT students are more likely to drop out or suffer worse grades than their white, heterosexual and cisgendered counterparts.

Predictably, they failed to note that gay black students also “suffer” from IQs that are a standard deviation below that of gay white students. (By the way, “cisgendered” is a smear term that essentially means “sexually normal.”)

Wasn’t it Martin Luther King who dreamed of a day where white men who wear dreadlocks and white men who take it up the poop chute can live together in peace without violent black women and mentally ill people who suffer from gender dysphoria attacking them based on the color of their skin?

Speaking of angry white lesbians, Hillary Clinton recently appeared dressed top-to-bottom in black leather at a private SoHo shindig attended by other angry white lesbians such as Rosie O’Donnell and Billie Jean King. She pledged to fight for the rights and dignity of not only homos, but also the “transgenders” who suffer from depression not because they’re delusional, but because many people in society refuse to play their nutty game of “The Emperor’s New Body.” Clinton has spent much of her campaign openly pandering to Hispanics and blacks, and now she’s unabashedly angling for the bone-smugglers, pearl-divers, and dudes who think they’re chicks.

It seems she’s attempting to appeal to everyone except straight white males, perhaps because she’s ashamed she has a history of physically abusing them.

A Craigslist ad from Wisconsin confirms our long-held suspicion that at least some of the insufferably self-righteous screaming shit-disturbers who continually attempt to disrupt and shut down Donald Trump rallies are being paid to do so. Accompanied by an image of a Bernie Sanders T-shirt, the ad states:

Paid positions to protest Trump rally…Shuttle buses, parking, signs, and hourly pay available. $15 an hour due to the economic inequality.

Despite the Sanders imagery, some are suggesting this is an AstroTurf scam perpetrated by the ghoulish George Soros in tandem with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Much was made of a 15-year-old female protestor getting pepper-sprayed outside the recent Trump rally in Janesville, WI. The girl had alleged that a man had groped her, yet “12 out of 13 witnesses said they didn’t see him do anything.” The 15-year-old also failed to mention that she punched the alleged groper before another man pepper-sprayed her. Police are now recommending that she be charged with disorderly conduct for punching the man, but you can bet that aspect of the story will be buried at the bottom of the ocean.


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