November 27, 2016

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

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The Week’s Most Carcinogenic, Schizophrenic, and Estrogenic Headlines
Ever since Donald Trump scored an unexpected electoral victory earlier this month, mainstream journalists have been desperately clawing to prove that he flew into the White House on the wings of German Eagles. Naturally, they were relieved to discover that at the end of Alt-Right figurehead Richard Spencer’s speech last week in DC, a smattering of audience members stood up and threw Roman salutes toward the podium.

Here, thought the bloodthirsty media, was all the evidence they”€™d need to paint a swastika on the forehead of all Trump supporters.

Although the terms “€œfascist”€ and “€œNazi”€ are grossly overused, it would be fair to say that there was at least a mild Nazi flavoring in Spencer’s oratory at this gathering of his National Policy Institute. After all, his speech ended with the mildly Hitlerian “€œHail Trump, hail our people, hail victory,”€ which is what apparently triggered the half-dozen or so Sieg-Heilers to leap to their feet and let their fash flags fly. Spencer also used the word Lügenpresse“€”German for “€œlying press”€”€”and openly wondered whether America’s media was peopled with “€œsoulless golem.”€

It probably didn”€™t help stave off any accusations of “€œanti-Semitism”€ that a featured speaker at the NPI conference was Kevin MacDonald, a tireless critic of Jewish influence over American culture and demographic shifts. Nor did it likely help that at a private dinner at a DC restaurant, Spencer urged his compatriots to “€œparty like it’s 1933.”€ Vietnamese porn star and mentally ill Alt-Right anomaly Tila Tequila is pictured here at the dinner party Sieg-Heiling with two white males.

“€œHere was all the evidence they”€™d need to paint a swastika on the forehead of all Trump supporters.”€

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum claimed that it was “€œdeeply alarmed”€ at the NPI gathering. In an interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump formally disavowed and condemned his Alt-Right supporters.

In a typical display of leftist tolerance, Politico news editor Michael Hirsh published Richard Spencer’s home addresses and threatened to attack him with a baseball bat. (Hirsh subsequently resigned his editorial post. The whereabouts of his baseball bat remain unknown.)

Lisping miscegenating Hebraic lawyer Mike Cernovich”€”accused by many of being controlled opposition”€”referred to Spencer as “€œcontrolled opposition“€ while bitching that Spencer gets more TV time than he does. In fairness, if anyone can claim bragging rights over how to define the “€œAlt-Right,”€ it is Spencer rather than Alt-Righty-come-lately Cernovich.

It is true that we occupy a lopsidedly biased”€”some would say philo-Semitic”€”world in which Hitler is relentlessly demonized while Fidel Castro gets eulogized. But in politics, timing is everything. Tossing up a Roman salute in DC less than two weeks after Trump was elected may not be the best PR move for Trump or the Alt-Right. Others would argue that as long as political barriers are being smashed, you might as well break all the taboos while you”€™re at it.
“€¨Even though Hitler has been dead for over 70 years, the cultural overlords who triumphed over him still insist that it is “€œtoo soon”€”€”and will likely always be “€œtoo soon”€”€”to emulate the Nazis either sincerely or ironically.

Those Sieg-Heils along the Potomac were a drastically bad PR move. At best, let us hope they were a sign that we might soon live in a world where the word “€œracist”€  no longer carries any sting.

Last week brought news that Twitter had purged the accounts of several Alt-Right luminaries for imagined “€œhate speech”€ and that Facebook was being asked to purge all “€œfake news”€ that failed to slavishly buttress the fake leftist narrative.

Things continue apace this week, as the CEO of message-board titan Reddit”€”a rather fey-looking chap named Steve Huffman“€”was caught rewriting posts critical of him and redirecting the comments toward the moderators of a Donald Trump subreddit.

Advertising network AppNexus has now banned Breitbart News from its ad-serving tools under the pretense that Breitbart had violated their “€œhate speech standards.”€ Among “€œevidence”€ of such violations was an article by a homosexual who calls himself a “€œDangerous Faggot”€ that was critical of leftist gay militancy and a headline in which a Jewish writer referred to another Jewish writer as a “€œRenegade Jew.”€


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