May 04, 2015

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

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The Week’s Most Panderous, Scandalous, and Slanderous Headlines

Ed Miliband’s parents were Jewish refugees to England who”€™d escaped Nazi persecution. And now, less than a week before the general elections, he is a slight favorite to become the nation’s second Jewish prime minister after Benjamin Disraeli.

Miliband has never shied away from his Jewishness”€”at least not in the way that nearly all English politicians shy away from their Englishness. In fact, he almost goes out of his way to make a point of his Jewishness, telling a reporter at the Telegraph:

I describe myself as a Jewish atheist. I”€™m Jewish by birth origin and it’s part of who I am.

He also told students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “€œFor me, Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people.”€

We were able to find no equivalent statements from Miliband asserting that England is the homeland for the English people.

Miliband has promised to provide extra legal protection for both Jews and Muslims who reside in England.

“€œWeep for England, will you?”€

In an article he wrote for the Jewish News, Miliband said:

My first commitment to you is that a new Labour Government will take every opportunity to ensure that no expressions of anti-Semitism will be tolerated. There can be no no-go areas in our struggle against anti-Semitism….As Prime Minister I will always strive towards helping deliver a peaceful future for Israel and its citizens. And be assured that I will do so as a friend of Israel, as a Jew and as a proud member of this community.

In an interview with Muslim News, Miliband told a reporter:

We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records, with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime….We are going to change the law so we make it absolutely clear of [sic] our abhorrence of hate crime and Islamophobia.

We could find no equivalent statements from Miliband speaking to English nationalists and promising to protect native Britons from being maligned. The best we could find was a disastrous photo opportunity in which Miliband clumsily attempted to eat a bacon sandwich to assuage the commoners”€™ fears that he may not have their interests in mind at all.

Miliband thrives in a climate where he is repeatedly encouraged to note his Jewishness, while his opponents are shunned for taking note of it as well.

Until very recently, Jack Sen was a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party. In an interview with the European Knights Project”€”which, in a fair world, would be seen as nothing more or less than a self-interested European equivalent of Jewish News and Muslim News“€”Sen opined:

There’s a common thread that binds so-called atheist Marxists like Joe Slovo, Nadine Gordimer, and Ed Miliband….One has to always recall who facilitated genocidal conditions in southern Africa. It’s the same Marxist evil that infiltrated Czarist Russia and annihilated hundreds of millions of Christian and Muslim Russians.

As a result of Sen’s comments receiving wider publicity, the UKIP suspended him…while an atheist Marxist appears poised to become England’s prime minister.

Weep for England, will you?

Dr. Mariko Silver has been president of Vermont’s tony Bennington College since 2013. In a recent speech at a Vermont country club, though, she confessed that she originally hesitated to take the job because she considered the state to be too white:

I almost didn’t take this job because I was worried about how white this community is. Not that anybody was going to do anything to me and all of those things, but I was coming from Washington, D.C., which is very diverse; I have two small kids, an idea of the kind of place I wanted them to grow up in, this is a major concern for me and for my family, and I think it’s worth talking about and thinking about.

As everyone understands, it’s a horrible and terrifying thing for a state to be overwhelmingly white. The Green Mountain State is edged out only by Maine as the nation’s whitest. As luck would have it, Vermont is also the nation’s safest state, which is obviously what scared the bejeezus out of Ms. Silver. Who in their right mind would want to live in a place that’s astronomically safer than Washington, D.C.?


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