August 14, 2016

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Frank Rizzo was Philadelphia’s police commissioner in the late 1960s and the city’s mayor for most of the 1970s. The impenitent Italian rhino was famous”€”or infamous, depending on which side your nuts hang”€”for being a blustering, brash, outspoken hardhead who once forced Black Panthers members to strip naked in the streets and famously showed up outside a housing-project melee wearing a tuxedo with his nightstick hanging at his side. His most enduring contribution to the lexicon of American quotables is “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before.” Referring to leftist agitators during his 1975 reelection campaign, he said:

Just wait after November you’ll have a front row seat because I’m going to make Attila the Hun look like a faggot.

But despite all his wonderful words and marvelous deeds, Rizzo is now mostly an object of scorn. A mural at South Philadelphia’s Italian Market of the man variously known as the “Big Bambino,” the “King of Bigots,” and “The Last Big Man in Big City America” is routinely defaced. And last week members of Black Lives Matter placed a KKK hood over the head of a 10-foot-tall Frank Rizzo statue.

First they came for Frank Rizzo, but you did not speak out”€”because you are not Frank Rizzo. But what will you do when they come for you?

A Welsh Imam“€”which is a phrase that was inconceivable only a generation ago”€”has told his congregation that war is coming and that it’s acceptable to take the captive women as slaves.

In the English town of Rotherham“€”notorious for a pedophile grooming scandal in which over a thousand underage British girls were raped, abused, threatened, tortured, and sold for sex”€”locals report that nothing has changed since a 2014 report revealed that authorities allowed the abuse to continue for fear of being called “racist.”

An anonymous British girl who claimed to be victimized by the Islamic Rape Gangs told a reporter:

Raping of white girls by these men is still going on. Some, I know, have had to wait months before they’re even asked to give a statement [to the police]. It’s shockingly bad still. 

Another unidentified witness recalled an incident of intimidation:

We got across the road and all of a sudden we started hearing this abuse ‘you white bastards, don’t think your daughter is safe’, things of that nature.

Meanwhile, a 50-year-old indigenous Brit has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for telling a black woman that he didn’t approve of interracial relationships and that he preferred white children to nonwhite kids.

The sun has not only set on the British Empire; it’s questionable whether it will ever rise again.


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