November 03, 2014

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The Week’s Lousiest, Drowsiest, Blowsiest, and Frowziest Headlines

As of Sunday, it is being projected that Republicans are more than 99% likely to retain a majority in the House and 94% likely to take control of the Senate after tomorrow’s midterm elections.

The Wall Street Journal and others have noted that most of the mainstream press has already conceded a Democratic defeat yet is spinning it as an eventual Republican disaster anyway.

The Washington Post continues beating the drum that Republicans are ultimately doomed due to the nation’s shifting racial demographics:

Assuming that the Democrats replicate their 2012 electoral success with minority voters two years from now, and assuming that Hispanics grow as a percentage of the overall electorate, which they will, we calculate that Democrats will already have almost half (24 percent) of the votes they need to win a majority of Americans in 2016. To win 50.1 percent of the popular vote, we estimate, Republicans will need nearly 64 percent of the white vote.

The Los Angeles Times warns that if the GOP continues to block blanket amnesty, “€œLatino voters”€ will view this as “€œhostile.”€

“€œThe main difference between “€˜transgender”€™ people and schizophrenics is that you don”€™t see schizophrenics demanding that their psychological disorder be celebrated.”€

Facing a possible rebuke by Louisiana voters, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu says that if she loses, it will be due to the fact that “€œThe South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans.”€

Psychological projection is not only a mere quirk of human behavior; it may be one of its primary driving forces. Democrats openly”€”and without a hint of apparent irony or self-awareness of their hypocrisy”€”appeal to nonwhite voters and women. At the same time, their default criticism of Republicans”€”who shake in their boots at the very idea of appealing directly to whites lest they be forever damned as bigots”€”is that the GOP’s strategy is no less overt than the KKK’s. And otherwise intelligent people eagerly slurp up this line of bullshit like it’s a pipin”€™-hot spoonful of delicious chicken gumbo.

When the Republicans win on Tuesday, it may indeed be a temporary blip in the face of a demographic sea change that will turn against them no matter how carefully they sidestep the issue of race. You”€™ll continue hearing all the tongue-wagging, triumphalist, “€œwrong side of history”€ arguments. The Tim Wises of the world will bleat on and on about how old white hearts can”€™t stop beating soon enough and how white people and white voters will soon occupy their deserved place in history’s dustbin.

It would seem that the only way to turn this tide over the long run would be for the GOP to do what its enemies are going to accuse them of doing anyway, and that’s to directly and unashamedly appeal to the group interests of white Americans in the same way that Democrats unequivocally appeal to nonwhites.

Don”€™t hold your breath.

Pennsylvanians Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30 and decidedly unattractive, are members of an activist group called “€œStop the Violence.”€ On Monday they marched in a Stop the Violence rally in Washington, DC. According to police, Ardeno was still wearing her Stop the Violence T-shirt on Tuesday when they arrested her and Velez for beating their former roommate Joshua Magraff so viciously that he vomited blood, had a seizure, and lost consciousness.


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