August 16, 2014

Source: Lauren Bacall

Ostensibly mocking the recent well-orchestrated and well-oiled push to force the Washington Redskins football team to repent and renounce a name they”€™ve been using without incident for 82 years, a San Francisco T-shirt company called Headline Shirts accomplished a clever détournement of the team’s iconic logo by issuing shirts featuring a stereotypical “€œredneck”€ with a piece of straw in his mouth and a mullet haircut. According to Jake Ginsky of Headline Shirts:

You can basically keep the same logo. Just change a few letters, trade the feathers for raccoon tails, swap out the red-skinned caricature with a rustic Caucasian, and bam! Done…. After all, why should Native Americans have a monopoly on all the culturally insensitive team names? What about the white folks? When is it finally going to be their turn?

According to a report released by the National Center for Education Statistics, this fall’s crop of public school students will be less than 50% white for the first time in the nation’s history. “€œWe like our diversity,”€ said Pennsylvania school superintendent Barry Tomasetti to the Associated Press, adding that parents are realizing “€œit’s not a homogenous world out there”€ anymore. The AP noted that despite all this glorious diversity, “€œschools are becoming more racially divided.”€ Imagine that.

LAUREN BACALL: 1924-2014
Legendary film actress Lauren Bacall has died of a stroke at age 89. Born Betty Joan Perske to Jewish parents in the Bronx, Bacall went from being a teenage glamour model to one of Hollywood’s most enduring female sex symbols, first gaining fame in a series of films starring alongside Humphrey Bogart. In 2005, Bacall told interviewer Larry King that she was “anti-Republican…A liberal. The L-word….being a liberal is the best thing on earth you can be. You are welcoming to everyone when you’re a liberal. You do not have a small mind.” In its Bacall obituary, the Guardian needlessly injected Cultural Marxism, noting that Bacall rose to fame at a time when Hollywood was “€œaggressively white and morally repressive”€ and generating harmful “€œpropaganda about gender.”€


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