October 06, 2014

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The Week’s Most Stimulating, Discriminating, and Self-Incriminating Headlines

While vacationing in Bali this past August, 62-year-old Sheila von Wiese-Mack of Illinois was beaten to death and stuffed into a suitcase that was abandoned in a taxicab’s trunk. The murder victim, who was white, had been married to black musician James L. Mack until his death in 2006. Their marriage produced one daughter, 19-year-old Heather Mack, who would have been described as a “€œmulatto”€ in earlier times but like Barack Obama is now simply classified as “€œblack.”€

Von Wiese-Mack and her daughter had been in Bali for a week when Heather Mack’s boyfriend, a 21-year-old black man named Tommy Schaefer, checked into a separate room at their hotel. On the night before her murder, hotel surveillance cameras allegedly show von Wiese-Mack and Schaeffer arguing.

On the day of her murder, the same cameras reportedly show Schaeffer concealing an iron object”€”later presumed to be the handle of a fruit bowl in his motel room”€”under his shirt before entering von Wiese-Mack’s room. In the hours before and after her murder, Schaeffer and Heather Mack are the only people seen entering and leaving the room. The cameras also reportedly show Schaeffer loading a cart with the suitcase that he would later load into a taxicab outside the hotel.

“€œKeep talking while you still can, because the way things are going, it will soon be illegal.”€

According to the cabbie, after dumping the suitcase in his trunk, Mack and Schaeffer said they still needed to check out of the hotel. And check out they did”€”through a rear entrance. When motel clerks noticed that the suitcase was bloodstained, they told the driver to go to the nearest police station. He did, where police opened the suitcase to discover von Wiese-Mack’s brutalized corpse wrapped in a bloody bedsheet.

According to Indonesian police, Heather Mack is now claiming that Schaeffer became enraged when the elder Mack used the “€œN-word“€ to disparage him, whereupon he beat her to death. It is assumed that the “€œN-word”€ is not “€œNigerian.”€

A butch Ohio lesbian is suing an Illinois sperm bank for $50,000 alleging that it mistakenly gave her a black man’s sperm rather than that of a “€œblond-haired blue-eyed”€ man as she”€™d requested.

The suit claims that upon learning of the mix-up halfway through her pregnancy, thirty-six-year-old Jennifer Cramblett became crippled with “€œanger, disappointment, and fear.”€ Cramblett also claims that as a lesbian, she has experienced the slings and arrows of prejudice but still does not realize how painful it is in this horrid racist society to be black. It also claims that Cramblett is saddled with an “€œall-white, and often unconsciously insensitive family.”€ It mentions that due to the ineptly Eurocentric barbers in her racist town, she was forced to tote her now two-year-old daughter to a black neighborhood for a haircut, but because Cramblett “€œis obviously different in appearance,”€ she found herself “€œnot overtly welcome.”€

My, my, that all sounds unbearable.

On the other hand, the child will have to grow up never knowing her father. She will also grow up knowing that the two white clam-diggers who raised her freaked out the moment they found out she was black. What’s worse, they sought monetary compensation and turned it into a national story.

Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, who ruled the perpetually nonfunctional nation of Haiti from 1971 until 1986, has died of a heart attack.

Most obits don”€™t mention it, but Haiti was founded on white genocide in 1804. And yet, more than two centuries after wresting themselves free of the evil whites that are always keeping them down across the globe, black Haitians have yet to do anything beyond making their nation the Herpes Sore of the Western Hemisphere. Nominal per-capita income is around $2 a day. The UN rates Port-au-Prince’s notorious Cité Soleil slum as “€œthe most dangerous place on Earth.”€ Corruption, crime, disease, and cannibalism are rife. Whenever it is possible to secure a small piece of Styrofoam, Haitian blacks brave the dangerous waters surrounding their island paradise to seek refuge in intolerably racist countries such as the USA.

Estimates vary, but “€œBaby Doc”€ and his father, Francois “€œPapa Doc”€ Duvalier, oversaw the ritual butchering of anywhere from 20 thousand to 100 thousand of their countrymen at the hands of the Tontons Macoutes, the machete-and-gun-wielding paramilitary troops who were named after a mythological Haitian character who kidnapped children and ate them for breakfast.

After fleeing to France in 1986, it was estimated that the younger Duvalier had bilked his impoverished subjects to the tune of around $500 million. To the world’s surprise”€”and to cheers among many of his countrymen”€”he returned to Haiti in 2011, only to be arrested and charged with corruption. He was released but never tried and reportedly continued living a “€œlife of luxury”€ while those all around him continued dropping dead of disease and malnutrition.

He died of a heart attack in his home on October 4. He will be missed. That’s Haiti for you.


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