July 26, 2015

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The Week’s Most Curious, Furious, and Spurious Headlines

A troublesome fact about American history”€”one that’s been kept almost entirely hidden from the public”€”is the fact that many black men served as Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Anthony Hervey of Oxford, MS, would likely rank as an oddball no matter what angle you were viewing him from”€”he was a black man who’d often appear in public wearing Rebel soldier regalia and hoisting a huge Confederate battle flag. He was also the author of Why I Wave the Confederate Flag, Written by a Black Man: The End of Niggerism and the Welfare State, whose title description includes this passage:

What makes this book dangerous is its raw honesty. Mr. Hervey lifts the veil of Black decadence at the same time he exposes the lies and political correctness of modern day America. Mr. Hervey said ‘I show that the Civil War was not fought over slavery and that the demise of my race in America is not of the White man, but rather of our own making. In this book I show how Blacks in America ran away from physical bondage to one far worse—mental bondage.’

On Sunday July 19th, Hervey attended a rally in Birmingham, AL, to protest the city’s decision to remove the Linn Park Confederate Monument. Hervey gave a speech, as did his friend Arlene Barnum, a black woman from Oklahoma.

Barnum was in the passenger’s seat of her SUV allowing Hervey to drive home Sunday night when she says a group of four or five visibly angry black males in a silver car drove up alongside Hervey and began taunting him. She says Hervey tried to outrun them but they again caught up alongside the SUV, this time on the passenger’s side. She says Hervey shouted something back at them before veering off the highway and then flipping the vehicle multiple times. Barnum says after they landed upside-down and she said something to Hervey, he did not respond.

That’s because he was dead.

“€œ‘Nigger’ is clearly the most expensive word in the English language.”€

While still strapped into the vehicle, Barnum posted the following two messages to Facebook:

‘HELP.. They after us. My vehicle inside down.’ [sic]

‘Anthony Hervy [sic] pinned in ., gas leaking.’

Barnum was rescued and taken to a hospital. She subsequently told a reporter that, like Hervey, she had ancestors who fought as Confederate soldiers: “€œI don”€™t like it when black people attack me on this, I think it’s an attack on my Southern heritage.”€

You may not like it, Ms. Barnum, but they’ll continue to attack you.

Ben Shapiro is an editor at breitbart.com who is confirmed to be Jewish and appears to be short.

At a recent taping of the TV show Dr. Drew on Call, panelists were asked to discuss whether it was brave for Bruce Jenner to suddenly declare that he’s a chick. Shapiro questioned why America was “mainstreaming delusion.” He also insisted that Jenner remains a biological male:

It turns out that every chromosome, every cell in Caitlyn Jenner’s body, is male, with the exception of some of his sperm cells. It turns out that he still has all of his male appendages. How he feels on the inside is irrelevant to the question of his biological self.

Bob Tur was a male helicopter pilot who one day sprinkled magical pixie dust on himself and reemerged as Zoey Tur, who now is a “transgender reporter” for TV program Inside Edition. Tur was sitting next to Shapiro when the latter dared to deny that Jenner is now also magically a woman.

Tur grabbed Shapiro by the back of the neck and told him he doesn’t know anything about genetics. After Shapiro called Tur “sir,” the easily angered transgender reporter said:

You cut that out now, or you”€™ll go home in an ambulance.

Tur proceeded to call Shapiro a “little man” and regurgitated the currently popular veiled threat about “hate speech” having “consequences.” After the taping, Tur reportedly threatened to assault Shapiro in the parking lot. Security guards escorted Shapiro to his car, and the diminutive Hebraic conservative blogger later filed a criminal complaint against Tur.

On Twitter, Tur nodded approvingly at someone’s suggestion that Shapiro be “curb-stomped.” When gently reminded that placing Shapiro’s upper row of teeth onto a curb and then smashing his head into the ground would be violent, Tur responded that “being called Sir and mentally ill is violence.”

This sort of thinking runs rampant among “trans” activists”€”they can literally threaten to send you to the hospital in an ambulance, but that’s not violence. But if you merely state that they are men who suffer from the delusion that they are women, you have committed a literal act of violence. These chicks are crazy!


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