July 07, 2014

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The Week’s Most Dysgenic, Pathogenic, and Schizophrenic Headlines

As the Brown Flood from America’s southern border continues unabated”€”and evidently enabled by the Powers That Be”€”the majority of Americans who never wanted this to happen can do little more than helplessly watch it happen. While American military veterans are dying from medical neglect and suicide, illegal interlopers from the south are being accommodated at military bases and relocation centers, eventually to be sprung loose to enjoy free food, government housing, schooling, and medical care at the expense of the filthy stinking gringo racists whom they accuse of stealing their land.

Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee”€”perhaps best known for complaining that hurricane names are “too lily-white,” for thinking that Neil Armstrong walked on Mars, and for averring that the US Constitution is 400 years old“€”boasted on Thursday that she visited children at border detention camps and gave them lollipops. As these tens of thousands of little brown angels, lollipops in hand, are tagged and marked and relocated and bused and flown and shlepped around the country, they bring their bold traditions of technological ingenuity as well as a legacy of swine flu, measles, strep throat, tuberculosis, chicken pox, and a lingering resentment for the nation and culture they’ve chosen to crash.

“€œWhat’s next? Free Section 8 housing for black cats?”€

Last Tuesday in the high desert town of Murietta, CA, a horde of about 100 American-flag-waving gringos were able to block and turn away three federal buses containing an estimated 140 “undocumented immigrant parents and children” who’d been relocated from Texas after relocating themselves into the USA from points south. There were more protests and counter-protests on Friday”€”July 4, Independence Day”€”in which whites and browns barked at one another while a small group of “Aztec dancers” reportedly beat drums and chanted “White supremacists out!”

Last week, with a straight face, Barack Obama actually used the term “best and brightest” during a discussion on “immigration reform.” He also vowed that if Congress does not wish to help him, he will consult with his handpicked mulatto brethren Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson to ram amnesty down the public’s unwilling gullets.

The US government is now effectively doing the work of the coyotes and appears hell-bent on transforming this alleged “nation of immigrants” into a conflict-addled polyglot hell-pit of chaos and ethnic tension that does not resemble a nation at all.

Last Monday the corpses of three teenage Israeli hitchhikers who’d gone missing in June in the occupied West Bank were discovered.

In an apparent act of retaliation, 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir was dragged into a car in East Jerusalem on Wednesday. His charred body was found in a nearby forest shortly thereafter, and an autopsy allegedly revealed he’d died from being burned alive. Israeli police have arrested six Jewish suspects whom they describe as “nationalistic” in connection with the crime.

On Thursday after Muhammad Khdeir’s immolation, Israeli police were allegedly filmed beating the stuffing out of his cousin, 15-year-old Tariq Khdeir from Tampa, FL, who’d been visiting his family in Israel. Before-and-after photos of Tariq’s beaten face only inflamed tensions further. Last week also saw Israeli citizens assaulting a Palestinian man on a bus and Palestinian rioters throwing rocks at Jews and torching their cars.

Although the Middle Eastern situation has been severely and inescapably volatile ever since Israel was founded, the next few weeks may reveal that tensions have finally reached the point to where a major bloodbath is imminent.

Can sub-Saharan Africa, that notoriously lush, wild, backward, corrupt, and mismanaged patch of Earth, be trusted to manage the worst known outbreak of the Ebola virus in world history? Is it insensitive to even ask?

Last Monday the World Health Organization released figures suggesting that nearly 500 people have fatally succumbed to the unprecedented spread of Ebola that began creeping outward around five months ago from remote and reasonably self-contained rural areas into major cities.

Ebola, which is spread via bodily fluids and has no known cure, is fatal in up to 90% of infections. But African cultural superstitions are enabling the virus to spread. Groups such as the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have reported being routed from areas where suspicious locals suspected them of actually spreading the virus rather than curing it”€”and admittedly, pictures of black men in biohazard gear can be scary. In many locales a cultural insistence on washing the bodies of the dead before burial enables the disease to spread unchecked. And in countless other instances, mere ignorance and stupidity deny the existence of the virus altogether and instead blame it on things such as witchcraft.

Would it be racist to suggest that the African countries where Ebola is currently active should be quarantined? And would it matter to be called “racist” if it prevented the spread of a global pandemic that could make the bubonic plague look like a case of the sniffles?


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