February 05, 2017

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Week’s Trickiest, Stickiest, and Ickiest Headlines

In over 100 years of its existence, the Boy Scouts of America had a very hateful, destructive, and counterfactual admission policy”€”it would only allow boys to claim that they’re boys.

But in a move that our sworn enemies at The New York Times claim is “sensible” and “profound,” the Scouts will now permit any young girls who claims she’s a boy to pretend she’s a boy:

The Boy Scouts are recognizing transgender boys for what they genuinely are: boys.

Apparently George Orwell is now a Times correspondent.

The Times condemned the previous ban on gay Scout leaders as “insidious,” seeing as how it “groundlessly argued that gay troop leaders could promote homosexuality.”

Sterling point. After all, when have homosexuals ever been known to promote homosexuality?

Sounding morally hysterical”€”as is de rigueur with the left these days”€”the Times also called the previous ban on allowing girls with vaginas to become Boy Scouts as “pernicious.”

“€œDonald Trump can’t seem to catch a break with America’s Jews.”€

Really? Is it nearly as “pernicious” as celebrating a lifestyle that kills men twelve years earlier than heterosexual men? Is it anywhere close to as “insidious” as the mental illness of gender dysphoria, where 41% of those who suffer from it
attempt suicide?

Lord Baden-Powell weeps.

Fifty-nine years ago, Procter & Gamble’s lovable and muscular Mr. Clean was born. And until very recently, he was Caucasian. No more!

The human face of Mr. Clean is now a black man from Atlanta named Mike Jackson“€”not to be confused with dead drug addict and serial pedophile Michael Jackson.

Writing for Good Housekeeping, a certain Sarah Schreiber nearly electrocutes herself by splattering her vaginal lubrication all over her keyboard by gushing about how sexy and dreamy and desirable the new Black Mr. Clean is. Apparently presuming that she speaks for all women, she calls him the “Cleaning Guru of Our Dreams.”

Would it be cruel to suggest that people across the country approach Mike Jackson with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in an attempt to restore Mr. Clean to his original state? Probably.

After the huge fecal stink caused by the #OscarsSoWhite campaign last year and an Academy Awards ceremony that was one extended anti-white blood libel, the men who pull the Oscars’ strings capitulated and gave black actors 30% of the acting nominations”€”a 230% overrepresentation relative to their quotient of the population.

Now the big wailing point is that the Oscars are “sexist,” because not enough women were nominated in non-acting categories.

So far we’ve been battered with the idea that the Academy Awards are far too white and far too male. Interestingly, not a peep has been uttered about the tiny minority that owns Hollywood. Funny how that works.

Because everyone knows that women never hit men and definitely never file false rape charges, we can sit back comfortably and excuse all flagrant displays of female psychosis as “justice” rather than “psychosis.”

A Facebook group called Bad Girls Advice boasts 173 thousand members. On a thread encouraging women to share accounts of violently assaulting their male partners, the following comments were made:

In a mad ass rage at my partner. Just want to punch him in the cock and stab him in the leg with a fork. Bad bitches, I want to know what is the craziest thing you’ve done in a fit of rage.

Threw a chair at him through a glass door. Door smashed and cut him the fuck up. Needless to say he didn’t smart mouth me again.

Bit him on the back of his neck until I heard crunch and felt blood. Still has the scar lol.

Stabbed with a fork, reversed over him in a car, threw him out of the car, punched him in the nose, threw bowls, remotes or whatever at his head.

Ah, “equality.”


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