November 24, 2014

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

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In case you haven”€™t noticed lately, people are just a-shamin”€™ the dickens out of one another online.

If you do something stupid on an airplane, the Panopticon of Shame that is now the Worldwide Web may see fit to
passenger-shame you. If you show a lax voting record, your political party may vote-shame you.

If you”€™re a mother you run the risk of being mom-shamed, and if you”€™re a kid, you”€™d better pray that your mom isn”€™t into kid-shaming.

If you”€™re fat you may be fat-shamed, and if you”€™re skinny, there are those among the crowd who will not hesitate to skinny-shame you. And despite your fat-to-muscle ratio, there’s always some scold lurking in the distance ready to food-shame you for your dietary choices.

If you catch a cold you may also be susceptible to sick-shaming, and if you don”€™t eagerly offer your time and money to help the disadvantaged, prepare to be ruthlessly charity-shamed.

As if their lives weren”€™t already difficult enough just by having to live on the same planet as men, women have to deal with slut-shaming, nude-shaming, and even face-shaming on at least a semi-daily basis.

The Internet, shamefully, has become one big swirling toilet of shame. The Internet was much more enjoyable when it was relatively new, back before all the tattletales and schoolmarms arrived to destroy everyone’s fun. In short, the Internet had much less reason to be ashamed of itself back when it was shameless.

A new study in the UK claims that 48% of “€œyoung transgender individuals“€ in their survey claim to have attempted suicide. A robust 59% fess up to at least contemplating the act.

Obviously the stratospheric suicide rate among this newly protected group is not because they are mentally ill, because obviously they aren”€™t. Or, well, even if they are diagnosed as mentally ill and are constantly pumped-up on psych meds, it’s only because a fundamentally deranged society made them mentally ill, so either way, society is more mentally ill than they are. It’s a sick, phobic society that causes them to act that way.

Trans-activists are smearing the entire Polish town of Tuszyn as “€œtransphobic“€ due to a local council’s recent decision to nix the idea of making Winnie the Pooh a local playground’s mascot. Their reasoning: Although ostensibly a male bear, “€œWinnie”€ walks around with his entire lower half clothing-free, and his distinct lack of genitalia means he is of dubious gender and sexuality, which is clearly inappropriate for children. A USA Today scribe charged that “€œsome members of the Tuszyn town council are biased against intersex individuals.”€ A major US newspaper is now declaring that it’s possible to be biased against intersex cartoon characters.

Like the dismal afternoon sunsets of this cold, cold autumn, things get darker by the day.


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