September 18, 2013

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When I first heard reports from Rwanda I thought it was a joke. Hutus and Tutsis? I expected some sort of advertisement for toothpaste and stockings to follow. Sadly, there are such ridiculously named groups and there were such ridiculously thinking people who believed American interference could solve age-old tribal disputes.

When the UN deemed it too dangerous after Belgian peacekeepers were slaughtered, there were still calls for American involvement. While anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were killed, as always, infants were most important. Many photos of fly-faced refugee children were broadcast.

Special condemnation was placed on the fact that employees of Western powers were not rescued, because your local employer has a righteous duty to settle private wars for you. Just ask the Hatfield and McCoy contingents stocking shelves at the Kentucky Walmart.

A major recitation in the perpetual campaign to have Americans surrender their sovereignty to Mexican invaders is that we must defer our welfare to their offspring. “The Children” have no responsibilities (or apparent ability to return home), but “The Children” do have rights (while taking liberties with our Constitution). When America falls, these youngsters will be at the forefront of the victory parade.

On CNN Sanjay Gupta reports on progeny of Haiti, issue of Afghanistan, and now sarin-gassed sons of Syria who all require copious amounts of American money.

Long John Kerry is a special advocate for minors. Following a week of browbeating and shaming, by the anniversary of 9/11 he seemed incapable of doing anything but grunting about toddlers.

Yet in recent years the wisest among us have finally gotten it through our heads that certain invested parties have reason to lie us into wars that may not benefit us.

Perhaps the public has finally realized the only people who allow “The Children” to justify whether a nation should engage in war are gullibly puerile or otherwise infantile intellects incapable of thinking beyond the latest fabricated atrocity anecdote.


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